Sunday, April 18, 2004


Pan Roasted Potato

4 large potatoes
1 medium sweet potato
oil - I used a mix of olive and canola oil
fresh rosemary

1. Peel potatoes and sweet potatoes, then cut into cubes about 2cm X 2cm.
2. Par-boil until potato is cooked through but still firm enough to retain it's shape. Strain and allow to dry.
3.Cover the base of a fry pan with oil and heat. Add potato to hot oil, sprinkle over a pinch of salt and rosemary leaves
Note: It is important to separate the leaves from the stalk as the leaves go crunchy and are quite tasty eaten with the potatoes.
4. Fry potatoes in oil until a golden crust starts to appear. Turn constantly. Time of cooking depends on the individual and how crunchy you like your potatoes.
5. Drain on paper towel and serve with your meal.
Feeds 2-4 people