Thursday, April 29, 2004



I wrote this poem 21 Feb 1999. Not a very positive outlook on life but my two favorite activites, surfing and motor bike riding make up for it.


Catch the wave
Green room opening
Maximum pleasure
Close out happens
Once again
Life (Shit)

Sun burns on my back
Waves splash in my face
Sand is in my pants
I don't give a shit

Throttle wide
Hit the highway
Maximum pleasure
Corner too fast
Hit the dirt
Smashed up
Life (Shit)

Riding down the highway
Cool wind in my hair
Tears whipped from my eyes
I don't give a shit

© Timothy Miller 1999

I wrote this one 20 Dec 98 on the death of our friend's daughter just after she was born prematurely


To Joel & Rosa

Mere words are never enough
We wish we were there to hold you and share in your loss
In this bittersweet time as Jesus takes your precious daughter to a better place

We hold you up in our prayers
Our love for you is not as strong as His
Let His arms enfold you and strengthen you in ways we never could

The life of your daughter was short
But she touched our lives in a very special way
May she sing with the angels in heaven tonight in praise to God

© Timothy Miller 1998

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