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Welcome to the Miller Family Website. This has had various incarnations since its original first development in 1994.
Our family invite you to follow our ramblings both on this site and our connected sites and social media presence websites.

Jadeen thinks laterally

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Jadeen had to connect the dots today in a school exercise. They were numbered A through Z. The instruction was to connect A to Z. So she did. A was connected directly to Z and the rest ignored!



I disected a wasps nest.

Here I am holding it before.

Here is a picture I drew of a wasp and a nest.

Went to the creek and played

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Today we went to the creek and played - it was great!
The kids found some mud and splashed and had a ball as did the dog. Mercedes preferred to watch from the comfort of the bank with me as I used the camera to good effect - there are 50 odd photos published here today.
Check the Nature Image Gallery for the pictures

Lots going on at the moment

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Read about Judith's dragons on her site and check out the sunsets we have been having.
Tim is full on at soccer at the moment, both outdoor and indoor.
We are all enjoying the fantsastic food Judith creates.

Tims Personal Blog

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My personal blog can be found at
I will post various items in this blog from time to time.