Saturday, January 24, 2004

Hamburgers & Sausages On Bread

That was lunch today and what a good buy it was. $5 covered the hamburger, sausage on bread and a bottle of water. It was a fund raiser for some group but it was the cheapest lunch for 2 I have seen in a long time.

Erin & I had this as we were out hunting for the elusive dark pink cotton, and I had the perfect timing of going out during lunch time.

I was in the mood to make the girl's some clothes, and have so far made them a skirt each out of some pretty pink flowery material. If I get a photo of them dressed up then I shall add it to the site. If I get around to making up the tops, I shall add their piccy to the site as well.

Miranda loves robots, she is in the process of making one with her father. It is called cybot.

The baklava type dessert, I made yesterday, turned out really well and hubby proceeded to finish off the kids' share. It isn't as sweet as it sounds like it should be, but has a nice taste (hard to describe but the lime is a prominent flavour) to it. I guess we will have some more for dessert tonight, if I get around to making dinner.