Thursday, April 29, 2004



I wrote this poem 21 Feb 1999. Not a very positive outlook on life but my two favorite activites, surfing and motor bike riding make up for it.


Catch the wave
Green room opening
Maximum pleasure
Close out happens
Once again
Life (Shit)

Sun burns on my back
Waves splash in my face
Sand is in my pants
I don't give a shit

Throttle wide
Hit the highway
Maximum pleasure
Corner too fast
Hit the dirt
Smashed up
Life (Shit)

Riding down the highway
Cool wind in my hair
Tears whipped from my eyes
I don't give a shit

© Timothy Miller 1999

I wrote this one 20 Dec 98 on the death of our friend's daughter just after she was born prematurely


To Joel & Rosa

Mere words are never enough
We wish we were there to hold you and share in your loss
In this bittersweet time as Jesus takes your precious daughter to a better place

We hold you up in our prayers
Our love for you is not as strong as His
Let His arms enfold you and strengthen you in ways we never could

The life of your daughter was short
But she touched our lives in a very special way
May she sing with the angels in heaven tonight in praise to God

© Timothy Miller 1998

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Travel Again

I'm away again and I miss my girls already.
We had an awesome couple of days over the weekend.
Saturday we went to soccer and then out for dinner. Simple stuff, Jude and I got take away Thai and we ate at McDonalds while the kids played. It was great to have no stress or pressure and just enjoy each others company.
That night I had gastro (not the Thai) so Sunday morning we skipped church as I didn't want to risk moving more then 10 metres from the toilet! Sunday lunch we went to a family picnic as I was feeling better. Saw some native marsupials, and heard lots of birds in this massive rainforest. The trees were in my estimation between 100-200 feet tall with the oldest tree towering up at over 200 feet, maybe around 230-250. Its getting hard to estimate that far above the ground. Makes you wonder (if you haven't been) how awesome the sequoia redwoods must be. There were even Nikau palms around 100 feet tall and so skinny, maybe 1 foot thick at the base. Amazing old forest.
Monday I had to go to a client and took the opportunity of the public holiday and light traffic to enjoy the bike. Cops everywhere! Monday night we had home group and that was a good time also. Then early bed for an early start to the plane.
Now I am sitting in Central North Queensland in balmy weather in a guest house. Work here is pretty laid back and relaxing. I will spend the next two months commuting between here and Brisbane. Good for the frequent flyer points, bad for all the things that need to be done at home and missing out on family. Good for income and time away from kids to get much needed projects completed, bad for time away from kids.

Sunday, April 25, 2004


Busy as a Bee

Its good to be busy.
Sometimes we can find ourselves so busy we don't take time to reflect on life's amazing moments.
Some I have had in the last few days include gazing into the eyes of my baby and seeing her recognition of me blossom into a smile, Seeing my two year old pucker up her lips and press them to mine in an earnest and innocent kiss, seeing the delight in my 5 year old as she finally gets the hang of the pushbike without the training wheels, and the 7 yr olds womanly walk when she wants to act grown up. Its funny and delightful at the same time.
My wife has been having a tough time with the baby at nights, but she has now had a few nights that she has been able to sleep through without waking, and the relief is palpable. I can't imagine what its like to have someone so dependent on your body for its nourishment like that, and I'm so impressed by her attitude and commitment. She is amazing and I love her. Thanks for being the mother of my kids Judith - you are a fantastic mother.

Friday, April 23, 2004


Columbine High School Murders

This article provides some analysis of the psychopathic natures of the two boys involved in the tragic shootings.


Kite Memories

John reminded me of the kite my Gran and Grandad bought for me on a trip to England
Thanks for the memories John

I started with constructed kites that my Dad helped me build. I rremember the first he built for me. It was painted red
I remember the struggle to make it fly. Then when I was 8 my grandparents returned from a trip to England with a Barnstormer - a stunt kite.
this was a light 2 stringed affair with a 60ft tail made of plastic
I loved this kite and living in a river valley with a steady breeze made it the ideal thing
I used to tie my sisters plain kite to the fence and then fly my kite at it attempting to crash it
Or I would lie on my back in the paddock across the road with the kite floating laziliy 120 feet above me on full string length
Or do power dives at my little brother on the ground pulling out in the last few metres as he tried to catch the tail
Sometimes I would do loop the loops over and over again counting the rotations so I could reverse them to untangle the string. Figure of eights and sideways flying were also fun
Of course tangles are part of flying a kite and many hours of untangling string in the paddock occurred - but the effort of untangling tightly knotted nylon string was always rewarded by the kite soaring effortlessly on the wind.

