Sunday, February 29, 2004


My Day today

The church web development is finished! - We go live tomorrow (fingers crossed). At least this stage is complete. There is more to come - but not on such a tight timeline. Details if you are interested.

Church was great this morning. We had Aliki Flodine as a guest artist. Her passion for life was obvious in her music. Captivating and relatable she along with her husband Rob (technical support) presented a montage of songs, anecdotal thoughts and an emotive visual presentation.

Based in Brisbane she has a list of her current gigs coming up on her website. Take the time to check her out.

The wife and kids headed off to the beach for a play this afternoon as I finished the web development. They brought home greenlip mussels, prawns and chips. Seafood for dinner - YUM! I steamed the mussels in a shallow pan with a lid. I chopped some garlic, shallots, threw in a slab of butter and a little water. Once the butter had melted I tossed in the mussels and put on the lid. About 5 minutes later they had all opened up and the aroma was delicious. Using a fork to capture the mussel and pull it off the "foot" I then dipped them in some lemon juice and a little tartare sauce and chewed the whole delectable morsel with gusto and great relish. Thanks love for a fantastic present.

Now it is some VBA coding for church followed by the rest of the cashflow modeling job. Then some blogging before bed.

Blogger Idol Week 7


This weeks topic is "Play"

Play for me revolves around one of three things - my children, computer gaming or hard physical exercise.

This may not be interesting for you but that's too bad - its my life.

My kids are great fun. They are also demanding players. They know how to play hard and they want serious playing when they play. They are all or nothing kids.
Examples of playing with the kids could be playing hide and seek in the dark. This means every single light in the house must be turned off. In fact this sometimes takes as long as the game. I like to make it as hard as possible for them to find me, which can be fairly simple given that it is quite dark and they are carrying a torch or a glow stick that isn't very bright. If I stand behind a curtain (same one as every time) they will often take 3-4 minutes to find me - running backwards and forwards looking for me. Even little whistles or squeaking noises from behind the curtain are met with cries of "where is he?"
This is great fun for me!
Another great game we play is Stronghold. This a multiplayer computer RTS game (Real Time Strategy)- so it gets two of my playing addictions out of the way at once. The wife isn't fooled though. She thinks that it is a cop out of looking after the kids to play computer games with them. I however am teaching them battle strategy, logical thinking and planning and strategic castle building and design - all important skills in today's world. Actually the strategic thinking skills they learn from this are important, not the least being that Daddy always wins! Though that has being getting harder lately also.

Serious physical exercise - not quite extreme, but up there - for me involves going as fast or hard as I can at a particular sport. Mountain biking is one of my favorite (and how I broke my collar bone last month!) I love a hard ride up a hill and then blasting down as hard as possible, sliding round corners - bunnyhopping logs and rocks, getting air of jumps and generally getting adrenalin surges! It is also great for cardiovascular and anaerobic fitness.

Other sports I enjoy and excel at are soccer, AFL, squash and basketball. Additionally volleyball, running, surfing and triathlons are sports I have actively participated in. I have also played cricket, rugby union, tennis and golf.

Review of Blogger Idol Week 6


Here are my top picks from week 6 - in no particular order

Ryan has some good thoughts about censorship
Kristyk describes her (our) our attempts to watch "adult" movies!
Skywalking writes a story using movie titles
Codswallop and Flapdoodle excellently works the blogger post into a long running story
Matt Harmless draws a line in the sand

Visual Thesaurus.

Man is this a cool thing - for many reasons, not the least being its use as a thesaurus.
I have got serious research coming up next time I have a few hours free!
For more ideas check Big Fractal Tangle.

Timothy Falconer works like me!
and he has read my mind regarding PIMs (Personal Information Managers.
I want a device that is small enough to carry, that takes photos and video, is a phone, a personal manager with contacts, calendar, tasks and email, word and excel, pictue viewer etc (PDA functions in other words) synchronises with my PC and is bug and virus free. Is that too much to ask?
I need it by Feb 2005 when I get into my next round of upgrades - so if you make these things then get cracking will ya!
You can call it the TIM PIM then the two Tims will be happy.

Right now I carry an iPAQ a Siemens ME45, a USB Memory Stick, an HP Photosmart camera with a SD Card that fits into the iPAQ that can talk to the phone via infrared and a Compaq laptop that has a USB port and infrared. I need to carry less stuff!

How to blog
Living Room
And how not to
Quantum Tea

I've taken notes.

ICANN and Verisign are in for a battle royal
Drew Cullen at The Register tells the story in evocative language here.

This battle has been brewing for a while and I have been watching the preplay with interest.

My questions are these:

The internet is supposed to be about cross governmental and political communication. It is about knowledge and information being available to all. Entertainment is part of that also because entertainment includes artistic knowledge like art and music. The anarchistic leanings of the initial internet growth in the early nineties was certainly part of that. The right to free speech and the ability of individuals in press censored countries to speak out was lauded as a benefit of this. Once governments around the world realised that they couldn't control the internet and it was growing fast, they attempted to regulate it. There have been arguments about charging for email, laws passed giving government agencies power to snoop on your email, censorship on net use in China and other communist countries, discussion about the so called digital divide etc.
Now it may come down to - government control or commercial control. Which is the lesser of these two evils. Verisign would be in a position to use its power to the boss of the internet if it wanted. ICANN or ITU has the power (maybe) to stop it - but to do so must take control itself.
What happened to the gentle group of slightly weird earnest nerd types huddling around a computer excitedly gesturing, drinking from stale cans of coke and pushing their spectacles up their noses when they slide down. These scientific types (boffins) used to own the internet - in fact they created it. Tim Berner-Lees did anyway. (Apologies for the stereotypical image.)
Now they are trying to recreate it.
This is well and good, but what about the infrastructure. Do we care who owns it and how it is run as long as we can use it? In the way that railroads and highways made huge financial empires for some smart and ruthless individuals who took control of construction of that infrastructure, so we have seen companies involved in the internet infrastructure take commanding positions financially. Intel, Cisco, Verisign, and the Phone and ISP companies providing the last mile infrastructure are all examples. User technology creators such as Microsoft, Symantec, Google, Linux and Hardware suppliers HP, IBM, Apple have all got on the bandwagon. Numerous are those gone by the wayside, lost in the wilderness, taken over or bought out. Netscape and score of smaller companies swamped by the might of Microsoft.

Is the control of this structure going to end up in regulated government hands like the roads and railways are now? We know that the government is inherently bureaucratic, inefficient and slow to move to market demand. The internet is about knowledge and it needs to be at the cutting edge of the technology.

So my vote is with Verisign. Yes I am a capitalist, but I also believe what comes around goes around. They have held a position through the low income years and are now entitled to the large income years. (Check out what an S-Curve in marketing is to understand that one.)
More importantly I don't want any government or QUANGO to gain control over the internet's key structure. Market forces would cause Verisign to lose its influence if another company could evolve the internet technologically in its direction. The government would naturally resist such an organisation wresting control from its grasp even if it was in a better direction for us all.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Michelle at Mikao's World is running a survey on blogging for her thesis
Help her out if you like by emailing her for the survey
Full details on her site

Have you heard of Food Intolerance?
Actually an intolerance to chemicals in food.
Here is some info that my wife found.
Fed Up With Food Additives is the name of the website.

