Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Travel Again

I'm away again and I miss my girls already.
We had an awesome couple of days over the weekend.
Saturday we went to soccer and then out for dinner. Simple stuff, Jude and I got take away Thai and we ate at McDonalds while the kids played. It was great to have no stress or pressure and just enjoy each others company.
That night I had gastro (not the Thai) so Sunday morning we skipped church as I didn't want to risk moving more then 10 metres from the toilet! Sunday lunch we went to a family picnic as I was feeling better. Saw some native marsupials, and heard lots of birds in this massive rainforest. The trees were in my estimation between 100-200 feet tall with the oldest tree towering up at over 200 feet, maybe around 230-250. Its getting hard to estimate that far above the ground. Makes you wonder (if you haven't been) how awesome the sequoia redwoods must be. There were even Nikau palms around 100 feet tall and so skinny, maybe 1 foot thick at the base. Amazing old forest.
Monday I had to go to a client and took the opportunity of the public holiday and light traffic to enjoy the bike. Cops everywhere! Monday night we had home group and that was a good time also. Then early bed for an early start to the plane.
Now I am sitting in Central North Queensland in balmy weather in a guest house. Work here is pretty laid back and relaxing. I will spend the next two months commuting between here and Brisbane. Good for the frequent flyer points, bad for all the things that need to be done at home and missing out on family. Good for income and time away from kids to get much needed projects completed, bad for time away from kids.

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