Saturday, January 24, 2004

What A Wonderful Day!

Now Can I Go Back To Bed?

It is amazing the things you can still do when you are pregnant. People seem to think you can't do much and that you should rest. Rest is good yes, even a broken rest is good, and it is important, but it does not stop you from doing things. I have 4 Weeks & 5 Days to go and I have slowed down some but it has not stopped me from doing things. I still carry the kids to bed (well only the two younger ones), still bend over and still try to improve our lifestyle, among other things.

Last night I was the bus driver, that was fun as I got to listen into the variety of conversations that was going on, and learn new stuff from those in the car. We had a couple of friends in the car while we headed down the coast on business. We packed the car to the maximum with people and it still drove great. I could feel the extra weight in the car and how it was distributed but it still drove great. It was a late night but it was also rewarded with a good solid 4 hrs sleep before I had to wake up to the call of nature and to send hubby to bed.

Today has been good, hubby made the girl's breakfast this morning and I got to eat mine before it went cold or stale (I had toasted bagels with cream cheese and strawberry jam, and they are yummy when still warm). Hubby is now teaching a family friend a little bit about basic accounting/book work as he is trying to start up his own business. Hubby is a great teacher. The girls are watching their favourite cartoon - 'Buzz Lightyear' and I have just finished business for the day, unless I can get some up and running later in the day.

Another piece of good news - Jadeen will be trialling dance classes in a week and a half. She is so excited about it and it is nice and close and easy to get to which is a great reward. Miranda will be starting back at hose riding soon and perhaps I will include erin into kindy gym (toddlers gymnastics). Will see how it goes as I don't have long until the next kid is born, but the good thing will be that the walking will be great and easy exercise to start getting back into shape with.

Well that is enough for now, time to go add some more water to my body. I am thirsty!