Wednesday, September 22, 2004



Took the kids to the pool. You know, water - wet stuff. Comes to the top of the pool. Is splashed out onto the concrete between the pools. Obviously - cause all the concrete is wet.
There are chairs there - people sit on them. We sat on some. Put the kids in the water beside the edge. Kids are small - they love water - they splash. Water comes out and goes on concrete. Nothing abnormal here.
Woman sits down in chair. Has kids of her own. They are splashing. One of mine splashes and a bit of water lands on the edge of her scruffy cargo pants. Leaves a wet patch about mid calf around 2 inches across.
Woman goes off at me for allowing my kids to splash. I am gobsmacked and reply without thinking - "Its a pool, its water - kids splash - move away if you don't want to get wet."

She did.

Filthy looks ensued for the rest of the time we were there!
What did I do wrong?

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