Donald Sensing writes on the Passion
Donald Sensing writes on Maureen Dowd's review of the Passion
Donald Sensing posts a brilliant graph of the probablity of a male winning an argument

I like Donald Sensing - he's a funny bloke! He also makes a lot of sense and writes with logic, clarity and a thought provoking style. Have a read.

Excellent start to the day - played with the baby, then with the 2 yr old - then helped the 7 year old build her Real Robot Cybot
The wife's sister is coming to get the 5 yr old to take her shopping.
Work time...

More Passion reviews - real viewers

Blog Critics
Rick McGinnis News Paper review
Rick McGinnis personal review

An interesting comment about Braveheart and Patriot - two of Mel Gibson's previous movies
Captain's Quarters

Friday, February 27, 2004

Continuing with the Mr Productivity theme
Have caught up on all my emails - having between 130 and 180 to deal with a day can be overwhelming sometimes - even if almost exactly 50% of them are spam - I'm using Matador to bust the spam - easy to configure and right most of the time - easy to retrain if it gets it wrong - its been good so far and has a free trial period. I may buy it - after I check out some others to compare.
Have done heaps on the web development - almost finished - thanks Rohan
done the cashflow modeling and referred to client - got next task to complete which is a scenario analysis - inputs and outputs and comparisons - piece of cake!
Almost cleared my desk ready to start the scientific modeling but first I will make do some fiddly stuff and get it out eh way so I can start straight into it tomorrow.

Make a PDF registration form for web site
Make some more changes to web pages for the site that has to go live Monday
Set up an ftp server for myself
Judge week 6 blogger idol entries

I might even get to bed by 2am! That will make it an 18 hr day - with only a 2 hr break between 4:45 and 6:45 for dinner and play with kids. - Next week looks to be about the same!

Oh and Doug has asked me to write a series of Excel Pivot table tips - anybody else out there want that? If so do you have specific questions or just a basic tutorial on how to set up and use pivot tables? Let me know via comment or email.

Judith posted a list of search queries that found her site
Here are a whole bunch more that found our sites!

episiotomy pics
"baby skink" picture
paris hilton video xxx
"cadence ambulance"
cartoon pics of volcanoes
woman stomach vacuum pose pics
spy videos for new mercedes
emma page jewellery host download customer offer
spy peak secret norway
nappy training for hubby
weaselhead ring road+map
tereyaki house

Day's off to a good start - finished client 1 on to client 2 - might even get the web development done that I didn't do last night - and then - on to client 3!
Check out the snow they had in Tennesee!

Hey - check out my wife's new site - JAM Creativity
This is specially for her imcredible artistic talent - so it doesnt get lost amongst the more newsy posts on her main blog

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Wow - what a day so far!
I woke up with a start at around 10am to find the house empty. I popped a Tramol and got straight into work. Then spent until 5:30 working on 1 clients reporting system. We changed the reporting around a bit to make it work better and there are a few teething issues - so it was toll call after toll call and fiddling with data - until finally it was all ok! That put me half a day behind - not counting the list from last night that wasn't completed!

Then I had a play in the pool with the kids, played follow the leader , then pumping up bike tyres and riding around the patio. I took Jadeen's training wheels off and she was straight into riding without them! Then I had a lie down with my new baby until dinner. She was gurgling and smiling, kind of, and holding my finger - even managed to grab my glasses! She is gorgeous.
Judith cooked a fantastic roast chicken and yummy vegetables - she is so talented and fits it in around 3 kids and a baby as well.
After dinner it was chase the kids to bed - I think I had a snooze on Erin's bed - fell asleep reading to her. Then I watched the Kumars at No 42 on ABC with Jude for 1/2 an hour. They are soooo funny - although Anthony doesn't think so.
Then back to the grindstone :(

Well since then I have been Mr Productivity!. I was feeling so overwhelmed at the massive workload that hit my inbox today while I was focused on the client I was working on that I even turned MSN and Outlook off so as not to get distracted.
But tonight so far, I have done most of the cashflow modeling job - rest has to wait for daylight hours, wrote 4 emails - two long ones to a client, set up web testing for the church web site, added trackbacks to this site, and now I am blogging for a bit. I shall read my daily reads, post commentary and then get back to work on the next job - web development - finetuning graphics and text. Fiddly stuff that is annoying but necessary.

Welcome to my world!

Well I got 2 out of 7 things done for the night...
Maybe I will just post an Excel tip of the day for ya and then I can say I did three things on my list of seven. Round that up to 50% and you can say I nearly completed my to do list or is that stretching it a bit far?

Anyway Excel tip follows.

Excel Tip of The Day

Validation Links or how to use nice little selection dropdowns in your spreadsheet

Did you ever wonder how to put a nice little dropdown box for selections in your spreadsheet?
Well I will show you here.

First you need to set up you sheet to handle this. I generally use a utility sheet for background stuff that doesn't need to be seen or made pretty. I usually name the sheet "lists".
On that sheet I will make lists in individual columns (without a header). Lets use the example of Months. So in the sheet lists, column A rows 1 to 12 I would type January through December. In this case the list is limited to these twelve items. I will also use an example of a potentially longer list. Eg Years. So in column C rows 1-15 I might enter 2004 to 2018.
I will treat these slightly differently.

The next step is to name the ranges. (This is not actually necessary but makes it a lot easier to work with)
First let's name the months. Select Lists!A1:A12. Now from the menu select Insert, Name Define. In the name section type "month" (without the quotes) and then click Add or hit Enter. Note that the actual range was already entered as the selection, and was absolute "lists!$A$1:$A$12" There is a lot of room to play with this - but that is for a more advanced topic another day.
Now lets name the years range. This time select the entire column C. (Do this by clicking on a cell in column C then CTRL+SPACE, or by clicking on the C at the top of the column.) Now from the menu select Insert, Name Define. In the name section type "year" (without the quotes) and then click Add or hit Enter. This names the range as the entire column, so if at some point we want to add years 2019 onward we can with no other changes necessary for the dropdown to still work.

Now go to the sheet where you want the drop down. This might be as a selection for a report month, a data entry field or similar. Select the required cell(s). From the menu select Data, Validation. In the settings Tab, click the dropdown on the allow field and choose "List". In the source field type "=month" (without the quotes). Click OK.

Its done! Click on the cell and you can see the drop down button. Click on that (or ALT+Down-Arrow) to view the options from the list, in this case January through December.

Repeat for the year cell with "=year" in the source field. Note how you can scroll down in the dropdown box past the end of the entered data. If this is not desired then use the same method of naming the range as for the months.

