Wednesday, March 10, 2004




How was your day/night?

Last night the kids and I headed off to the 7 year olds girls brigade cafe. It was funny to watch the kids (ages 6-8) run a cafe. They were eager and excited to do things and quite often left before you finished placing your order. There were no complaints as majority of the people there were parents to the girls or at least understood how excited they were.

The menu for the night was

drinks - tea, coffee, cordial, water
food - 2 lemon cookies, chocolate muffin with sprinkles, date slice with cream, apple cake with cream.

I think the cream got forgotten in most cases, but at least the service was prompt and the price reasonable ($1 per order).

The 5 yr old and 2 yr old both enjoyed the muffins while I tried the apple cake (minus the cream). We all enjoyed the cordial and then headed home (a little early due to a sleepy mum) to rest and relax in bed (while watching Alias).

Today shall be an easy day, just do a few chores about the house, a little schooling and possibly think up ideas of what to put on a poster that I am 'thinking' of making for a 5 year old.