Saturday, February 14, 2004

I have re-broken my collarbone!
Back to typing with one hand

Last night Jude's jaw was aching so bad she couldnt sleep
After drugging her with paracetamol (doesn't do much) I left for a meeting.
Part way through she sms me to say the pain was too bad please come home. I rushed home!
Taking the exit off the freeway I was travelling too fast and under heavy braking and compression locking the rear wheel locked and I slid a little. Backing off the brakes meant I wasn't going to make the corner so I elected to go straight ahead hoping to keep the bike upright while still heavily braking. As I left the road into the grass I was almost stopped, but the braking on the front wheel while ok on tarmac, caused it to lock on the grass / gravel and the bike slid over on its side for about 2 metres. (All this happened in about 1-2 seconds). Very minor damage to bike, 1 small crack in the fairing, some very, light scratches on paint, and some heavier scratches on the engine cover. However the impact as I went down on my shoulder rebroke the collar bone. I only got a small scratch on my hip and elbow.
So now I have officially crashed the bike, though not badly.

By the way took Jude to the doctor and a plug of wax in her ear was putting pressure on her eardrum - now much better.

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