The are plenty of options you can play with in the Data Validation dialog box. Clicking the help (F1) while in there will also help you learn more, but the simple instructions above will give you an incredible amount of flexibility.

Use this to:
Turn laborious data entry into simple selection from dropdowns.
Ensure uniformity of data entry of common items which will improve formula driven functions such as SUMIF, VLOOKUP, SUMPRODUCT etc.
Improve your use of Sort, Subtotals and Filters.

Any questions or comments welcome.

Blogger Con: BloggerCon in a Nutshell
Seems there is going to be a big bloggers conference

Dave Winer has requested input from bloggers for what they would like to see changed in tems of blog tools. Thanks to Darren for the link

Here are my comments.

I would like to see two specific things.
First a subscription process similar to rss but web based whereby you were able to identify what posts you had and hadn’t read on a blogger's page when returning to that page.

Second I agree with numerous comments about tighter integration into workday. Print to web seems like a fantastic idea. I would like to "Print to Spool" being a holding place for later editing and publishing. This could be attached to applications, personal devices, phone, camera, digital video cam, pda, etc. Thus as we take ourselves through the day we can make commentary - wirelessly connect though gprs or G3 phones to a temp web space - then upon returning to a pc login to web and edit before publishing .
I know we can do this now - but it’s not easy and seamless - it requires a certain level of technical ability of managing all the different mediums and then an hour or more of editing before it’s ready to publish.
I like the idea of preformatted "spool" that takes content and it is ready to post. If the user wishes no further editing needs to be done.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Had a great day.
Went to a clients and picked up a bunch of work.
Had a haircut and met the real nice lady who owned the salon.
Went shopping - got my new glasses frames and prices for a bunch of the stuff that was damaged in the flood we had the other night with all the rain. We need that for the insurance claim.
We bought some glow sticks for the kids. The neighbour came over to ask if I could assist with showing them how to scan. I went and downloaded antivirus updates etc and showed the scanning. Then they came over for dinner and the kids used the glow sticks - they love them and they were on sale for $1 each at Crazy Clarks. We played hide and seek in the dark!

Now it is work time.

To Do List for Tonight

Catalog all the damaged stuff for the insurance claim
Work on website database for church with Rohan the developer
Build excel data analysis too for web database extracts
Add border to template for JAM creativity for picture posting
Cashflow modeling for a client
Do finance reporting work for church
Write excel tips for this blog

That's enough for one night!

I have a date!

Email from my daughter this morning

to tim fom miranda i likuoo wood uoy lik to play wiv me at one o kolok in the rfdnoo

My PC is my best friend - almost - after my wife, and after my 4 kids and after my laptop, PDA and motorbike!

Heres an article about kids who like their PC's form The Register

I want one of these! (I'm not coveting, just planning my next major tech upgrade due Feb 2005.)

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

More Passion Study guides thanks to Google
See my previous posts here and here

Outreach study material
Campus Crusade For Christ campus oriented material
Youth Specialities - for youth pastors
Worship Store a pastors guide
The Passion Outreach Project lots of material

More fallout from MyDoom
Portknocking back doors explained by The Register

Coding is such fun - especially at 3:49am in the middle of a thunderstorm.
We had a inflood of excess rain water earlier - resulting in several hundred dollars worth of damage. We have gone from extreme heat to thunder and lightning and torrential rain.

I guess that this is the tropics!

Monday, February 23, 2004

Make yourself in lego
Thanks Kristyk for the link
Heres me

Blogger Idol Week 6


This weeks topic is Movies

Movies for me are mainly about children's movies at the moment, and mostly a bit here and a bit there. I will write a screenplay of the menage I view regularly.

The coyote stares over the canyon wall at the roadrunner with a dreamy look on his face - a light bulb flashes "IDEA". He orders an Acme Shrek who tells donkey that he cant stay in the house. He then sits down to a meal alone and plucks wax out of his ear to make a candle. He lights the lantern and walks up and down the fence line looking to see where Ginger had escaped from this time. When he gets back inside Mrs Tweedy tells him that chickens are "NOT Airganised. Meanwhile the aliens have made all the parents put on funny headsets that control their minds. The robot dog has a cool phone inside it but Jimmy Neutron is wallowing in self pity in the dungeon alone. Suddenly Bruce appears in front of them and says how about a party and takes Marlin and Dory to a fish anonymous meeting. During the meeting the rugrats roll down the hill in the reptar wagon miraculously missing all the trees.

I think that's enough - my brain has gone numb. All I can hear are cartoon voices, cartoon voices CARTOON VOICES! They are telling me to .... escape?

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Reviews from last weeks entries


My top five (or there abouts) are:

Our Hangout Great storywriting
Moodstruck Kid's say the damn'dest things...
Frac Science fiction - well written frac
Just A Girl Note awesome resource for images on this post - hence the reason for including her
Matt Harmless hairless cats!
Tanya's Harp Fantasy - I'm there

Web development crawls along.
Brisbane's hottest day ever on record - 41.7 degrees Celsius at 2PM
Train tracks buckling, people dying from heat etc.
Our aircon is just coping - its been running non stop at about 30 cents an hour!

Phone call to doctor.
Doc, can you please give me a repeat script for those maggots? I've run out

Reuters Health Information (2004-02-20): UK medics to prescribe maggots as wound cleansers

More on The Passion - see my previous post

My comments must be tempered by the fact that I have not yet seen the movie.

However the more I hear about it the more disturbed I become. This movie seems almost too well hyped.
The marketing appears to have been carefully manufactured, and criticism limited or simply ignored.

Yet I have found numerous instances of well thought out criticisms of the movie, including the fact that the movie makers claims about its historical accuracy and its biblical accuracy are probably incorrect.

The hype from a Christian perspective appears to be along the lines of "this is a great evangelism tool". Why do we need a tool like this? Why can't we evangelise without a movie? Can we only evangelise well when something like this comes along. What happens next year when it is all forgotten again? The Oberammergau Passion Play has been performed 40 times in the last 4 hundred odd years and is well known throughout the world.

The first of my two reasons for being disturbed about this movie is the violence. This film has been rated MA15+here in Australia. That means I cannot take my children to it - even if I choose to - PG (Parental Guidance). Why does the violence have to be so graphic and disturbing? Sure it is fairly hard to recreate the bloody and torturous death of an individual "nicely". But the emotion that the use of cinema violence gernates in someone is hard to ignore, and is a well used cinematographic method. Our society is so well conditioned to violence, that maybe the only way to get at someone is to show more violent violence than normal.
Does the emotion that is generated from this movie lead to long lasting conversion and repentance from sin? Maybe - that is for an individual to answer. I know from personal experience of both myself and friends that emotionally charged events where "altar calls" are made can often lead to insubstantial and non lasting decisions.

