Saturday, December 13, 2003

Friday's Post
Had a lot of fun riding my bike this morning - freeway riding is awesome as you zig and zag through the traffic. You can get into a rhythm with the flow of the traffic and its real fun sometimes. Went down the gold coast with the kids and played at timezone on the dodgem cars and ten pin bowling etc - they had soooo much fun. We took the car and the bike halfway and parked the bike and then drove the car to the coast. On the way home I left the rest of the family to go home while I went to a client, followed by an xmas function and then to soccer where I scored a goal. I'm starting to consistently hit goals from the angle out wide into the nearside corner - the most embarrasing goal for a keeper!. Tonight as I had the ball out wide the keeper took a step forward - probably anticipating my cross pass. I simply buried it in the near side in a gap of about 1 foot as he was wrong footed and couldn't get to it. I guess its cos I do so much goal keeping I know what a keeper hates and I also know when a keeper is out of position.

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