Friday, February 13, 2004

I feel snowed under.
Its my own fault.
Its 11:07PM and I have written a to do list of things that need to be done today. It adds up to about 3 hours of work and I have been procrastinating...
In fact by writing this blog entry I am delaying the start even further.

I need to do:
Invoices for two clients and fax them.
One of them requires me to write an email thats lengthy and involved and has to detail the results of a meeting today where I didn't take enough notes, and the guy who's supposed to send me stuff hasn't (at least he did but it didn't make sense.) So then I have to produce a quote and then I do the invoice for the time taken today - estimate 1/2 hour for that (20 minutes deciphering my notes and 10 minutes writing quote)
Then I need to do up notes from a meeting on Thursday that I am having a follow up meeting from tomorrow at 9am 1/2 hrs drive from here - so this MUST be done before I go to bed cos I wont feel up to it in the am. (same problem - deciphering unintelligable scribble)
Then I need to finish some fiddly bits relating to rebuilding my neighhbours PC so I can give it back to her. Anybody know why a 56 kbps modem connects at a max speed of 7.2kbs? Plain weird!
Then I need to do the rest of the finances for the week, reconcile 3 bank accounts anda credit card, do invoices and enter biills, adjust the budget to reflect new bills and incomes from clients.
This next lot won't happen today - no way jose.
Then I need (would like to) edit the photos I took 2 days ago of Mercedes so you can see them. Face it thats why you are on this site - not to hear me whinge!
Then edit the photos of my office (and take the rest of the photos I need to take for insurance and burn them to cd)

Positive thoughts now.
I did have fun on my bike (Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird) again today - I love riding it. Fellow bikers, it corners so sweetly. As you drop your knee into a corner, and shift your weight slightly over the tank, the bike naturally falls into a counter steering pose and as you wind the throttle through the corner (you just feel the need to do that) it settles down hard and just accelerates awesomely. If you were to do that on a normal freeway bend entering it at 100kph in top gear, you would most likely to come out of it doing around 160-180kph and if you straighten up and tuck down and open up the throttle fully it would smoothly accelerate up to well over 250kph (150mph) in a matter of seconds. The bike would feel very stable at these speeds.
Of course I only do that on a closed track never on the highway!
That is FUN!

I did actually experience my first power slide on this bike yesterday. It was entirely accidental. I was accelerating away from a stop sign and turning right into the next street. It was very hot (32 degrees celsius - 92F?) and the tyre was hot and sticky from having just exited a freeway. As I wound the throttle on the back end stepped out quite smoothly and I just crossed up the front, backed of the throttle slightly and it straitened up. All over in less than 1/2 a second but got the pulse pumping. I thought Awesome! Not sure if I could repeat it on purpose though.

OK now its 11:30.
I better get started.
Heres the notes I wrote and have to decipher...

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