I am also disturbed about the weighting of events. This film primarily focuses on the suffering of Jesus, in fact the last 12 hours of his life and subsequent death. Mel Gibson has made this decision consciously and has ignored events leading up to and after this point. He is entitled to do that as a film maker and I have no problem with that. However the death was only part of the bigger picture. In fact without the death the resurrection was not possible, yet to focus on the death without the resurrection, which was the point of the death in the first place is neither biblically nor historically accurate. We must be careful as both movie viewers and evangelists to point out that this movie is only the first part of a bigger picture.
The resurrection is the important part, and the part that lays a claim on someone's soul. Merely viewing Jesus' death - even understanding that it was your sin that put him there without looking at the resurrection, and the claim that lays on your life is like finishing a joke before the punchline - you miss the point!

I personally shall view the movie when I am able, if only to better critique it and make more informed comments. In the meantime, I am open to opinion and comment - especially from those who have seen the film.

Here are some links that I have used as research starting points. Thanks to Darren at the Living Room for the page that started this. I suggest that you read these pages before commenting blindly - there is a wealth of informed commentary and critique here.

The Weekly Standard
Protestant, Catholic and Jewish review
Beliefnet review
Beliefnet - debate
Christian Answers News
Study guide
Most Rev. Stefan Soroka Hype Versus Hope
James Dobson
Billy Graham quoted on World Net Daily I couldn't find the original article from Billy Graham himself

I was interested to see that while James Dobson did address media and topical "problems" with the film such as "will it inspire anti semitism?", he fails to address any of the theological or historical criticisms many of the other film reviewers have raised, in particular non biblical (not mentioned in the bible) additions made to the movie to fill it out, and the artistic license used to portray certain abstract concepts.

Web develoment coming along fine - thanks to Rohan
If you would like to test this alpha site out for me - broken links - doesn't work in your browser etc (especially netscape and mozilla users) please leave comments. Yes I know the login doesnt work yet... and when it does feel free to enrol mickey mouse as many times as you like - its just dummy data and will get dumped before transferred to clients server and going live.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Here are some pictures of my ankle.

I really get a kick of producing nice clean code in VBA.
Finished the reporting system data cleansing job. Nice coding job. I liked it!

Onto the next job - it is soooo hot here today - 35 degrees C - feels like 44 according to the weather forecast software
I am still in the first page of Google results for the use of the word Tramol.
This will probably make me stick there even more!

By the way - this has got to be the best pain killer I have ever used.
It works - for more than the 12 hours and there are no side effects, drowsiness, nausea, constipation - nothing!

So for all you Google searchers who find me - there ya go. Tramol - its OK by me.

(All standard warranties and disclaimers about using this advice etc apply - I am not qualifed to give medical or pharmaceutical advice and I will not be held responsbible for the results of anybody who uses this information)

Isn't it sad I needed to put that there!

New for this blog. I am going to do an Excel tip of the day. It may not be every day, but it will be a useful tip.
They will all be boxed in this cool colour.

Excel Tip of The Day

Paste Special

When you copy something to the clipboard you can then paste it in several ways.
You can paste it as a link, as a value, as formats, formulas etc. To do this instead of pasting as per normal, right click and select Paste Special. (or Edit, Paste Special) This brings up the Paste Special Dialog box and allows you to select your activity. You can do this multiple times and paste different components.
Here are a few ideas that you can use.

Paste Special Formulas Use this when you want to copy a formula but don't want to change the editing on the target cell(s)

Paste Special Values Use this when you want to convert a selection (or single cell) from formulas or links to just the current calculated value. Full resolution of formulas to maximum decimal places will occur even if formatting doesn't show it. This is useful to cut links from external files, replace temporary formulas with actual results etc.

Paste Special Links Use this to quickly paste the link to an external spreadsheet by copying from that sheet and paste links into the target cell(s)

Paste Operation - Multiply, Add, Divide, Subtract These are very powerful tools. Try this
Find a selection of formulas (eg sums at the bottom of a range). Enter 0 (zero) in a blank cell then copy that cell.
Select the range you want to alter and Paste Special Operation Multiply. (You may want to click Formulas as well so as to not change target cell(s) formatting).
This will add to your existing formula *0 (and any required brackets) and the result will become zero. This can be used in all sorts of ways, - eg dividing numbers by 1,000 to change $ to $'000 etc.

Paste Special Transpose Use this to alter the orientation of a selection of cells. Copy a column and turn it into a row and vice versa.

If you have any questions about the use of this free Excel tip - or need more help using Paste Special - feel free to add a comment and an email address and I will get back to you, and I will paste the answer in the comments also.
If you have any suggestions for tips leave a comment also.

Friday, February 20, 2004

OK so going to soccer was a mistake tonight
At least I have now had the third accident - and I always have accidents in threes.

About 3-4 minutes into the second half I tackled a bloke who was shooting for our goal. I made the tackle, but the angle I was meant I was tripped by him, and I rolled my ankle and fell. His body was against mine stopping me from using my hands so I hit the astroturf with all my weight and height on the corner of my left eyebrow. As my head bounced up I saw blood streaming off my face. By the time I turned around and people gathered around, they thought I had lost an eye by the amount of blood on my face and in my eye socket. I couldn't see out of my eye. I was helped to my feet (watch the broken collar bone!) and walked off the court.
There I was tended to by a lady from the other team, and Ben's girl Megan - who is a doctor (as is Ben). They iced my ankle and cleaned the blood off my head, bandaged it and iced it.
After the game (we lost miserably) Ben and Megan concurred that I probably should have it stitched, but I could get away with steri strips if I wanted to. I opted for home (where the drugs are - hip hip hooray for Tramol) and my excellent wife.She picked me up - we screeched into a chemists 4 minutes after they closed and scored some steri strips and home we went where she doctored me up. Thanks love.
Photos below.

Special thanks to Melissa and Ralf (who missed most of the second half helping me)

Finished cashflow forecast - played in pool with kids
Made a movie of it
It's VERY hot

MailFrontier Matador is a fantastic spam management software program - runs on your pc. I am trialling it now.
Thanks Doug

Done the quote!
Time for lunch and a break - then it's into serious development!

Task list as it stands at the moment in order of priority (not necessarily order of completion)

Quote for web dev for client
Work on 3 projects for 2 clients - 1 cashflow, 1 reporting system, 1 complex scientific modelling system
Continue development of reporting system for church
Write advertising seeking sponsors for church web site
Continue writing internet policy for church
Create Add, Change, Delete form for users
Change CSS borders code in all blogs
Develop powerpoint presentation for public presentation due 28th March (needs to be reviewed before then)
Research for Project MO (secret project)
Review current 10 year goals (written in May 1994 and write next 10 year goals)

I think I should get started now!

My 2 year old is sooo cute
This morning I made scrambled eggs for myself and the 7 year old, and then helped the two year old eat her nutrigrain and milk. Every mouthful had to be an airplane zooming to her mouth, and if it didn't go fast enough it wasn't allowed in! Then she showed me with great excitement the house she painted at childcare on Thursday, and sat next to me on the couch being cute.

Mel Gibson has a new movie out - for those who didn't know - only this time he directed it. Its called The Passion Of the Christ and is the story of Christ's death and resurrection.

