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Sunday, August 22, 2004


So how is this missionary work? 14 August 2004

It's 10:45 Saturday morning. I sit in the mouth of my tent pitched on a hillside overlooking the Black Sea. I'm sipping lukewarm, ultra sweet black tea kindly offered by the people from a neighbouring tent. I turned down their offer of wine last night so thought I’d better drink the tea this morning.

There are about 100 campers here and Yuri Mikoliavich is the organiser. Within the camp are groups from towns all over Kiev Region. One group is about 20 young people from Razhishiv and Nina Alexander is the leader. Nina lives between my house and Dan's house and she is the local athletic trainer. Luda and Svyeta are on camp - two girls we baptised last month - and so is Tamara and her sister. They invited me, so without a translator I bit the bullet and came. It's been awesome so far. I have built a really good rapport with the rest of the Razhishiv group. My language communication skills are being really tested.

Is it a holiday? Yes and no. Its fun and it's full on. I'm reminded every day of God's beauty and then how much they all need Him. From my 40 days of purpose, I'm reminded that love equals TIME. I want to give my time to these people. I took Nina's daughter and niece (8 & 9 yrs) on a giant jumping castle. They rode on my shoulders down side show alley (my name for the beach front). And they loved it!

By the time you read this the trip will be over, but pray anyway. Pray that my time and relationships glorified God and helped spread His love.

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