Sunday, November 30, 2003

Guess what we did on Friday? We put the Christmas tree up - at least I put it up and the kids decorated
it. Heres a picture I took then and forgot to post up.

Today was a GREAT day!
We went to church and then came home for a yummy lunch
After lunch I went for a bike ride after doing some domestic work! (Yes, even I know how to use a mop!)
Then played with the kids and made a BBQ for them. Pigs in blankets go down real well.

Now we are just preparing for some guests (business partners of ours) to arrive for dinner - It is a hawaiian theme - Leis for the girls and shirts for the boys, pineapple punch and meat on sticks!

Well must go and check the BBQ - it is warming nicely

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Just been to the beach and played with the kids - that was fun - looked at jellyfish and sea sponges and sea snails and seaweed and played in the sand - kids had a ball and are now all tuckered out! yeehah
Went for a good cycle today to a local quarry and found some cool tracks
Nice relaxing saturday - balmy 25 degrees and light breeze blowing - not too hot and not too cold
Out later for a business meeting

Friday, November 28, 2003

WOW - today was different!
I got up at 08:30 or so - at 09:00 sitting eating breakfast the power flickered.
Wifey was checking some web sites, and suddenly they wouldnt work. I noticed the adsl router had lost connection. She checked the phone - it was dead. Went outside to ring Telstra on the mobile and gave them a serve - claimed the medical emergency clause - heavily pregnant wife - to get priority assistance and then noticed that the neighbours house acorss the street had the roof damaged.

Long story short, a truck had driven 1/2 km up the street snapping power lines and telephone lines with his crane that wasnt lowered properly. He promptly disappeared and we waited for the techs to arrive. First on the scene was the power boys who fxed the two broken power lines and then bobbed off.
Then came the insurance guys for the house across the roads roof - where the power cable had pulled off tiles when it was yanked.

Finally about 13:30 a telstra dude in a van rocked up - he had come to our priority call - I was feeling real naked without internet access (ARRRRGGGGH!)
He was a bit surprised to see that half of the street had phone lines down everywhere - he promptly called a repair crew and motored off.
15:30 or so the repair crew was busy fixing lines, our house was their priority - that was great. Our street was back online by 16:30 and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Went to soccer tonight - lost by one - bummer.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

I love the way my littlest daughter grins at me when we are playing games - in fact all 3 have the cutest smiles
these photos taken earlier this week

tonight i was playing with the littlest in the bath by herself - she throws her body in the air and lands in the bath on her hands and knees - it would cause an adult to wince in pain, but she just looks up from the bubbles and grins her head off

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

OK I have 7 minutes until midnight

What exciting stuff happened today?

I went for a 120 km ride on my bike

I went to a client and had a very profitable meeting - then to another client and met some nice people

Then home via a couple of shops and bought some lingerie for the wife - its my achilles heel - can't stop myself!

Played with the kids - chatted to the neighbour - then babysat while wifey went to a business meeting

discovered the fire hydrant out the front is actually filled in with dirt - hope there isn't a fire - they will never get water out of that!

read up on snakes - and posted below

set up some business blogs

im getting the hang of this - its pretty cool

3 minutes to go - lets publish!

Just a note about todays blog - the first post today was actually for yesterday - i really must try and post before midnight in future!
well according to this web site the mulga or king brown isnt found in Brisbane - so it was probably either a common brown or a coastal taipan
Either way very poisonous and should be treated with great care!
Australian Venomous Creatures

While looking for websites about the brown snake i killed I came across this excellent one - take a look at the amazing reptiles this chap photographed in a 3 week trip to queensland where we live. I myself have seen several of these species while in and around the local bush areas here.
Australia February 2003 Herp List
by the way the king brown or 'mulga' snake is what we had in the back yard