There has been some widespread talk and commentary about it.
Here are some views for and some against it (as I understand the author's intent. Please forgive me if I have categorised you writing incorrectly. Let me know and I will correct it.)

Positive Comments
Bumbling Out Of the Dark
Joyful Christian
Joshua Claybourn
The Ben File
Internet Movie Database

Opinion Reserved
For the Time Being
Post Modern Pilgrim
Focus on the Family
Bishop Frank Rodimer

Negative Comments
Phil Baker
The Journal News

Other Articles
King of Fools
World Net Daily - links to lots of articles

What do you think?
Please post your comments and leave links to sites etc

I will reserve my comments until after I have seen the fiilm.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Here are the photos from the day trip on Wednesday
Massive day - lots of work done - heaps of emails written and dealt with - lots of sleep needed - night night

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Had an awesome day today!
We went to Southbank - an artificial beach and play area right in the middle of the city. We went on the city cat then played in the water then had a Mt Vesuvious icecream then caught the cat back. Then we dropped of Brendan and Rosalie at Rosalies sister's place before driving to Girls Brigade.
I went to ameeting while Miranda was there while Judith went to McDonalds and then we went home.
Big day but lots of fun!
Photos here. (link to come tomorrow - too tired now)

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The Register reports on Microsoft's "buggy" software
Flaw on Tuesday, exploit by Monday
By John Leyden

I am all for full exposure (like Janet and Justin) of microsoft's security holes, and also appreciate the full discolsure approach by a lot of hackers. These guys largely do us all a great service by finding ways to make software more user friendl and secure. Obviously there are the odd rogues that create malware with negative payloads, but the bulk of them are doing great things.

A lot of them are even employed by big firms including Microsoft to help make networks and software more secure.
Ethical Hacking Certification
The Whir

Viruses being written now such as mydoom are exposing the holes in the system and and the reliance on large numbers of people on a buggy operating system - Microsoft. When are they going to get it right? Some of their source code was leaked the other day. They need to make the whole thing available so that the open source community can get in there and secure it. I run Debian linux servers because they are far more secure and stable than Microsoft. Most attacks on the internet are aimed at Microsoft server software. Microsoft doesn't even use its own software for hotmail ecause it isn't stable enough.

So why should they keep make us pay for it. I counted up yesterday the number of legit copies of MS Windows and variants that I own.
Dos 3.3 - 1
Dos 5.0 - 1
Windows 3.11 - 1
Windows 95 - 2
Windows 98 - 1
Windows 98 se -2
Windows XP Pro - 1

I have 4 pcs running XP.

Yet I only use the latest one - and I actually use a XPPRO sp1 cd because the original XP Pro was so buggy they created an 113MB patch!
We are paying money for what? Big glitzy advertising and legal fees fighting lawsuits. Come on Microsoft. Make an effort to make your software secure and stable. Give it to the open source community.

Another scorcher of a day!. We had our house inspection today. It went very well and the owners have indicated their willingness to sign us up for a two year lease. Yeehah! Praise the Lord! We have a house to live in!

In other news the collar bone is healing well.

Projects on the go include the web development for church really ramping up. We go live on 1st March for a major new project. My current tasks include co-ordinating the backend development (done by RDSSA), the text content writing and editing (fortunately I don't have to do that) and the graphics coordination and development (also delegated). I have to organise the communication with the church, the connection with the church databases, office processes, testing and infrastucture. I also have to write policy and procedures for the church on the use of web technology. This is a volunteer job also.

Then I also have a number of other projects on the go for clients that all need to be done urgently.
So I am going to stop blogging and do them!

Monday, February 16, 2004

Brendan & Rosalie came over from NZ today with their 10mth old Reuben. Brendan was our wedding videographer and Rosalie the still photographer. Brendan's brother Daryl was my best man and his dad Ross married us.
Great to catch up with them and we look forward to the next two days spending time with them.

In other news - I am feeling way better - the bone is settling down and the pain is far less intense this time round. Here's hoping for a fast recovery this time. I am already back to two handed typing - still only use about 6 fingers though :)

Here's a wedding photo - actually taken by my brother Jono.

A group photo

And a snack break - Brenda and Rosalie went and got these during our loooong photo shoot with the professional photographer. That and the photos and hilarious video are much appreciated wedding presents guys!

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Last weeks Blogger Idol (Week 4) entries I gave top marks to.

I picked these from the perspective of the thought gone into the entry and the messages either in the story or directly stated.

Coffee Swirls
Ian's Messy Desk
Clarity Admist Chaos
Harmless Thoughts

And finally the Living Room's Author Darren Rowse own entry is a classic!

And its week 5 in Blogger Idol.

The theme for this week is "Picture This"

My 4000 word interpretation (based on the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words) follows.

Mercedes Jean Miller born 9/2/04.

Damage to collar bone must not have been too bad. Else drugs really good, else magnablocs working really well - or a combination of both.
Eyes shutting all by theirselves - time to go and lie down so that they can stay shut...

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Hard to be positive when you are in pain! At least I have access to great medical service and excellent drugs.
Back on the Tramol again. After we got home from the doctors I decided to put the bike away - I had left it in the drive way. This involves driving it a few metres into the shed/office. Did that successfully with left hand on clutch in spite of broken collar bone. Then leaned down onto the stand, only to realise in my drugged state that I hadn't actually put the stand down. Weight of bike too much for damaged arm and I dropped it again!. Had to get wife to come and help lift it up. No damage. Still VERY hot and VERY humid.
I am totally veging playing the Sims. I am completely ignoring to do lists and any other form of work.
The rest of this evening is relax - I need it!

I have re-broken my collarbone!
Back to typing with one hand

Last night Jude's jaw was aching so bad she couldnt sleep
After drugging her with paracetamol (doesn't do much) I left for a meeting.
Part way through she sms me to say the pain was too bad please come home. I rushed home!
Taking the exit off the freeway I was travelling too fast and under heavy braking and compression locking the rear wheel locked and I slid a little. Backing off the brakes meant I wasn't going to make the corner so I elected to go straight ahead hoping to keep the bike upright while still heavily braking. As I left the road into the grass I was almost stopped, but the braking on the front wheel while ok on tarmac, caused it to lock on the grass / gravel and the bike slid over on its side for about 2 metres. (All this happened in about 1-2 seconds). Very minor damage to bike, 1 small crack in the fairing, some very, light scratches on paint, and some heavier scratches on the engine cover. However the impact as I went down on my shoulder rebroke the collar bone. I only got a small scratch on my hip and elbow.
So now I have officially crashed the bike, though not badly.

By the way took Jude to the doctor and a plug of wax in her ear was putting pressure on her eardrum - now much better.

Now I'm going to bed
The rest can wait til tomorrow (today actually) but tomorrow never comes so that makes me feel better about it.