Thursday, April 22, 2004


Search Engines

Some of the more bizarre ways people have visited us include searching for the following phrases

anzac biscuits + cooking + lessons
stew lamb
babysitter to feet clean up head the kids in tub down (with the spaces)
What does a 15oz. bottle of Cocoa Butter Skin Care Cost?
heavily pregnant belly photos
journal of job shop 2003-2004
arvo pratchett
"shutdown addin" key
gadwin printscreen spy
"lamb Shanks"
travelling around coochiemudlo
spy training
trend of MIS
what is idabiz
chicken stew
simple lamb shank stew
poem about what i spy
innovative church layouts
"emma page jewelry"
spy poems
greatest shave
posh spice real name
"Financial Report Analysis"
"tony abbot"
astronotus ocellatus (my oscars are fish - this is their latin name)
bearded dragon fact sheets
burpengary baptist



I hate returning from travelling to find an In Tray that is overflowing.
To do
- Tax reporting due yesterday and some more due next week but needs to be done now
- Emails to catch up with
- Banking and finances
- Invoices to get out
- Two client's work to complete before this weekend as Monday is a public holiday and Tuesday I am on a plane 6am heading north for a week

I would far rather be helping my kids with the photographic essay my wife has set them for schoolwork today.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Travel Blues


3AM and we were on the road, traveling in Uncle Graeme's Prado with David at the Wheel. 2 hours of hilarity ensued as we early morning zoomed to Picton. Arriving at the Picton ferry terminal we bade farewell to David and headed onto the ferry. It was still dark and we secured a place for ourselves in the comfortable chairs up in the front observation deck, right under the bridge and over top of the foredeck.

John pulled out the guitar and we settled down for the trip. I went to the work station area and did some work including writing my entry regarding the funeral. Most of us dozed for a while until Priscilla announced she could see dolphins. AS it was pitch black we couldn't test her observation, but Sjoerd went topside to see, and came back to announce it was seaweed not dolphins.

By the time he came back we were able to see the bow of the ship cutting through the water and a faint glow on the horizon. At this point we were only a few minutes away from exiting the sounds into the open sea, and a patch of bright cyclamen pink appeared in the gap between the hills. I went up with Sjoerd on deck and started snapping photos and video of one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen. The pink spread gradually wider and wider. The camera just cannot do justice to the sight.

40 odd photos later I came back down to the observation deck, and then settled down for a snooze. By the time we started coming through the Wellington harbour heads, we all woke up and decided to play one last game of diminishing whist. RuthEllen won again! She is unreal! Her husband John continued his strategy of losing by the biggest margin possible, equally amazing!

Disembarking from the ferry we met Steve, Lara's husband. They had looked after the Magna for us in Wellington. John and Rufus and I went to pick up the car, then came back for Sjoerd and Pris and the baggage. We then headed out onto the road north with me at the wheel.

We stopped briefly in Paraparaumu for Maccas, then continued on. A short while later, we were held up in a long line of cars for roadworks. Just as we drew abreast of the roadworks, I crept forward a few metres, and then watched in my rear mirror as the truck behind me kept coming and kept coming and didn't look remotely like he was going to stop, I sneaked another couple of metres closer to the car in front, but to no avail. He finally saw we had stopped and braked, but he smacked the rear end
the car. We stopped and exchanged insurance details etc, before getting back on the road. The traffic sped back up, and we continued north.