Another great day!
except for my pc - i think it is trying to tell me it wants to be rebuilt - again
but that means yet another argument with microsoft as to why i want to reinstall office - again!
why i cannot resinstall the software i purchased without asking is beyond my understanding - do i have to ask my toilet manufacturer if i can flush? do i have to ask my car manufacturer if i can put a new battery in - change the chip etc? anyway... whinge is over

today - thats yesterday now - after lunch i killed some time with a book im reading - Maggie Furey - Spirit of the Stone, while a friend of ours caught up with my wife and looked at the fantastic emma page jewellrey she sells. then i went and played with the kids for a while before cooking dinner and then while they all went off to girls brigade i wrestled with my pc. I finally won and then i got some work done - boring stuff - emailed the client - filled in the timesheet and put the kids to bed whe they came home. then did some more work - editing procedure manuals - before fighting the pc again - it seems to want to go into an endless restarting loop when rebooting - secret to winning - dont restart it!
im sure that will not last much longer so i will have to bite the bullet soon and reformat the main hard drive.

so today was - hmm interesting
oh point to note - i had an email back today from a chap who knows the creator of the WWW Tim Berner-Lees. This chaps name is Tim also - must be a good name to have :)
More to come on that front in the future.

signing off and heading for bed now

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Trend Micro - Free online virus Scan
I use this to double check against Nortons for viruses - its free and it can check and clean your hard drive for viruses

Well the wife had to pick out all the splinters from the mandarin tree pruning experiment yesterday - then antiseptic swab on the whole lot - they are scabbing up nicely

Went and watched my eldest daughter riding the horse today at riding lessons

I want one of these - it looks like fun to play with

Eon3 Australia -- Home Automation, Home Security, Video Surveillance, XCam2, X10

Home automation software HAL

Weather around the world - for your city
Singer's Creations

Check the cars out at the tokyo motor show
AutoWeek Online Tokyo Motor Show gallery

The christmas story told afresh
Real Live Preacher

this is a test of uploading a picture
here is my wife on the right and her two younger sisters

Monday, November 24, 2003

read this in jasons blog
Drawing for Excitement When the Weekend Comes
I used to draw quite a bit. It's something I really enjoy.... but have somewhat lost track of in the midst of my recent super busy lifestyle. In an effort to start doing it more often, I picked up some fancy Prismacolor markers. I love um. They glide on smooth and wet and delicious. ...Although in a decidedly more complicated manor than my trusty old Sharpie. Learning about line widths, puddling, and color mixing is great fun.

Click the link to see some initial experimenting:

Sunday, November 02, 2003

wow what a day!
today I killed a snake that was in my yard and scared the lawn mower dude
i also pruned the mandarin tree - did you know those things have massive spikey thorns on them - i didn't until i got my forearms shredded by them
i had to try and get the (new) car in the garage to avoid a hail storm that didnt happen - fortunately - and then while on the way out to a business meeting actually did get caught in a hail storm. We sheltered under a bridge with a whole lot of other cars.
No damage fortunately - glad i didnt ride the motorbike - almost did! - that would have been a mistake!
today i got my wifes blog working, and also my sister in laws.
I also argued - via email - with my isp over my "downloading" 5.2Gb in one day when i wasnt home. the last tech support email said i wont be charged at least but will take 2-3 weeks to investigate this
now im going to play some battlefield 1942 before bed

Computer Alliance
This is the place I buy my PC's - they are great blokes so I thought I'd plug their shop

RentSmart: What Can It Do For Me
great place to do business with

yeehah - rohan worked the magic and im live to the web
linked to my website now -
back to work...

just finished some work for a client - yeehah - sent the invoice - lets see how quick he pays :(
havent been able to get this thing published yet - will get roh onto it later today - once i wake up!
had fun with the kids in the bath tonight and then with the wife! -not in the bath though:)
watched american beauty - what a confused movie - im glad my life is not like that!
thats it for me - im off to bed now

Sunday, November 23, 2003

new day - sunday in fact - im awake - the kids are happy (mostly) the wife is happy :)
the dog just ate one of the kids breakfast and the little one wants MORE MORE MORE
asking my techie to help with publishing this thing
he's real good at helping on that stuff - only he just woke up and isn't functioning well yet!
msn is a great program for doing stuff like that
done some more fiddling while i waited

well i dont know why it doesnt work - the web site is there and my file is there but this program wont jolly well overwrite it
im falling asleep at k/b so im think i will try one more time then off to bed

lots of help files later...
attempt 2 - corrected date and fixed settings - changed ftp directory structure also
lets see if it works

First attempt at blogging - will it work? who knows...

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