Monday, December 22, 2003

A tumultuous and exciting few days!

Thursday we went to coochiemudlo island for a day trip
Check out the log at Extended Millers for Thursday 18 December for the whole story.

Friday my laptop decided to die - again. This is the third time in 12 months!
That was a stressful day trying to get weekly invoices done and so on and so forth without access to the laptop. As the hard drive isn't dead I didn't want to use the backup from the night before but wait until its fixed - hopefully tomorrow as I have a next business day onsite warranty with Compaq.

Saturday we played at home and had a fun relaxing day without me working on the PC!

Sunday we went to church. In the afternoon I went for my cycle and at the furthest point from home in my out and back track I punctured a tube and I didnt have a spare on me. So I jogged / walked (scout walk) pushing the bike about 5 kms in 34 degrees and 75% humidity! Man was I hot when I got home. Later we went to carols in the park with the kids.

Today we all played Microsoft Zoo Tycoon Free demo.

The last three days Jude and I have watched consecutively the Children of Dune series. What an awesome movie - and very well captures the essence of the novels by Frank Herbert. Cant wait 'til the next series comes out. Now I'm going to watch number 3 while I plait Jude's hair for her.

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