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Good Friday Excursion April 2004 - Page 1

It was Good Friday - and it was Good! Here is the story of our excursion. We actually took 233 photos and various videos. The best are posted here.
First stop Brisbane Forest Park Headquarters

In order above are some native birds, the first three I am not sure of, but No 4 is a tawny frogmouth (a member of the nightjar family). Following is a red wallaby, a view of the lake, a satin bowerbird, a terrapin, a tree frog, a barramundi, a carpet snake, the belly of a platypus, a brown tree snake, two shots of a brush tailed phycogale, a sugar glider, a quoll and a wild pig. Also seen and photographed were bandicoots, kookaburras, red bellied blake snake, sugar gliders, various pigeons and doves and a bush turkey. We also spotted a rather large carpet snake up the top of a tree. It had been there for a couple of days and was digesting its dinner according to the ranger. He hoped it wasn't a bandicoot...

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