Thursday, September 16, 2004


New Car Stereo

Today I bought the new head unit for the car stereo.
It is a Clarion DXZ546.
It is the first part of a phased installation. Next will be new speakers, then a multi channel Amp to drive them along with a sub woofer.
The unit has 2 pre amp RCA outputs as well as a dual zone output. This allows you to use 2 zones - one using radio for example and the 2nd using a cd. One can be output to a unit with infrared headphones so the kids can listen to their music and the adults can listen to theirs.
I installed it with a minimum of fuss and then annoyed the neighbours for 5 minutes testing the volume levels and setting the EQ.
The main benefit right now - apart from better sound output and quality - is that the unit can read mp3 files on cds. So we can take our rather extensive cd collection with us in the car far easier than before.
Do you listen to music in the car? What is your favourite music? I'd have to say right now I am enjoying electronica music such as Hed Kandi, Ministry, and Gotan along with classics such as Dire Straits, U2, Metallica, and a wide range of classical music.

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