Thursday, January 15, 2004

6 Weeks to go
Erin and Jadeen had a good day at pre-school today, and I had a good day of rest today though I am still tired even though it is early for some.
Just had to say - Erin went to sleep cuddling a piece of wood tonight. She can be weird at times in how she goes to sleep. I have seen her asleep in a strawberry crate, under her mattress, on a rug in the middle of the walkway with her feet up on a small fishtank.
Miranda did well at her schooling today and was complimented on her manners while out material shopping today.
Jadeen was Jadeen, cute with an adorable smile and thinking of others. She made some small patty cakes out of pasta today at pre-school which she gave to Miranda to carry to the car, though they were mostly dropped or lost by the time we got there (it was a short walk). Jadeen is great at sharing and loves to do it, especially when we tell her not to, eg. when she receives a special treat for doing something or we have black chicken for dinner (her favourite)
Erin is also good at sharing with her sisters also, but her special treats (if the are lollies) are less likely to be shared.
Junior is progressing well, nothing new to report except that I feel and look like I have a basketball pasted on the front of me.
I started a new top today, with the material I bought from Spotlight. It is a nice light white cotton so that shall help me keep cool during the warmer months, provided I can actually fit into it after I have finished it. I also bought some light cotton with cherry pictures on it, I hope to make a skirt out it and some items for the kids. The clothes I make, I make with the hope that I will be able to wear them after the birth.
Miranda just came out and apoligised for stuff.....I do not know what the stuff was though. I think she was more in a dream state then actually awake. I have sent her back to bed, but shall go check in on her soon. I think it was just dream related.
Time to sign off, need to sleep so I can actually stay awake tomorrow night.