Just north of Marton, we entered the spectacular Rangitikei gorge. During this time, we called both Jono, and Dad and Mum on the phone. It was 3AM in the Ukraine when we rang Jono, so that was funny. It was evening for Jo and Frank, Nicki, Melanie and Benji along with Mum and Dad, so we were able to chat with them all. As we pulled out of the top of the gorge up a long hill, the car felt sluggish, and rattled a little on acceleration, I cruised down hill and said goodbye to Dad as we noticed the temperature gauge go ballistic. We stopped right outside a little servo in the middle of nowhere, pushed the car up and got out. Lots of steam and very hot. The mechanic who couldn't really be bothered to help checked it briefly and suggested a tow truck to the next town where we could get it evaluated. We called the AA and were told no problem, they'd be there shortly, but could only take two.

The three lads decided to hitchhike, and after walking about 2 km were picked up by a nice old ex bikie in a van. We had a great conversation with him and his lovely golden retriever while sitting on a sheet of tin in the back of his van.

By this stage we were introducing Sjoerd to everyone as George. George became Sjoerd's alter ego rather rapidly, and sometimes they would even talk to each other. This became intensely amusing to the rest of us who took delight in attempting to work out whether it was Sjoerd, or George who was present at any particular moment. I think George is secretly a rather naughty side of Sjoerd because he delights in getting up to mischief.

At the next town, we met up with the girls again, and were told that the tow truck could have taken us all. The mechanic removed the heater hose that had split, causing the water to run out, and bypassed it. We then filled the car with water and drove up two hills to test whether it was ok or not. It wasn't, so back to the garage. We arranged a towtruck to bring the car to Tauranga where John and Rufus live, and they supplied us with a little diesel station wagon to get us to Tauranga.

It was hard to be positive by this stage, but the provision of a vehicle and the only slight delay to our travel plans was a blessing we focused on. 2 hours later, we were feeling a little less positive as we struggled to be comfortable in the car. John drove from Taihape to Taupo and I slept as much as possible. The mountains of Ruapehu and Ngaruhoe were covered in snow, but I completely forgot to take photos. The sun was setting as we came into Taupo, and I took a bunch of the lovely golden and red autumn leaves with the lake as a background. Also managed to photograph some of the amazing cloud formations New Zealand is famous for. The land of the long white cloud.

I drove from Taupo through to Tauranga, where John and Rufus had arranged a friends car to drive through to Auckland. After a brief stop, we headed off and stopped for 15 minutes and Uncle Meryvn and Aunty Bronwyn's place to say hi. From there I drove through to about 1/2 an hour out of Auckland, where Sjoerd took over and I napped until we got to their place. I went straight to bed after arranging the details of getting away.


At 4AM Sjoerd woke me for a shower and then I packed and headed off to the airport. Sjoerd and Priscilla live in a quaint little house beautifully decorated by Priscilla, who has a great eye for decorating.

I almost didn't leave the country when I discovered that my departure tax hadn't been paid, and I could get my credit card or bank accounts to work, and they wouldn't take a cheque. I had $4 so they took that and I dunno what happened about the rest. I checked my travel documentation but there was no mention of departure tax so that was a trap for the unwary.

I slept for most of the flight then typed this up on my laptop as we prepared to descend to Brisbane.



The funeral was the best funeral I have ever been to.
My day started with a two hour talk to my old pastor Phil Field regarding emerging church, ecclesiology, eschatology and some church management and procedural stuff. Was a great catch up and very thought provoking. More details in an emerging church post later.

David and Sjoerd and I went to the church to set up my laptop for the presentations and check sound and lighting were how we wanted it.
We started off the process at Aunty Jans place for lunch. From there we picked some flowers and paid last respects to Grandma in the open coffin, before they whacked on the lid. Then we practiced pall bearing down the front stairs and out to the hearse. Rufus and I had to brush past a bush that was flowering and got pollen on our black skirt and pants respectively.
A 15 minute ride to the church in procession had us arriving about 5-10 minutes after 1:30. Here we walked the casket in. Fortunately the entire church was facing away from us so we didn't have to make any eye contact.
We sat in the front two rows if the church.

