Friday, February 27, 2004

Lamb Stew!

Lamb shanks
gravy mix
rosemary/herbs you want
any other veges you want to add

1. Roast lamb shanks in a moderate to slow oven for roughly an hour.
2. Prep veges - coarsely chopped (depending on how you like them really)
3. Add oil to a big heavy based pot and heat
4. Sautee onion and garlic for a minute or two
5. Add roasted lamb shanks to pot, along with capsicum and herbs
6. Add water till food is mostly covered
7. Mix gravy mix with a little water and add. The amount of gravy mix will depend on how thick you want it.
8. Simmer for about an hour then add remaining veges, including potato. This time depends on how tender you want the veges. Potatoes are good to go in at this stage as they will also help to thicken up the stew.
9. Simmer for minimum of another hour.
10. Remind kids not to raid the pantry as dinner is on it's way.

No pic sorry, you will have to use your imagination.