Wednesday, May 12, 2004


To Do List Today to Friday

Build new PC - install 2 160Gb Raid+0 S-ATA drives and then install all software
Clients programming due friday - must be done - about 3 days worth
Add lots of stuff to Jono's web page - photos etc. Several hours...
Church 40 days of purpose web site update
Learn how to use new digital video camera = that could be days of fun!
Soccer practice - tonight 2 hours
Friday night play indoor soccer and watch footy match on TV late (about the only TV I watch)
Play with baby and kids
Say hullo to wife in passing
(Thats not a priority list OK)

Other longer term stuff
Church web development - hours and hours and hours...
Do the web pages and photos from my trip to NZ last month
Do the tribute page to Gran

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