Donald Irvine started off the service and we sung a hymn, then we started tributes.
Aunty Jan was first, followed by me on behalf of my Dad. This was quite strange at first reading what Dad had written, as if I was him. It got more bizarre when I had to talk to myself as he had made comments addressed to me. I felt I managed this one fairly well, only a few tears blurring my eyes and causing me to guess most of the words in a couple of paragraphs.
Uncle Graeme then said his tribute followed by my sister Priscilla reading Mum's on her behalf.
Then Bradley read his, Greer read Danella and Rick's and Brad read Anita's. Anita is alone in Canada, and Danella and Rick are in London.
Then I had to read mine, including displaying an awesome picture from Judith that she had drawn of Gran. Please have a look.
I stuffed a few words up but got it out OK.

Then I had to read Jono's. He is in the Ukraine and I had the hardest time with his because I had called him to give him the news, and we had cried together on the phone, so when I got to the bit where he said that in his tribute, I did it again.
David then read Jo and Frank's, Nicki and Melanie's (their children), followed by two short sentences of his.
RuthEllen and John and Priscilla and Sjoerd went up all together while the two girls spoke their pieces.
Now David's tribute of a 5 minute slideshow of a pictorial walk down memory lane with Grandma was shown to the classical music pieces that she was listening to in the weekend before her passing.

One final hymn and it was time to walk the casket out.
Afternoon tea was a time to catch up with old friends of the family, and to thank the numerous people who had come, over 100 had gathered.
This was followed by a slow processions to the cemetery, where family and a few close friends were invited back to the graveside. She was buried on top of Grandad so they were back together again.

After this we got changed quickly and headed off to Gran's old house. The neighbours are great friends and the people who purchased it have made very few changes. However major renovations were about to be undertaken so we felt some great closure would come from visiting. We remembered all the fun times at their house, playing in the creek, the wattle tree (now chopped down) the silver dollar tree, the grape vine (we gorged ourselves on the ripe grapes and also took bunches away with us), the mini golf course grandad had made in the lawn, the hedge at the back by the clothesline, the "coffins" with flowers in them on the front patio, the glasshouse at the back, the driveway and garage, the last paint job to the roof, the patter tennis we played on the concrete pad below the bathroom window, the french cricket with the homemade bat on the front lawn, the lemon tree and all the special times we had with Gran and Grandy there.

Saturday, April 17, 2004


New Zealand Update

This has been the longest I haven't blogged
Its not for lack of wanting to, or even being online, but for time.
There's just so much to tell.
Lets break it down. - sorry no grammar or spell checks - this is just the basic facts


2 hours wait at airport to get on plane
4 hours on plane
1/2 hr in traffic to sjoerd and pris place
yummy pumpkin soup
Met John and Sjoerd for first time
Into the gutless wonder Magna with 5 people and gear 2 hours drive to te kuiti to get fish and chips
got stopped by the cops for speeding - was not but anyway...
2 hours drive by me to national park where we stopped for a few hours in a backpackers place
I spent a few hours online catching up with some much needed business stuff and emails


got 3 hours sleep
4:30 am we are on the road again and arrive in Wellington at 8:20am
go to lara's place and pick her up and drive to ferry. lara takes car to look after it
4 hours on ferry from Wellington to picton.
played a massive trick on Dave my brother who was there to meet us. We ran him and convinced him I had missed the ferry and was stranded in Wellington and next ferry was a couple hours away.
at the terminal the others met up with him while I snuck off and exited the terminal without him seeing me
I walked a couple of kms up the main road out of picton while the others went to the shops. Then they spent ages convincing Dave to drive this road (with cunning excuses like "left wallet in shops" and "I need a pee" etc)
finally they picked me up and Dave was VERY surprised
2 hours drive to nelson - stopping at the picturesque pelorus river for a short break
showered and changed at daves place before heading off to uncle graeme and aunty jan's place where grandma lived in a granny flat
met brads wife greer and baby zahara for first time
had a great meal and time catching up, then viewed grandma. She was very peaceful and smiling.
finally headed back to Richmond, and I went to Ross and Jan's place for the night (I am staying with them, and the others are staying at daves)


