Sunday, June 27, 2004


New Web Site

I have moved to
Please can you update your links on blogrolls etc.
This site will remain for a while.
Please be patient while any transfer issues are resolved and let us know if you have difficulties at all.

Saturday, June 26, 2004


Important Reading For New Parents

Some say the Babywise book by Ezzo is good, others say it is not. I don't like the book myself.

Challies Dot Com on babywise.


Kids + Shopping = ???

I thought I would post my replies here instead of doing them individually, for the comments I received from my "Mental Notes" blog. I have never received so many comments on one post before.
I guess that yesterdays shopping trip was more stressful then the others as we were in/close to 'arsenic hour' (Angie's term). This time of day is worse then normal if Erin has not rested. Erin is a strong willed 2 year old (almost 3) and at this certain time of day she gets hyperactive but that only lasts for a short time and most often can be distracted with suitable activities. When we go shopping at this time of day with her, she doesn't want to sit still and the trolleys contain flimsy definitely not child proof seatbelts.
We also go shopping in a shopping centre instead of one shop.
The girls are pretty well behaved and I am thankful that Miranda (now 8) will push the pram when needed. She does a good job of that and hardly ever runs up the backs of my legs when I stop suddenly in front of her. The girls don't tend to pull things off shelves and if told, they will put them back.
When I arrived at the centre yesterday I witnessed a mother yelling at her 6 year old as he wouldn't cross the carpark to go to her. She started threatening him with her leaving and that she wouldn't go back to get him. I would never do something like that with my kids, they know I wouldn't leave without them. In the past I have had the 2 year old run behind a reversing car so I am adamant that they must practice proper road rules regardless of how quiet the carpark is. They are good at that now and pretty much walk with me or I let them run ahead if we are on a path.
Also, during our shopping trip yesterday, I was quite confident in allowing the two elder (5 and 8) to go to the toilets which are in the middle of the centre. They know not to talk to anyone and go straight there and back, always going back to where they left me. They are responsible and I do not know why I get so worn out at times, maybe it is because they get excited by looking at the party goodies or lollies (which are placed along the back wall which you have to pass by when you go up and down the aisles)
I am sure they build supermarkets so that parents will give into their kids' constant asking (there are toys along the various different aisles and lollies at the counters etc)
The girls are reasonably polite as we insist, even at home, that they say please and thankyou. They know they won't get things unless they say those magic words.
My hubby thinks I have something wrong with me just because my energy levels aren't good, and maybe that is why I flopped at the end of the day.

Thanks Phillip, Angie, Alice and Cathy. Oh and of course Tim. None of your comments angered or upset me. It was good to hear from each one.


Quote heard from Miranda "Why do I have to do everything on my birthday?"
This was heard after her sister wouldn't go to her when called and when we asked her to put on buzz lightyear. Incidentally, she also knows most of the beginning scenes words off by heart we have seen it that much.
On a side note, Miranda turns 8 today, at 8.59am (I think the time is correct, I was too exhausted to care 8 years ago)

Friday, June 25, 2004


Mental Notes

Firstly, hats off to anyone who has more kids then hands and then takes them all shopping with no help.
After today's shopping trip I have decided that I shall not go shopping on my own with 4 kids. I bought things I wouldn't have bought, I did what I said I wasn't going to do and flopped when I got home.
At one stage I only had two kids, though one was in the pram, being pulled along while I had the wonkiest trolley ever. I carried Erin under my arm at one stage, left a full trolley and 3 kids to chase after her as she disappeared out of the shop, almost gave up and yelled at her (the thing I didn't want to do) when we got to the car. I yelled because she took off across the car park.
In this here blog, I try to recall the positive, fun and amusing things, so that way I can look back and remember all the good times. I write this entry today as a mental note.... Do not go shopping alone with 4 kids in tow
I will most likely do it again as my hubby says I am a sucker for punishment.
Though I am not that much of a sucker and have cheated tonight by ordering out.
Time to go pick up, eat, then pick up the hubby and finally, sleep.

I Remember When - I Used To Do Martial Arts

I started this when I was 14, for the main reason that it sounded fun and I had a friend doing it. The only problem with starting it was that I had to go alone as no one else in my family was interested in going along. Since I was a shy kid, this was a big step.
My friend, who went to a different dojo, had quit early on but, fortunately, this did not deter me.
It took me 3 years in total, and 2-3 days per week of training to reach brown belt. I advanced quickly up through the ranks and towards the end I ended up helping teach in a self defense class run by my sensei.
I failed my brown belt grading once. I never even got the finish it. I helped an advanced level reach their next belt by being their sparring partner in a weapons spar. (I fight with a long bow/staff). I even entered competitions and came out with trophies.
I placed 2nd in a girls and boys green belt spar, and 2nd in a kata (combination of moves). I really enjoy the thought that in the sparring, there was only one other girl and I do not think I even fought her. One other sparring competition I was disqualified for a head kick and actually hurting the male opposition (not in the groin but top of the thigh, inside the leg). I even had the whole crowd cheering for me.
I remember being so sore from leg squats that the next day I had to walk funny.
I was also kicked up near the eye once (my fault as I didn't block) and the toenail that kicked me caused blood to gush down my face and gave me a huge black eye (and I had to go to school the next day with a note for the teacher as to why I couldn't go snorkeling).
My shoulder was also dislocated once but popped straight back in place. Everyone through my arm was broken as they heard a loud crack, though I never felt any pain that I should have.
Also when I had to run 5kms up and down hilly and busy roads, in order that I may get my brown belt. I had to do this in under 30 minutes. I am not a long distance runner but a short distance sprinter. I am not sure how many times I actually did this run, too many to count.
In those days I was more muscle then fat and quite a few sizes smaller. I was as strong and fast as some of my boyfriends (faster and stronger then one) and I had abs, or a 6 pack. I also used to get chased by mosquitoes, walk home in the dark and watch a lot of Van Damme movies.
These were fun times and I hope I can get back into martial arts again someday.

