Monday, February 09, 2004

And its week 4 in Blogger Idol.

This weeks theme is "Ooops"

Just for a laugh I decided to interpret this week's theme with a selective Google search of interesting web sites found with the word Ooops.

By the way before you dismiss this entry with cries of "cheat", I did spend considerable time sifting through lots of interesting google results and didn't pick the first 4 I found. I tried to pick at least one from the main page, because that's obviously current and topical (according to Google anyway) and then went hunting for the more obscure that fit the theme.

Here are a few found with just the word Ooops".
Wrong Planet Syndrome Aspergers Syndrome
Organization of Online Pipe Smokers
Ooops Journal - Is Ooops a word in Cyrillic?

I then decided to explore the words Ooops and some other words to see if I could form a causal relationship between an activity and the words Ooops. Here's what I found with

Ooops Justin - to see if he said that to Janet... - It must be in the German dictionary
Ilustrada - is it Spanish as well?
KissMe - and Italian also it seems
Justin mounts a bird incorrectly

Ooops Iraq - to see what Dubba might have said about that
Half Bakery.
News & Opinion

Ooops Antarctica - to see why someone would say that there
Penguins - educational
Dale's Journal - worth the read
Canadian Aviation - Check the mishaps page
The Wetass Chronicles

Ooops blog - to see if there's anybody else doing a post about Ooops that's not doing blogger idol
Mike Tuesday
Balloon Juice
Davids Medienkritik
This one is for the cool anime background

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