Went to see Mark and Mandy Ditzel whom I haven't seen since my wedding 9 years ago today 17th April
then borrowed some soccer gear from mark to play soccer and went with Dave and sjoerd to play soccer. Played 1 1/2 halves of the first game as left back and then played the second half of the second game as keeper. Was able to neutralise a couple of guys well, but not fast enough to keep up with the other two strikers. So I took one of them out with a well timed block and he didn't bother me again. Someone else kicked the other dude in the goolies (accidently) and that was the end of him also.
From there went back to Ross and Jan's place for some business work and emails, followed by a 15 minute spa - very relaxing
went to daves for roast dinner, played cards for a while then off to ross and jans with rufus and john, pris and sjoerd for a spa while Dave worked on a power point presentation for the funeral. ate chocolate icecream in the spa and had a great time talking
then off to the local pub for a game of pool. John and I challenged the two girls who were playing to a game, won that easily, then and then pris and rufus won the next game from the challengers, then sjoerd and john won the next game from their challengers, then rufus and I started playing the next challenger who asked john to partner him. Halfway through this a fight broke out s o sjoerd and I jumped in and I applied a full nelson to the main antagonist (who it turned out was actually defending himself) and dragged him out. He was about 100 kilos so was satisfying to lift him up by the pressure to his head and then stuff him out a door. He was banned. sjoerd was busy separating a few hangers on who were wrestling a bit.
went back to the game only to have the fight break out again out in the front courtyard. sjoerd and I jumped back out again this time about 15 guys involved in about 3 separate fights, including the two bouncers who were being taken apart. I pulled one guy off a bouncer and shoved him off to some other people to look after then raced after sjoerd who was in a group and was dodging fists. I dragged him out cos they were mostly sorted and then we pretty much stood around til the cops came and the arguments over who hit who first started. this was all quite amusing to us. of course we were all sober as judges having arrived at the pub at 11pm and the locals were there after a football (rugby union) match and were pretty tanked (hence our easy wins at pool)
went back to the game of pool which john and the other dude won then headed home.
now im writing up this, and preparing my talk for the funeral on Monday.
I am standing in for my dad and also presenting on behalf of our entire family
see ya later

Thursday, April 15, 2004


Tribute to Gran

I have created a tribute page for Grandma

Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Blogger Idol Week 12 - Blog Tips

This weeks topic is "Blog Tips"

The best tip I can give you is to go to the Living Room and check out all the tips Darren just posted!


Report on Easter Monday Party

We had a street party on Monday. That is we invited the street. There are 6 houses. 4 came and 1 gave an apology. We also had our other home group member come. We are attempting to reach out to the street. This is the second party we have had. The other was the day after boxing day last year. That was an after Christmas party, this was a Mexican / Italian theme.
Much stimulating conversation was had, much pasta was eaten, much garlic bread and corn chips and salsa consumed. Invites for 40 days were passed out and received well (I hope).
The next step is to go through with the 40 Days of Purpose campaign and see how that goes. 1 neighbour (already coming to home group) is moving in 2 weeks time. She will continue to come to home group, so the new tenants (when they come) will be invited over also.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004


So much to write

There are literally millions of words crammed into this head of mine waiting to flow onto the screen. I have such a trouble sorting out what to say and when, how to present it, whether its relevant to my audience and then finding the time to write it.
I have promised a post on integrity. My integrity now will not let me fail to deliver. However I didn't say when! It will be soon though I promise.
First I have to travel to New Zealand for my Grandma's funeral, and so my words are trended that way. Grandma had integrity. She refused to cheat anyone even accidentally. My Uncle Howard and Aunty Margaret are like that too.
I feel a poem coming on.

This is an ode to my Gran
A woman of stature
She raised two fine kids
My Dad and my Aunty Jan

Aunty Jan always writes prose
At family occasions
Gran was always appreciative
She also grew the finest rose

A green thumb had my Gran
A garden full of life
She had a husband to help
Grandad Thomas was her man

Grandad was an engineer
He could fix anything
My car, my bike, the kitchen stove
Where Gran cooked awesome fare

Her meals were fantastic
Each an elaborate work of art
An echo of her heart
They always dd the trick

Gran played mean scrabble
Not mean as in nasty
The sharpest pencil
She rose above the rabble

She loved all, was kind to each
Adored her cat
Friends with everyone
Life lessons to me she'd teach

And now her teaching days are done
Her final exam passed
Yet her legacy lives on
And will do long after she has gone

Copyright (c) Tim Miller 2004


In Memoriam

My Grandma died today.
Aged 93 she has passed her final exam and gone to the land of no more exams.
I know she was a devout Christian, converted from the C of E largely through the witness of my dad and his sister as youngsters.