Thursday, June 24, 2004


Strawberry Milkshake

1 tbsp sugar

Add quantities according to taste, blend and drink.

Healthy Stuff

I made this for dinner tonight and it was yummy, so I thought I would share it here.

1 carrot, peeled and juillened
1/2 zucchini sliced
1 cob of corn, kernels cut from the cob
1 small bok choy
1/3 cup rice
small handful of bean sprouts
small amount of broccoli
plum sauce

Put rice in a pot with sufficient water. Bring to the boil
When boiling, add the carrot and corn. Reduce to a gentle boil/simmer.
When rice is mostly cooked, add zucchini and broccoli.
Once rice is cooked, drain water and put back into pot, adding bok choy and sprouts. Cover and let sit for a couple of minutes.
Plate up and add plum sauce according to taste.


Park It!

We went to the park again today. I am thinking of making it a Thursday arvo ritual.
Before we went to the park though, I decided it was time for Miranda to have a trim, and she readily agreed.

The fringe is a bit wonky but that could be because her idea of brushing is pushing her hair back from her face.

Merc decided to join us at the park after a little nap in the car. Her sleepless nights have also been related to the cold she has at current. I have taken to sleeping her on her side, propped up with a pillow, and a little vapour rub near her.

It was too sunny a day for Jade. I hope the hat came home with us.

Erin on her way to get a drink or was that to wet her pants?

Miranda was there also but I didn't get any clear shots of her. All of these pics were taken through the windscreen of the car (which I cleaned just yesterday).


Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Next week is the season finale of Alias.
This week they left it at the cliff hanger of
- wondering if Sloane was a good guy or a bad guy, whose side he was on, if he was actually working for someone or for himself, and why would he be doing that to his long lost daughter (what it will reveal)
- wondering if Vaughan's wife was really a traitor from the beginning or did she actually marry him for love? (most likely a traitor who was a good liar)
- will Sydney now pick up where she left off? Soothing Vaughan's aching and betrayed heart.
- Why did they hook up a heart monitor to Vaughan when they were planning on killing him and left him for dead?

The teaser for next week (the finale) revealed some things but not enough to give away the story.
- What secret has Jack got, that he reveals?
- What did Sloane learn?
- What is going to be the big cliff hanger to keep us waiting for next season.

As you can tell, I like this show.
It is the only show that I watch, once a week, with regularity and enjoy. It is on at the perfect time also. I get home from girl's brigade, put the kids to bed and then settle down to watch TV for an hour before slipping into the land of nod myself.
I enjoy the fight scenes, the many different disguises, secrets and the general show.
I don't care if anyone else doesn't like it, it is my one hour of week when I get to relax in front of the box with no distractions.

As a general rule I like fighting in shows, particularly when it has to do with martial arts. Despite the fact it has been 10 years since I last fought, I still enjoy the sport. One day I plan on getting back into it and introducing it properly to my girls. Maybe I will be able to get a few more trophies, if I am not too old to compete.

I also like dressing up, disguises. I guess I am just a big kid at heart and still like to dress up, trying different looks, like the time I dyed my hair blue and wore a 'little black dress'.

Well I think it is time to leave the fantasy world of bells and balls, dyes and dresses, fists and fantasy behind and get into some pick up and put away, linen and laundry, books and babies, water and windows (car windows).

Sleep Deprivation

It seems to be global, well I do know a few which are having sleepless nights, or sleep reduced nights.
Merc was up every 2 -3 hours last night. Not sure if she is teething (don't think this is the case though), going through a growth spurt (I hope not), has a sore throat due to her cold, isn't taking in enough because she is too tired or some other miscellaneous reason.
Angie had a lack of sleep with her girls.
I am sure Alice is experiencing some lack of sleep also since her twin boys are just newborn. (can't wait to see the pics)

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


4 Sleeps To Go & Counting!

My eldest turns 8 on Saturday and she is visibly getting excited about it. The fact that we picked up a pair of jodphurs today didn't help. This is one of those birthdays when it is almost impossible to hide all of her presents. Especially since she has to try them before we buy them. She doesn't know about the presents her sisters have picked up for her (well the two which can actually go shopping that is). I am the silly one that chose to encourage her to continue with horse riding. I have so far bought jodphurs, riding gloves, and am to purchase a club shirt and boots.
Hubby is sending her to a day of horse riding and horse care (my one day off every school holidays).
She is having a party. I am considering (doesn't mean I will) putting a horse head on her cake. No not a real one but a picture of one. Or I may just finish the half done sketch and give that to her to put up on her wall.
So far, we have had 2 replies to her party. Her party will be at night, the closest I am getting to a sleep over just yet. We will watch a Saddle Club DVD, have a few games (pin the tail on the pony, pass the parcel and bust the balloon). I think, regardless of the number of replies, I shall have my hands full.

Monday, June 21, 2004



Well not published yet but my permission has been sought for some photos I took. Last riding lesson, I took some photos of the head instructor riding and then forwarded them onto her. She has sought permission to use them on her new website.
I have offered to take more pictures, for the experience only. I love this new camera, it makes taking pictures so easy.

Side Note
I had the cutest baby asleep in my arms before. That was such a satisfying time.