Completed notes for meeting tomorrow.
Kicked over a glass of coke on the carpet and wasted about 40 tissues cleaning it up! Coke all gone now :(

All emails written, invoices done and faxed - 1/2 litre of Coke consumed - eyes wide open!
Now to prepare notes for meeting tomorrow.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Got distracted looking at my blogroll for updated entries - now I'm really gonna do that email and quote and invoices!
I feel snowed under.
Its my own fault.
Its 11:07PM and I have written a to do list of things that need to be done today. It adds up to about 3 hours of work and I have been procrastinating...
In fact by writing this blog entry I am delaying the start even further.

I need to do:
Invoices for two clients and fax them.
One of them requires me to write an email thats lengthy and involved and has to detail the results of a meeting today where I didn't take enough notes, and the guy who's supposed to send me stuff hasn't (at least he did but it didn't make sense.) So then I have to produce a quote and then I do the invoice for the time taken today - estimate 1/2 hour for that (20 minutes deciphering my notes and 10 minutes writing quote)
Then I need to do up notes from a meeting on Thursday that I am having a follow up meeting from tomorrow at 9am 1/2 hrs drive from here - so this MUST be done before I go to bed cos I wont feel up to it in the am. (same problem - deciphering unintelligable scribble)
Then I need to finish some fiddly bits relating to rebuilding my neighhbours PC so I can give it back to her. Anybody know why a 56 kbps modem connects at a max speed of 7.2kbs? Plain weird!
Then I need to do the rest of the finances for the week, reconcile 3 bank accounts anda credit card, do invoices and enter biills, adjust the budget to reflect new bills and incomes from clients.
This next lot won't happen today - no way jose.
Then I need (would like to) edit the photos I took 2 days ago of Mercedes so you can see them. Face it thats why you are on this site - not to hear me whinge!
Then edit the photos of my office (and take the rest of the photos I need to take for insurance and burn them to cd)

Positive thoughts now.
I did have fun on my bike (Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird) again today - I love riding it. Fellow bikers, it corners so sweetly. As you drop your knee into a corner, and shift your weight slightly over the tank, the bike naturally falls into a counter steering pose and as you wind the throttle through the corner (you just feel the need to do that) it settles down hard and just accelerates awesomely. If you were to do that on a normal freeway bend entering it at 100kph in top gear, you would most likely to come out of it doing around 160-180kph and if you straighten up and tuck down and open up the throttle fully it would smoothly accelerate up to well over 250kph (150mph) in a matter of seconds. The bike would feel very stable at these speeds.
Of course I only do that on a closed track never on the highway!
That is FUN!

I did actually experience my first power slide on this bike yesterday. It was entirely accidental. I was accelerating away from a stop sign and turning right into the next street. It was very hot (32 degrees celsius - 92F?) and the tyre was hot and sticky from having just exited a freeway. As I wound the throttle on the back end stepped out quite smoothly and I just crossed up the front, backed of the throttle slightly and it straitened up. All over in less than 1/2 a second but got the pulse pumping. I thought Awesome! Not sure if I could repeat it on purpose though.

OK now its 11:30.
I better get started.
Heres the notes I wrote and have to decipher...

I'm also going to recommend a read of my wife's blog
She is a fantastic mum to 4 lovely daughters, 1 born 3 days ago. She is my best friend.
Love ya babe!

Fantastic but long day

I am well enough (read - broken collar bone nearly mended) to ride my motorbike again
I have been missing doing that.
I went for a long ride today to two clients - excellent fun.

The new baby Mercedes is a real cutie
I will post more pics as soon as I get time to edit them

Buzz has deemed it "Blog it Forward" day again. This is a day when we select one entry from our blogroll and encourage you to take a look. Fair enough.

My selection for the day is Domestic Psychology
Cathy's regular web pages are here

Fascinating view into an online family with real world problems, dramas, triumphs and successes.
Check them out and say hullo from me.

Tech Corner

More info on the music front - RIAA etc
New virus threats
More Microsoft Patches - make sure you either use WIndows Update or download the patches manually

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Thanks to Doug for these links

Life After The Oil Crash
Poisonous Legacy

Then from Google
Hubbert Peak
Campaign Against Depleted Uranium
The American Assembler
Doug Rokke - paper presented to House of Commons

All I can say is Wow!.
What the heck are we trying to do to this planet and its inhabitants?

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I have been fascinated in the story of the Graf Spee ever since as a child I read the encounter of the epic sea battle in World War II between this German pocket battleship and 3 cruisers, one of which was from New Zealand.

It's going to be raised from its watery grave in the River Plate in Uruguay. Article courtesy of BBC News

More info here
Official web site
Unofficial Site
Ship information

Kazaa, Grokster, Napster, P2P etc.

Read the whole article here at The Register

The latest news in Australia is that the Music Industry Privacy Investigations (MIPI) who are affiliated with the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) raided the University of Queensland, the University of New South Wales and Monash University in order to obtain evidence in a trial against Kazaa's owner Sharman Networks.
Long and short they are trying to sue Kazaa and possible the Universities with illegal distributon of copyright material.

The defendants have a smple answer and it is tied up with precedent from other court cases. Eg. Is Xerox held liable for some one using their copier to illegaly reproduce copyright material? No of course not, and niehther is the universty that makes the coipier avaibalbe to students. A recent court case in Norway aqcuitted a programmer who created a dvd ripper because his creating it didnt mean he was in control of how people used it.

I think the court case is a joke to be honest. The music industry is archaic in their approach to this, and are already receiving a big backlash over the RIAA / Pepsi / Apple ads at the superbowl.

In the past if you played your music loudly enough for the neighbours to enjoy, no one cared. If you taped a tv show or a song from the radio to use for you own enjoyment no one cared, if you lent that tape to your friend who didn't record it themselves no one cared. But now there is a file transfer system that can potentially move huge volumes of this stuff around they care.

Now don't get me wrong. I agree with the concept of rewarding effort, and the artists should definitely be being paid. In my mind the distribution medium should also make some money, but the huge superprofits being enjoyed by the music companies are ridiculous and its time for a change.

My solution would be tagging each song download from a P2P distributor with a small fee, using paypal or some other similar system and forwarding a royalty to the artist, and the distribution system keeping the rest. Then we would see true competition for distribution of the actual music. P2P distributors would need to ensure the integrity of the files being transferred through a rating system similar to ebays seller rating system and screen out viruses and malware.

How many times have you bought a cd and not liked all the songs, but had to buy them all becuase they were all on the same cd? Well with this proposed model, you could try before you buy with a sample (like in a physical cd store) and then only purchase the songs you want.

What do you think about this? Do you have an alternative?
Have you or would you use a P2P file sharing service?

Tuesday, February 10, 2004


This is an hilarious comment on tourism in Australia and Ayers Rock - Mango Biscuits

The owner of Codswallop and Flapdoodle lives here. He posts this interesting article about Google

John has tackled racism as his next major controversial topic. Check out his article and the comments posted.

Good on ya John for tackling this one - many wouldn't dare.

I'd like to offer my 2 cents.

