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Thursday, December 02, 2004


Flags Are Up in Kiev

Well last night I wandered the streets with my flag and a PORA flag. I had heaps of people stop and talk to me, It was called England's flag, Australia's flag and NZs flag. One guy stopped his car and said, "is that a NZ flag?"
I was interviewed by a reporter. The paper's website is (i think). I joined a flag procession and we received many shouts and congratulations. I was asked to go up the front of the parade and walk next to the Ukrainian flag. Flags from other countries were being carried about 15 in all. I had someone come up and ask for my signature. It was about minus 5 degrees and my toes nearly froze off. Then I went back to my tent to try and sleep, The concert outside went all night and it was cold, I kept waking up. Gotta go now. More tomorrow.

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