Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Another great day!
except for my pc - i think it is trying to tell me it wants to be rebuilt - again
but that means yet another argument with microsoft as to why i want to reinstall office - again!
why i cannot resinstall the software i purchased without asking is beyond my understanding - do i have to ask my toilet manufacturer if i can flush? do i have to ask my car manufacturer if i can put a new battery in - change the chip etc? anyway... whinge is over

today - thats yesterday now - after lunch i killed some time with a book im reading - Maggie Furey - Spirit of the Stone, while a friend of ours caught up with my wife and looked at the fantastic emma page jewellrey she sells. then i went and played with the kids for a while before cooking dinner and then while they all went off to girls brigade i wrestled with my pc. I finally won and then i got some work done - boring stuff - emailed the client - filled in the timesheet and put the kids to bed whe they came home. then did some more work - editing procedure manuals - before fighting the pc again - it seems to want to go into an endless restarting loop when rebooting - secret to winning - dont restart it!
im sure that will not last much longer so i will have to bite the bullet soon and reformat the main hard drive.

so today was - hmm interesting
oh point to note - i had an email back today from a chap who knows the creator of the WWW Tim Berner-Lees. This chaps name is Tim also - must be a good name to have :)
More to come on that front in the future.

signing off and heading for bed now

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