Her story is a fascinating one.
Born in England in 1911, she entered her teenage years in the 20s. She and her friend were avid dance fans and into the 30s used to go to dance halls and the cinemas regularly. Her friend was actually the pianist at the silent movies and grandma was an usher.
She met grandad and double dated him with her friend and her date to a dance. Only the two girls actually asked two boys each. Grandad was none too happy by all accounts, but obviously he impressed more than the other date because she chose him. They married and in 1940 my Dad was born in Brighton. Grandad was working as a mechanic in Hove, not far from Brighton. One day during the war a lone Stuka divebomber chased my grandmother with its machine guns up the main street of Hove while she was pushing Dad in his pram. Must have been an absolutely terrifying experience.
Whether for that reason or economic ones after the war, they emigrated to New Zealand in 1948 with Dad and his sister.

I lived with Grandad and Grandma for 1 1/2 years at the age of 18 while starting tertiary studies. Grandma used to do all sorts of funny things that I remember particularly well. Like Thursdays was the fishman day and so I would get home and find her deboning the fish that she had bought - for the cat. Wednesdays the butcher came and if I was early enough I would catch her feeding the choicest pieces to the cat. Humphrey was fed better than Grandad and I and to that the rest of the family can testify. He even had his own lounge chair.
Grandma was also an excellent moderator. She always looked to make the peace. Whether it was grandad and I locking horns over economic theory that I had brought home from tech or the grandkids arguing over who sat where. She was renowned for her sayings. "Keep looking up" is a favorite along with "whatever you do, do it well".
Recently written to us on the birth of our latest daughter on a card I will cherish is her name in the familiar scrunched up writing. She had battled with arthritis in her fingers for the last 30 odd years.
The funniest thing I remember about grandma was her "mistakes". These were cooking experiments that in her words were mistakes. We thought they were the yummiest things ever made.

I will miss my Grandma, but I know she has gone to be where she was destined to go long before the day she chose to accept the salvation offered to her.


Manic Depressive Web Server

Check this HTTP 404 error out!
Thanks Pedro for the link.

Monday, April 12, 2004



Today it was alleged that David Beckham has had a second affair. This is public news story number one. Victoria (aka Posh Spice) is keeping by her husbands side apparently.
Why should a "celebrity" be accorded with more moral constraint than any other person? And what about this story is so important to make it news over top of events in Iraq, The Congo or even the sports results from the weekend!
I am in no way condoning his alleged affair, but the media has blown this up (as they always do) contrary to their own ideals. General media allows the publishing of articles, movies and documentaries that espouse adultery, affairs and homosexual relationships and then go into outcry mode when a sensationalist paper publishes a story about an alleged affair.
Why do we pander to this behaviour and contrary position?
I have always maintained that the gossip readers killed Lady Diana. Without a market for gossip the paparazzi would not exist.
It has been said that small minded people talk about other people (gossip) average minded people talk about events, and great people explore ideas. Which are you?

Saturday, April 10, 2004



Good Friday Excursion
Check out the photos of our big day out!

Jadeens Party last weekend
Photos of the day.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004



I cannot remember writing this first poem or who it was about.
However it was in my saved poetry folder and I definitely wrote it. This one is not about me though.
I like the poignancy expressed in the photo album reference.
Anyway here it is.

