Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Cute Things!

While out buying seafood for dinner, the 2 year old quite happily chatted away about going to seaworld and eating the seaworld fish. I think she was a little confused, but it was cute just the same.
We had a great afternoon out, enjoying the cool breezes of being near the beach before heading over to the crowded fish market to choose our purchases. The girls were all enthralled with the live lobsters and crabs in their tanks. They studied the fish closely and excitedly told anyone who would listen, that we were going to buy prawns for dinner. Prawns, especially the big ones, are expensive here so we do not get them that often. The kids enjoyed every single one that they ate that night and hubby enjoyed his green lip NZ mussels.
Overall it was a good afternoon and I want to go back next week, even if it is just to visit the park in the cool afternoon breeze.


The 7 year old started back at horse riding today. She did her first assessment. Well I say assessment as they were 'assessing' her in her ability to join the group lessons. This being a step up from private lessons. I was surprised that she remembered as much as she did since she hasn't been for close to 3 months. Her teacher for that lesson said she did well but had to talk it over with the head coach before making a final decision. They are doing what is best for her, which is good.
At her lessons (which are technically half an hour), they teach them how to groom, and tack up a horse/pony. This is in addition to her riding lesson, so her whole lesson goes for roughly an hour, with it more often going over time. We chose horse riding for her as she asked for 2 years to go horse riding, and it has been the only sport she seems to do well at and it seems to be able to keep her concentration throughout the whole event. Not to forget, it is good for her co-ordination and balance.


The 5 year old and 2 year old are off to pre-school today. The 5 year old was happy to head out and show off the butterfly net, that mummy made. I am sure they are having a great day as they always do as soon as I am gone.
The 2 year old also moves up a class sometime this month as she is now old enough to join the next class, leaving behind the babies (16mths - 2.5yrs)

With that all said, it is time to close the eyes, catch some z's and dream some pleasant dreams......all after lunch of course.