Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Todays cycle turned into a trip to the doctors, the xray place and the chemist shop for repairs
I have added another bone to the list of bones I have broken.
photos attached...

List of broken bones
My left collar bone (mountain biking today)
Right lower leg - fibula and tibula - twice (soccer both times - now fixed with a steel rod and 2 screws)
My radius and ulnar - lower left arm (jumping from a tree)
My 4th metatarsil - second to last bone in my left hand (motorcycle accident)
My left little finger - bone closest to hand (snow-skiing)
My right little toe (kicking door post on way through doorway)
My right thumb - bone closest to wrist (motor cycle accident -different to the other accident)

List of cracked bones
Right jaw (assualted)
Left eye socket (different assault from jaw)
right eyebrow bone (same asssault as eye socket)
Lowest left rib (aussie rules football)

List of dislocated joints
Both ankles - too many times to count (mostly from soccer and basketball)
Right shoulder (mountain bike accident (not today))
Left hip (motorcycle accident - where I broke my thumb)
Right little finger (basketball)

List of tendon damage
Right achilles (basketball)
Left hamstring (aussie rules football)

and that's just what I can remember...

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