You left me nothing

You left me nothing of yourself to remind me
Of our special time together
Just a photo album with the pictures ripped out
And a house that's full of nothing

Your indifference spawned my indiscretions
I see now that is no excuse
I can't believe my eyes were blinded
To what I now know is the truth

(c) Timothy Miller 2002

This next poem I do remember writing on 19th October 2000.
No introduction needed - it is titled

My Bride

I really am a good guy you know
I just didn't understand the meaning of go slow
I took no prisoners, made all the fast breaks
I didn't realise I was making mistakes

I chipped all the corners, scratched all the edges
Like a maniac attacking a pair of box hedges
Without concern for the bed I was making
I roused up the dragon, from sleep she was waking

Like lightning striking from a clear cloudless sky
I was hit! "why me?" was my responsive cry
"what did I do?" or "was it my lack?"
but no answer was forthcoming back

I pleaded, cajoled, ranted and raved
It was like talking to oneself in an empty cave
The dragon lay brooding, considering my case
And I unaware was making mistakes

I should have known better, should have learnt from the past
But sometimes that's tricky when life's going so fast
To take time to think - why how would that leave
Time for the rest when you live life at speed

The answer came like a brick from the sky
Smote me on the forehead, right between the eyes
Just shut your big gob and listen you lout
Maybe that way some things you'd find out

About this passionate warm loving creature
She isn't a dragon just about to eat you
But rather a fragrance, a gentle breeze
The sort that can appear then disappear with ease

To find her is rewarding, like uncovering treasure
She's challenging, my mate, she's sure got my measure
And if I take the time and effort to discover
She'll probably morph into a passionate lover

I guess what I'm saying is that it's not always easy
Sometimes I live like everything's breezy
I really should be stopping to think and to ponder
How I can nurture my soul mate and wonder

Why do I hurt her when I only ever
Want to love her with all my endeavours
This lady this special girl by my side
Hey there gorgeous, will you still be my bride?

(c) Timothy Miller 2000

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Raccoon Finale

The Finale

If you havent caught any of the RLP Raccoon story here are the previous episodes - read them in order
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
For additional mirth - read the comments to each post.


Blogger Idol Week 12 - Birds of a Feather Flock Together

This weeks topic is "Birds of a Feather Flock Together"

I am going to do something different. I am going to use the title to loosely associate some poetry.
This is poetry that is my original poetry - mostly written at moments of extreme emotion, and that is my connection. It seems that moments like these drive me to poetry as an expression of my hurt. Most of my poems are also about women or girls.
Warning. These poems are nearly all very hurting and angry poems - I don't apologise for that, but I don't want you to think that this how I am. I don't tend to dwell on things and I don't hold grudges. At times I get mad at myself and my stupidity and then sometimes that turns into a poem. Its not something I force, it just happens.
So here is the first one. I will post more in later days, so stay tuned - there's quite a few.

This is the only poem that I have had published to date in a poetry anthology.

Moods (Women And Waves)

Today you are sullen - sultry - passive yet hungry
demanding attention,
sucking endlessly in oily repetition on slick sand
I am like flotsam trapped in greasy foam
tossed back and forth
neither here or there
but forever condemned to react to your tides

Today you are angry - aggressive - violent
carving your name
forcing yourself unwanted and unasked
seeking to make your way without heed of those in the way
I am like a still rockpool suddenly disturbed
anenomes ruthlessly uprooted
raped and pillaged by your desire and ambition

Today you are loving - playful - joyful
chuckling wavelets caressing sparkling sands
delicate fingers running through seaweed
titillating - pleasuring
I am like iridescent foam
laughing - tinkling
enjoying the moment as if it will last forever
but the tide will turn

Timothy Miller Copyright 1993


Tech News - Music Downloads, 419 Scams, Fun with Accounting, Biometrics and Blogging in your genes

Below is a round up of interesting stuff from The Register. Note the streaming news feed now on the left side bar.


More delays in Kazaa case in Australia
OZ Album sales rise in spite of Music Downloads
More music sharing lawsuits - this time in Europe
Statistical analysis shows downloading usually increases music sales not decreases as claimed

Spam News

419 spammer busted by internet cafe sys admin


Inventory stocktakes as seen from the other side


Why the USA led biometric ID card / passport system won't work

Genetic Blogging (Bb-bb = Blogger)

Scientists discover the gene that creates bloggers


Status report on everything!

