Friday, February 20, 2004

Mel Gibson has a new movie out - for those who didn't know - only this time he directed it. Its called The Passion Of the Christ and is the story of Christ's death and resurrection.

There has been some widespread talk and commentary about it.
Here are some views for and some against it (as I understand the author's intent. Please forgive me if I have categorised you writing incorrectly. Let me know and I will correct it.)

Positive Comments
Bumbling Out Of the Dark
Joyful Christian
Joshua Claybourn
The Ben File
Internet Movie Database

Opinion Reserved
For the Time Being
Post Modern Pilgrim
Focus on the Family
Bishop Frank Rodimer

Negative Comments
Phil Baker
The Journal News

Other Articles
King of Fools
World Net Daily - links to lots of articles

What do you think?
Please post your comments and leave links to sites etc

I will reserve my comments until after I have seen the fiilm.

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