I have an intellectual opinion and a practical application that sometimes differ. My intellect tells me that there is virtually no difference between a person of any colour, or race genetically. Any differences are so minor as to not matter, and are equivalent to other physical characteristic differences. Don't take my word for it here are some web sites that can help - there are more out there I am sure.
Skin Deep and One Blood
My practical application differs when I get confused and look at some one - usually an Asian person - and I think that they are different because I can't understand their language and cultural differences etc.

I think that this is where racism starts, It comes from a mistrust of someone we find difficult to understand, rumours and myths about their race become "true" and soon we are discriminating against them perhaps unintentionally. From there deliberate discrimination becomes full blown racism, taken to its extreme by groups such as the Klu Klux Klan etc.

How to solve it. Simplistically, ignore colour, language and race. My parents never discriminated against other races and I vividly remember times when they took pains to introduce myself and my siblings to foreigners who had appeared in our town and Mum and Dad would bring them home for tea. I learnt fascinating things about them and their home and culture as a small child that I have never forgotten.
In practice removing deep seated misunderstandings and hatreds, often from which feuds and wars have developed (Uganda amd Rwanda for example) is fraught with difficulty, and maybe impossible. Perhaps whole generations must die and forget the past in order for this to happen.

Yeehah - I have another daughter!

I forgot to take the camera to the hospital but I did get some recordings of some of Mercedes Jean's first cries.
Her name is pronounced mursaydeez gene

Here is the story of her birth on Judith's Blog

Here are the recordings. Click on them to play in your browser or right click and "Save As" to copy them to your hard drive.
Mercedes at 5 minutes old baby2.wav
Mercedes at 26 minutes old baby3.wav

I will publish photos later today.

Monday, February 09, 2004

And its week 4 in Blogger Idol.

This weeks theme is "Ooops"

Just for a laugh I decided to interpret this week's theme with a selective Google search of interesting web sites found with the word Ooops.

By the way before you dismiss this entry with cries of "cheat", I did spend considerable time sifting through lots of interesting google results and didn't pick the first 4 I found. I tried to pick at least one from the main page, because that's obviously current and topical (according to Google anyway) and then went hunting for the more obscure that fit the theme.

Here are a few found with just the word Ooops".
Wrong Planet Syndrome Aspergers Syndrome
Organization of Online Pipe Smokers
Ooops Journal - Is Ooops a word in Cyrillic?

I then decided to explore the words Ooops and some other words to see if I could form a causal relationship between an activity and the words Ooops. Here's what I found with

Ooops Justin - to see if he said that to Janet... - It must be in the German dictionary
Ilustrada - is it Spanish as well?
KissMe - and Italian also it seems
Justin mounts a bird incorrectly

Ooops Iraq - to see what Dubba might have said about that
Half Bakery.
News & Opinion

Ooops Antarctica - to see why someone would say that there
Penguins - educational
Dale's Journal - worth the read
Canadian Aviation - Check the mishaps page
The Wetass Chronicles

Ooops blog - to see if there's anybody else doing a post about Ooops that's not doing blogger idol
Mike Tuesday
Balloon Juice
Davids Medienkritik
This one is for the cool anime background

Saturday, February 07, 2004

I had a great day Friday.
Helped with the schooling, played with the kids, made some home videos up from video clips from our camera and then went and played indoor soccer.

I have taken heaps of pictures while on the train into the city in an experiment with what the camera is capable of. I shall create a montage and post it later.

Right now I am off to bed and then tomorrow to a LAN so I shan't post again until Sunday.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

I love chili
Here's the chili sauce I made tonight

Recipe for any who want it is
Blend 6-8 tomatoes, 3-4 chilies (large red ones) 2 cloves of chopped garlic and 1/2 a capsicum until fine puree - add a little water and place in saucepan
Bring to slow boil and gently simmer
Remove lid from pot to thicken sauce while simmering.
Bottle and refrigerate or cube in ice cube freezer tray then store in sealed plastic bag in freezer once cubes are solid.

Thanks Doug
I now have my permalinks fixed
See Dougs comments for help if yours need fixing!


John Strain has started a very interesting and controversial topic

I have made comments to his topic and repost them here.

Feel free to respond with your views and comments.

Constructive arguments will be appreciated. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

My Comments
First of all congratulations John on starting a post on such a controversial and emotional topic.

The most intriguing thing to me after reading through the 18 comments above is the restrained and intelligent nature of the debate / comments.

In such a hotly contested topic, with such good points on both sides of the argument this is excellent. Congratulations to all posters on not blazing away or making personal attacks on other posters..

My comments are addressed to the actual nature of the debate. I personally don't believe that the actual debate is Pro Choice vs. Pro Life. Let me explain. Debate is usually one topic and a for or against stand. Eg Pro Choice. Who's for Pro Choice, and why, and who's against and why. Then second round is a chance to deconstruct the initial arguments posed by the other side, then to a summary.
Likewise we could have Pro Life as the topic.

I believe it is unfair to the proponents of these two topics to set them against each other because they are not debating the same thing. Pro Choicers all make great arguments, but these arguments do not address the Pro Life concerns about the personal and legal nature of an unborn child. Likewise the Pro Choice argument that ALL life has right to live (regardless of origin, rape, incest etc) does not address the Pro Choice arguments relating to the mental wellbeing of the mother.

I am not trying to muddy the waters. How about a solution.
Maybe you could create a post on each of these topics, and call for comments on a for and against basis. This cold provide some really constructive and thoughtful debate.
I would be happy to mirror this on my blog also.

Finally I am not trying to say that there is not a connection between the two schools of though and the subject of abortion. Obviously they are connected and an extremely complex social problem that we have to deal with. Sure Roe Vs Wade has provided a "constitutional" position in relation to the mother that is doubtful will be overturned. However the theoretical legal standpoint that a terminated child could sue his mother for wrongful death (brought to court by a proxy - eg grandparent, father etc) could possibly challenge this position.

My personal thoughts and position. Morally I believe in the sanctity of all life. I also believe there are justified times to kill (eg self defence). Practically I do struggle with how to apply those two opposing points of view to the subject of abortion. I understand we live in an imperfect world, and so events like the case of P Brett who was apparently raped when passed out drunk do occur. I believe that ultimately each individual has to stand by their own choices and actions and the consequences of them.

Janet Jackson's breast and Justin Timberlake at the superbowl. Man has that little piece of action inspired some amazing blog commentary! My opinion: It was designed to boost her sagging career! (puns intended)

Heres what some others had to say.

Cynical Tyrant
The Growler
Les Jones
Empire Builder
Stone Camel
Blog Critics
Collectively Unconscious
Lost Remote

Heres Janet Jacksons response.

Form your own opinion - tell it here if you wish.

I just have to post this after reading this. It was the spongebob pop tarts that did it for me! Thanks to the juggler.

I found this document on the web way back in April 1994 and for some reason thought it worthy of saving. It is still in my hard drive! I decided to check on google using "strawberry poptarts toaster" and found it as the first link.
So here it is - still on the web after almost 9 years!