Working hard at getting a clients files finished - that job completes this week.
Church web redevelopment moves ahead slowly - learning some javascript now to go wth the PHP. Thanks Doug for the help.
Home group was awesome tonight. I'm getting a real buzz out of teaching in a small environment. Training employees for an organisation who don't really want to be there is nowhere near as much fun. Next week we have a street party as a lead in to invite people to 40 Days of Purpose.
Kids are awesome today - they love cuddling up to Dad and playing with him. I'm going to miss them when I'm travelling.
Went to buy a $10 slender bender today and came home with $100 worth of stuff. Thats why Jude doesn't let me go shopping.
Will be writing an article on integrity shortly. Stand by for updates.
The wife has been writing Blogger Idol - I loved her entry today. Mine will come tomorrow I think.

Saturday, April 03, 2004



Lots of coding work happening
Just arranged my first lot of travel away fro work again - the last week of April I'm away traveling - off to the mines! Lets see how much of the next 4 months I can stay at home :(
The Home Icecream truck came today - we bought yummy ice creams.
Cafe Pack
Cherry Choc Delight
Vanilla and Butterscotch (Hokey Pokey)
Boysenberry Yoghurt
Serenetta Toffee Log

I am back riding my CBR1100 XX now my collar bone has healed and loving it. It handles so sweetly and the power and acceleration is awesome. Tonight I sat at a set of lights behind a Holden Commodore SS Ute and a Toyota Supra - they took off together and I just whipped round the front of the Supra (which was losing and flashed past the Ute like it was standing still - and I started behind them and I was still in first gear! - I think I've seen 100km/h (or more) as I change into 2nd gear.
I am also popping more nice power wheelstands as I figure out how to find the sweet spot on take off. Most of them are only a few inches off the ground, but I've also figured out how to lift the front right up. Wind smoothly to 4000 RPM and then back the gas off hard and quickly wind it on again. Depending on how much nose dive you got from the back off will assist the front to lift up. This is a useful technique when taking off over speed bumps in a car park. Successfully did it at church the other day! I could talk all day about what this bike can do. The Super Blackbird sure is super!

Indoor soccer tonight was great. I played as a keeper for an A grade Game - we won 8-7. It was very tight and all the goals they scored against me were far post or cross court passes that the defence wasn't able to cut off. It was great to win that game.
Following that it was straight on to another court for my team Parklife. We also romped away with an 8-4 win. I only let in 2 in the first half and I played out in the field in the second half scoring a nice goal with a 1 touch half volley from a cross court pass from Mike. (I also missed 3 or 4 easy ones!)

Tomorrow (today now) is Jadeen's birthday party. It is gonna be a lot of fun. Jude has done a fantastic job getting the house ready and the party supplies - it is gonna be a blast!

Doug and I have been busy speculating on BlogShares. Its a lot of fun. I have already made over $B 8 million!

Thursday, April 01, 2004


Raccoon Update

The RLP raccoon is staying!


Blogger Idol Week 11 - Blogger Pageant

This weeks topic is "Blogger Pageant" - and I have to answer a question. I choose...

"What's my favourite football team?"
First up - what do you mean by Football?
As most of the world knows it football is played with a round ball with hexagons and polygons. 11 players a side, one of whom is a goalkeeper and can touch the ball with his hands within the goal box. Duration 45 minutes each way.
Ok next question what league?
If it was the UEFA Cup then Manchester United, If FA Cup and English Premier League (First Division) then Manchester United again. If 4th Division then Brighton. If World Cup (most watched sport in the world - even beats the Olympics) then Paraguay, (or Australia if we qualify!)
If we are talking about indoor soccer then Parklife

Ok now if we are talking about Australian Football League played with an oval ball, 18 players per side, four 30 minute quarters, bouncing the ball and kicking and marking then The Brisbane Lions are the team - lets make it 4 championships in a row boys!

The most important question of all. I love sport - playing, watching, coaching, talking about it. I will stay up late to catch AFL games throughout the season and scream at the news reporters who show the scores minutes before the game is delayed broadcast on TV (Idiots!) I play indoor soccer and sponsor my team. I play outdoor soccer for my church on occasion and I love my Footy!

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