Sunday, January 18, 2004

I thought it was about time I actually said something in line with the topic of my blog, well the subtopic.


What a wonderful thing it is, warming, cooling, filling and teasing, plus a heap of other things inbetween.

Tonight we had old english pork sausages, honey beef sausages, mashed spuds, onion and gravy. Plus the sauces that the guys put on and the buttered bread they also added to it.

Hubby did the spuds as he doesn't like the way I do them. I do not mind as it is one of the more tedious jobs.
It was a filling meal.

Hopefully tomorrow night I will get around to making a beef thai curry. Well I am not sure if you can call it thai, it is mainly something I just made up and it seems to be tasty with only a little heat.

1 red chilli
some lemon grass
some lychees, fresh or tinned
carrots - cut how you want
coconut cream
baby carrots
anything else you want to add

brown the meat
add the coconut cream
add remaining ingredients and cook till, well cooked.
Serve with rice.

If this recipe isn't correct then I shall attempt to fix it up tomorrow after I have made it.

I love food, though I try to enjoy it rather then induldge in it. Being pregnant doesn't help as that just gives you cravings, but fortunately mine have not been any stranger then strawberry milk, fresh cherries/lychees, chocolate and mashed spuds with gravy.

I enjoy cooking and experimenting with things.

I am also in the process of filling up the deep freeze with meals in preparation for when the baby is born. I don't want to be eating takeaway when I get home so why not fill it up with a few tasty meals. So far we have 3 lasagne, 3 bolognaise, 12 individual blueberry pastries (they go good heated up and eaten with ice cream). I plan on making some meat pies this week, possibly with the left over roast from the other night. Perhaps I should look at making some food that the kids will eat also. They should eat the meat pie, I definitely know they will eat the blueberry pastries. I will work it out with time and every week I have until the birth will mean another few meals added.

This meal adding will be handy also as we are due to have guests over the week before the birth. We will be able to offer them decent meals without a lot of trouble.

Food has become a lot easier lately, well the shopping side of things. Since we started getting our fresh fruit and vegetables delivered we have had little or non-existent stress in regards what to choose for the week. The price we pay is about half the price of what we would pay for them in the shops. I think vegetable soup is in the menu plan not to far away. We have also received a heap of fresh herbs, most welcome, in the last box. They will be a tasty addition to meals.

There is a lot I can say about food, but at the moment I cannot think of it as I am tiring and almost ready for bed (still recovering from the long but enjoyable weekend of summer conference). I did rest today but I know I am still needing a lot of catch up sleep and I hope to do most of that tonight so I can be fresh and ready for tomorrow.

No baby news at current except it is in a quiet period at the moment which is welcome after the large meal we just had.