Monday, February 16, 2004

Brendan & Rosalie came over from NZ today with their 10mth old Reuben. Brendan was our wedding videographer and Rosalie the still photographer. Brendan's brother Daryl was my best man and his dad Ross married us.
Great to catch up with them and we look forward to the next two days spending time with them.

In other news - I am feeling way better - the bone is settling down and the pain is far less intense this time round. Here's hoping for a fast recovery this time. I am already back to two handed typing - still only use about 6 fingers though :)

Here's a wedding photo - actually taken by my brother Jono.

A group photo

And a snack break - Brenda and Rosalie went and got these during our loooong photo shoot with the professional photographer. That and the photos and hilarious video are much appreciated wedding presents guys!

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