Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Mondays Log

HEHE - I did it! - I reformatted my Hard Drive!
I'm almost finished re-installing everything :(
The mysterious crashes have gone, the mysterious internet traffic has disappeared - proof will be in the log tomorrow and the next few days - I think I had a MBR Virus or a trojan or both - Funny neither Norton or Trend Micro could pick them up - oh well now we will never know - low level HDD formats are good at that!
Anyway - now I am just chilling to some creed and installing software and drivers
Other than falling asleep at 1pm for about 2 hours I had a pretty uneventful day - except - I am looking at importing this fantastic energy drink from the states - It will be a BIG seller if the US story is anything to go buy!
Also popped some nice wheelies and a couple of power slides on the bike! . I'm starting to get the hang of wheelies now.

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