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Welcome to the Miller Family Website. This has had various incarnations since its original first development in 1994.
Our family invite you to follow our ramblings both on this site and our connected sites and social media presence websites.

Jadeens Party

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Jadeen's party was a massive success.
Lots of fairies, presents, food and fun with friends
Check all the photos in the party gallery.

Mercedes 2nd Birthday

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Mercedes turned 2 the other day.


We had a fun party after dinner and Mercedes opened her opresents and then we had the cake. She was wide eyed at the candles and, with a little help from her sisters, blew out the candles.
Theres a heap of pictures in Mercedes image gallery.

Jadeen's Birthday Party

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Boxing day was - as always - Jadeen's Birthday.
My little princess loves her birthday and can't wait for Christmas to be over so it can be her birthday. Of course its always a challenge for us to separate them so that she has a distinctly different day.

After opening presents at some early hour of the day we progressed into the activities. First Jade got to play with her sistsers withe her new presents while normal activities (cleaning chores etc) took place. After lunch Jadeen and Dad and Miranda built robots. This was the culmination of the Real Robots series, they both have a robot and the final result of putting them together yesterday was they were able to play soccer against each other. We have been building these robots for several years now.

After that was finished it was off to the beach for a late afternoon swim and a chance for Jadeen to try out her new kickboard. After rescuing Erin from underwater we headed home via a local takeaway where we bought "the special" - chips laced with BBQ sauce, fried diced bacon and cheese. Once home these were topped off with sour cream and devoured eagerly. We followed this with a birthday cake and candles!

After dinner the board games came out with Miranda and I playing RummiKub and then Jadeen and I playing Guess Who.

A great day for my little princess.


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Thanks to everybody who gave presents to us. We had a great day and we enjoyed some great presents
There are lots of photos from the present unwrapping in the parties photo gallery.
Check out the kids faces as they open their presents.

Tims went for a ride in the annual Bikers Charity Toy Run

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IMG_1381-800Sunday 4th of December dawned bright and clear, a welcome change to the past weeks of incessant rain and thunderstorms.

Arising at 6:45am I was soon showered, dressed and out the door, off to the annual Bikers Toy Run. Each year in Brisbane bikers congregate en masse for an organised bike ride and give gifts (toys) to charities like the Smith Family and others who provide for those in need at Christmas time.

IMG_1408-800My daughter Miranda kindly donated a teddy bear for the event and he was strapped to the front of the Warrior.

I met up with Ivan and Sam on their scooters and then with a whole bunch of their scooter riding friends. It was strange to be the only (very large) motorcycle amongst a bunch of scooters! One was actually a 650cc model. Most of them had a pillion as well.

We headed into the city and down to the botanical gardens where we rode through to the staging area.

IMG_1464-800Here we had some time to wait til the ride started after a short riders briefing. I took a lot of photos, met up with some other friends and made some new friends. Anton and Marushka aka Guns and Roses were staged beside me and as we rode off I handed Roses my video camera. She filmed quite a bit of the ride for me. (This is so excellent as I can now watch myself riding my bike when it is too wet to go out on it!)

We headed (via a roundabout highway route) down to a seaside suburb called Wynumm where we congregated in a huge park and put all the toys into the vans each of the charities had provided.

Ivan then locked his keys inside his scooter so while we waited for his wife Sharolyn to arrive with the spare keys Sam and I went and got lunch. We went over the hill and noticed some awesome sirrus cloud formations as well as some very picturesque views of the sea, the sand islands and the trees. I went back after lunch and took numerous photos. After Sharolyn and Jess arrived I took Jess for a short ride finding some even better shots of the clouds.

Then we headed home on the freeway sunburnt and happy! It was a great ride.