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Tim is 36. He is a company director and consultant. He specialises in developing passive incomes, financial modelling and analysis and management information reporting systems.

He enjoys reading, riding motorcycles, playing indoor soccer with Parklife, playing with his daughters and spending time with Judith.

Tim has a South American parrot called Reginald.  It is a Nanday Conure. He also has 5 fish tanks (2000 litres in total) containing cichlids including Cichlasoma dovii, Astronotus ocellatus (Oscars), Amphilophus citrinellum (Red Devil) and Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum (Convicts).

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Judith is 28. She is a business owner and jewellery and skincare consultant. She specialises in people management.

She enjoys reading, music, art and her garden. She is a devoted mum to her three daughters.

Judith has a Keeshond (dog) called Raz Soondari.

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Miranda is 8. She is home schooled and enrolled in the Australian Christian Academy. She is reading well now and progressing through mathematics, science, english and social studies at a rapid pace. 

Miranda is crazy about horses and is learning to ride at a horse academy. She also enjoys playing computer games. She loves playing with her sisters.

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Jadeen is 5. She specialises in sleeping in, sweet smiles and hugs.

Jadeen enjoys riding her bike, swinging on the swing and playing hide and seek. She is an active 5 year old with a mischievous smile and endearing freckles. She is a proficient websurfer and loves playing her favourite games on the web. She is starting her abc's shortly.

Jadeen is mad keen about dolphins.

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Erin is a full on 2 year old. She is full of smiles and giggles. She loves crawling on the floor and pretending to be a puppy. She even plays fetch with a ball in her mouth!

She loves her dolls

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More pictures and information of the three eldest kids can be found here.


Mercedes was born in February weighing just 2.88 Kg or 6 lb 5oz.

She is very small and very cute.

More photos of her when she was born can be found here.


There are lots of photos of all the family in our photo album. Feel free to make comments below the photos.

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