Saturday, January 31, 2004

What A Day!

Every day is a big day when you are pregnant.

Today started off great, I managed to sleep in, despite kids coming in at various time from about 6am onwards. Saturdays usually start off late as the kids entertain themselves with a few cartoons in the mornings.

Hubby got up not too much longer after I did as he had to teach a business skills class which he was volunteering his time for. While he did that, the kids and I made collages out of sequins, plastic gems, cereal, glitter and various bits of furry material (and enormous quantities of glue). After that we tried to make cereal (Honey O's) necklaces but i think they ate more then they threaded onto the wool, it was easier that way. Once that was all over, and my fish bowl decided to practice a few reversals of the stretching process it was time to head out to the beach.

The beach was great and relaxing, the water a perfect temperature. After waddling there, from the car, I sat and rested while watching the kids and daddy play until Erin decided it was time to get mummy included and find the rest. We packed up our stuff and made our slow way (fortunately I was walking with a 2 year old) towards the others, which were halfway up the lagoon. This was when the beached whale decided it preferred the buoyancy of the salt water to the gravity of the land. It was so nice the whale hated having to get out when it was time. After a quick play in the playground (kids that is), it was time to head to the van and make the short journey home.

To see pictures of this day click here.

Dinner tonight was simple but nice. Chicken nuggets, salad and home made chips.
The secret to crunchy chips is very hot oil, and to slice them as thinly as possible, preferably till they are transparent.

Right now the hubby is turning over his bike's engine, as he has not been able to ride it for a while due to his collar bone. I can tell it is healing as he was able to drive almost normally today while i was too tired to drive.

That's it for now, time to get the girls to bed and then delve into a nice warm shower and wash my hair.

Bub's News - none, it is head down and it is down. The odd contraction but nothing significant yet. Hopefully it is looking for the exit hatch.