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

This is SOOOOO funny.
There some poor chap with serious delusions about his ability to grow facial hair out there trying to sport a beard. In fact he's gone so far as to name this month Facial Hair February and has even got a web page up to display his daily results (ahem .. lack of so far!) Click this picture and see what I mean!

Actually I shouldn't be mean. I struggled with hair growth myself. I damn well wish it wouldn't grow now though!

Heres some old pictures of mine! Ok you can laugh at me now!

Played an excellent game of Stronghold Crusader tonight with my eldest. She has got an excellent grasp n the game, and while I beat her mercilessly because it was time to go to bed, she gets better everytime she plays. Strangely enough the 5 year old gets more enjoyment of playing with the map editor!

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

This would open a can of worms if it ever got distributed to the non techies!

Tim Mullen writes this article for Security Focus
and suggests that Microsoft not only drop all support for Windows 9x and previous but also force users using it to upgrade.

His argument makes sense not only from a security perspective, but also a user pays perspective. Effectively those of us who have bought recent versions of Microsoft products, and are relatively security conscious are paying for the support of all those people who just don't care. These are also the people who forward bulk joke emails and executable attachments that are cute and that will cause you to lose all your friends and your left kidney to contract cancer spontaneously if you don't pass them on in the next five minutes. I think these people should have their email addresses suspended - like for bad driving - but for bad emailing! The mydoom and novarg viruses are "unknowingly" propagated by these people and we pay for the cost of fixing them ultimately because that cost must be borne by the companies and recovered from their customers.
I actually have a client who "accident's opened the attachment and got mydoomed". I have another who was so security conscious she wouldn't open any email at all until I explained that it was only attachments she needed to worry about if she was up to date with her antivirus updates. This is erring on the side of caution and should be encouraged. She could get merit points, while the other client should get demerit points. Hours of wasted time fixing hers and other PCs on the local network because of the "urge to open"!

I have just joined the Brisvegas Bloggers living in that delightful city myself. My posting nick is jethro.

I don't actually like these sorts of things which is why its in a post - soon to be forgotten and not in my sidebar or header.

However due to having a 7yr old, 5yr old and 2 yr old who are Finding Nemo crazy I just had to do this and post it here for your enjoyment. Seriously this is a funny movie, which really means something after having seen it oh around 20 times!

You are DORY!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Note to Wife
I do not snore!
I was present at all three births, though you seem to have missed that.
I might have a power nap at 6pm at night but I do not go to bed then - in case you hadn't noticed.

However in her defence she is VERY pregnant and her brain is entirely focused on one thing - getting the baby out! Come on baby! Both of you.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Top 5 Blogger Idol Picks

Was just checking the other blogger idol entries in order to choose my top 5 for week 3 and this one reminded me of the time that...

We had a mouse plague once - I killed 67 in 3 weeks - mostly with traps and poison, but I did punch one in an empty fishtank, and rubber malleted one in the bath tub. Then there was the nest of babies that I squashed...
The problem with mice is that they bring snakes. This particular plague occurred after an unseasonable patch of rainy weather and the mice who were living under the bird aviary feeding on the uneaten grain and bird seed decided to move inside.
So did a brown snake which went into the gap between the walls. Later on it went into the aviary and down a mouse hole whereupon my very brave wife promptly filled in the hole with a shovel. As snakes cannot dig, that fellow was doomed to roam the halls of mice tunnels until I later filled them all in with water. Amazing how many mice popped out as I poured water in for about 15 minutes before it reached the surface. A quick smack with a shovel dispatched these as they surfaced but fortunately the snake was never seen again.

Anyway my picks for the top 5 so far are...
Don't Tell Mom... the Babysitter's Dad I relate! Though my wife would suggest that I don't do my fair share and with a new baby due shortly there will be more to come!
The Life Of Riley My dog gave me a fright tonight - I almost stepped on her at the door in the dark.
Codswallop and Flapdoodle Excellent!
Amanda - had a rough day!
Ganns the mouse story

Check out these Google Hacks

I have had to host the DoDI on my server because the author's server appears to have gone down. - I hope this isn't related to his publishing of the "secret" documents. I will continue to attempt to contact Matt Le Mat, but I fear for his safety.
If this page vanishes then use the copies I gave you and the intructions I sent along with the key to the bus locker with the videotape in it and go to CNN with them.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

And its week 3 in Blogger Idol.

This weeks theme - A day in the life of...

Mike paused in his labours and wiped the sweat from his brow, metaphorically speaking. Actually Mike never really paused at all. At least not voluntarily. There was always something going on. Regardless of the time of day he could be expected to have to provide this object, perform this task, process that instruction or deliver that message. It seemed as if there was no end to his labours, and he certainly couldn't see one. Even his outlook calendar had recurring events that theoretically had no end date, meaning he would have to do them whenever they occurred. Time was relentlessly marching on and Mike was tired. Today was harder than usual. Today was on of those days that seemed to go on and on and on. The heat was unbearable. His boss had not turned on the fan once today and Mike was in danger of overheating. He thought to himself, "If I do overheat and breakdown, then at least I would get some rest". But as quickly as this thought crossed his mind it was just as quickly replaced by another even more urgent set of instructions and tasks. His boss was really blogging hard today. It seemed as if he really did want to overwork the poor little CPU.
PS (Mike's boss took pity on him and eventually turned the fan on long enough to cool him down!)

If you have problems with Outlook remaining in memory when you exit it, Outlook Shutdown Addin is for you. This is a COM add-in which enables Outlook to shutdown completely when a user exits from the application, eliminating the need to open Task Manager to end OUTLOOK.EXE. Find it here
Latest Mars picture

This is hilarious!
Plug 'n' Pray

Go to Aussie Blogs if you are an aussie with a blog to get your blog tracked for changes. Also a good source of Australian blogs.

And Roger Federer has just won the Australian Open in straight sets. Well done Roger!

For some great belly laughs and a hilarious rant at lifes odd moments Shauna has some great stories.

Then how about adopting a blob.
Mines called Phil.
Click on him to find out how to get your own.
Adopt your own useless blob!

How to fight terror - a document issued by the Department of Dangerous Irony - a complement to the title of this blog.

Edited 2/2/04 - try this link for the Department of Dangerous Irony

Federer is up 2-0 after winning the second set 6-4

Just reading a blog where someone had done a google search on "miserable failure"
click here to find out why and then click miserable failure to see the result.

Check this one then - Here is the unofficial John Howard web site. This is hilarious.

Here is Lypton village - a well constructed and themed group of blogs and web sites by a very talented aussie girl. - I will have a better look later but I liked it enough to recommend it even though she didn't pick me in her top five for blogger idol :(

First set is up to the tiebreak and is Federer is on top in the tie so far - and he takes it!

I spy with my little eye - Federer and Safin - The final has started.
Safin has struck the first blow with the first break of serve to go to 2-1 in the first set.
While I have been writing this Roger has got to deuce in the next game.

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