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Sunday, November 28, 2004


An article on Ukraine Politics by Vlada

The following article was written by Vlada an Ukrainian friend. She is a 21 year old Christian and what she has written has summed up a lot of feeling of a lot of people here in this country.

Dear friends!

Ukraine needs your prayers so much!
What is happening here is incredible! For more than ten years our country has been submitted to criminal authorities. They haven't cared about people of Ukraine, all those deputies only robbed us and acted in their own interests; corruption has become something usual for us. At the end they decided to continue terms of their evil work and tried to falsify the Presidential Elections! People couldn't stand it. It was so clear that they forced and threatened people to vote for the candidate from the authorities, more then that they forged the bulletins we use here in our country to vote in several regions of Ukraine. The lie of the authorities is evident and clear.

That's why thousands of people all over Ukraine came to the streets of their cities to protest against such unjustness and lies. Our present president and his surrounding + the prime minister whom they want to be our president are responsible for all these. They try to convince the people that the elections were clear and just and they use everything to deceive people. Before that they used the Mass Media and told us stories, but one can't hide the truth. When all honest citizens of Ukraine shared their protest against this crime, journalists, militia men, soldiers whom evil authorities tried to use against us joined people and refused to fulfill criminal orders of liars and deceivers.

People are for the candidate from the opposition. They cry out his name "Yuschenko is our president" and "Kuchma get out" (Kuchma is our present president if some of you don't know). I haven't seen such unity among people of my country! Many of them have been staying at the central streets of Kiev for 5 days already and they won't go away till the authorities acknowledge that they lie to us. People came to Kiev from different cities and regions of Ukraine. They stay at the streets of Kiev days and nights and inhabitants of Kiev help them. They bring them food, water, tea, warm clothes, they all are so friendly. And this unity among them is something really incredible! But the authorities are still strong in deceiving people. Yanukovich (the candidate from the authorities) pays money to thousands of men to come to Kiev to support him. And it is dangerous because many of them are either drunk or look like they are criminals. Some people say, including the president, of a possibility of a civil war. But we all believe that the truth is on our side!

By the way, the candidate from the authorities was imprisoned two times! But he doesn't acknowledge that and promises it before God!

We don't know how and when it will finish. The political situation is very intense and criminal authorities try to divide Ukraine into to parts: the East and the West! They are ready for any actions not to loose their positions!

Please, pray for our country that piece and justness will dwell here. Pray for peaceful solution of this political crisis, pray for lives of people who stand for their rights and freedoms. Pray that there won't be any hints of a civil war! Pray for the hearts of the authorities so that they will realize their crime against their people. Pray that God's name would be glorified through this situation.

Nothing will change if we don't trust God. Let His glory be above our country, let His will be above us all, let His name be praised!

Please, pray for Ukraine!

With love!
Your sister in Christ.


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