Monday, February 02, 2004

Top 5 Blogger Idol Picks

Was just checking the other blogger idol entries in order to choose my top 5 for week 3 and this one reminded me of the time that...

We had a mouse plague once - I killed 67 in 3 weeks - mostly with traps and poison, but I did punch one in an empty fishtank, and rubber malleted one in the bath tub. Then there was the nest of babies that I squashed...
The problem with mice is that they bring snakes. This particular plague occurred after an unseasonable patch of rainy weather and the mice who were living under the bird aviary feeding on the uneaten grain and bird seed decided to move inside.
So did a brown snake which went into the gap between the walls. Later on it went into the aviary and down a mouse hole whereupon my very brave wife promptly filled in the hole with a shovel. As snakes cannot dig, that fellow was doomed to roam the halls of mice tunnels until I later filled them all in with water. Amazing how many mice popped out as I poured water in for about 15 minutes before it reached the surface. A quick smack with a shovel dispatched these as they surfaced but fortunately the snake was never seen again.

Anyway my picks for the top 5 so far are...
Don't Tell Mom... the Babysitter's Dad I relate! Though my wife would suggest that I don't do my fair share and with a new baby due shortly there will be more to come!
The Life Of Riley My dog gave me a fright tonight - I almost stepped on her at the door in the dark.
Codswallop and Flapdoodle Excellent!
Amanda - had a rough day!
Ganns the mouse story

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