Saturday, March 20, 2004


Sweet CSS Code

Check this beta site out for a really clean flexible 3 column layout

Thanks to the boys at Glish for the coding ideas along with these sites
Pixy for his cool CSS colour scheme code generator
W3C for awesome tutorials
CSS Discuss
AWPA - Australian Web Publishers Association for excellent HTML references
and Doug (though he doesnt know it!)

I shall have to modify my column settings now...




Code Code Code
Dinner and kids
Soccer Soccer soccer
Conan the Barbarian - with a lot of snoring cos i fell alseep thru most of it!
Some CSS code
More snoring...



Thursday, March 18, 2004


32 Degrees in the shade

I have written an article for the Brisvegas Bloggers and Brisneyland


Wednesday, March 17, 2004


Paint your day Green - St Patrick's Day!

Can you see that I wore a green shirt to hide the ugliness of my bald head?

Go to Lypton Village to check out the rest of the Paint Your Day Green entries.



Shave for a Cure

Today I participatd in the World's Greatest Shave for a Cure
I know it was supposed to be last week but I was set up by one of my client's staff. They raised $200 to see me go bald and when I went there today out came the clippers!

Here is the evidence.


Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Blogger Idol Week 9 - Letter to a Celebrity

This weeks topic is "Letter to a Celebrity"

To Ciaran McMeamin, Kiefer Sutherland and Robert Carlyle
I watched your movie tonight - the one David Cunningham directed. That's right "To End All Wars".
It was a powerfully moving story of how love and forgiveness can overcome hatred, revenge and "bloody justice".
I was struck by how the message which was enshrouded by inconceivable conditions on that railway slave gang, while so obvious to the viewer, was yet so foreign to those individuals bound by honour and false morality to not buckle from their positions of hatred. I am reminded that as apparent as the story of forgiveness seems to me, to others it is foreign. This is why some people reject God outright, and others receive Him openly. (For me the most moving part of the Passion of the Christ was the flashback to the mount of olives where He gave the Sermon on the Mount to love your enemies; this flashback occurring cinematically while Jesus was being crucified.)
Thanks for making such a powerful film David Cunningham. I knew someone who was there. He died a few years ago now, but Jock Neeson was a man who found God on that railway and while he never talked about the horrors of the jungle and those POW camps, he would often talk freely in his Scottish accent about how God had found him and rescued him.
Thanks for reminding me of the reality of racial hatred, and how the solution is so simple yet so foreign to so many people. We are all humans, no matter what our racial origin. As I held and looked at my 5 week old daughter tonight while she was sleeping in my arms, I knew that your film told us to be like her in innocence of other races apparent differences and freely celebrate the brotherhood of all mankind.
So Gidday from Down Under (or on top depending which side you are on!) and thaks for a brilliant film - I give it 5/5.
A Must See.



Blogger Idol Week 8 - Judging Time


Last weeks topic was "I Confess"

My entry.

My top picks from the other entries.

The funny ones...
Irene Q
Codswallop and Flapdoodle
Silent Tribute
Where the hell was I

and the romantic ones...
Ian's Messy Desk


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