Friday, February 27, 2004


Thanks Cathy for the write up in regards to the meals I post.

Here is the pic of last night's dinner. We had roast chook, stuffed spuds and veges.

Well I would post it if Adobe was working. I will post it later.

Stuffed Spuds (totally fattening)


1. Cut the potatoes in half and bake for minimum an hour
2. While still hot, scoop out insides, leaving just the skins (with a little flesh)
3. Put a little bit of butter in each skin and grill on low-medium while combining other ingredients
4. Combine spud insides, butter and grated cheese.
5. Fill lightly grilled skins with mix and top with more grated cheese
6. Grill until cheese is melted/golden.

Roast Chook

Buy a pre-seasoned chook and cook according to instructions on the packet.

Will write up the stew recipe, from a couple of nights ago, in the next post