Sunday, December 14, 2003

Today was most unusual - We spent almost the entire day at home - leaving only once for 15 minutes to drop off some dvds at the video store.

We played with the kids and watched movies with popcorn! YUM
Miranda beat me in a game of monopoly - she is crowing about that!

Jude shaved and shampooed the dog who then promptly rolled in as much dirt as she could find in the yard!

It was hot (29 deg C) and humid (89%) for most of the day. Iceblocks and cool drinks were a must as was the obligatory cooling off by playing in the sprinkler.
As I write this at 12:25am it is still 22 deg and 88% humidity - yuck!

At least the house is airconditioned - we keep it a comfortable 24 deg and the humidity is reduced massively.

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