Monday, December 29, 2003

OUCH! I hate gravel rash.

Had a good slide on a gravel road downhill at about 50 kms an hour today - lost the mountain bike and hit the road! The road didnt get hurt at all but the crowd got a thrill!

Played with the kids and dragon lego again - we had a dragon war! Photos below.

Friday, December 26, 2003

Today was Jadeen's Birthday -she turned 5!
Here are some pics of her present opening.
We will have a party for her in January.

Today we also put up the paddling pool amd boy was that a good thing!

The grass is growing so fast. THe lawn man cut it on monday - today is friday and it is already long and shaggy again. He's not coming back for 2 more weeks on monday - it will be a jungle by then!

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Christmas Day!

What fun
The kids had an absolute ball!
Here are some pics

We got a 485 piece Mega Bloks set - Draigar Castle
Here we are opening it.

Here is a picture of the two eldest playing with it after its all put together.

Here is a picture of the bub playing with her train set!

There are more pictures on the Extended Millers Blog

Last day before Christmas - we played games at home - did puzzles - started a 1500 piece one! and then went out to a christmas musical at church and looked at all the christmas lights on the way home.
Tomorrow is Christmas - well now I guess seeing as I am posting this at 2:17am!

Here is a picture of the two oldest girls all dressed up ready to go to the musical.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Awesome cycle ride today - went and repaired tubes from the puncture the other day (and packed a spare in the seat bag!) then went for a ride - got some great air on jumps in the quarry. Twas an excellent workout.
As I write this its 27 degrees and 83% humidity - it has been sooooo hot today that the aircon has struggled - the first time I've seen it do that - we are so glad we got it though. Christmas will be spent in front of it I think!

The Compaq tech came and fixed my laptop today - seems the floppy cable has an intermittent short preventing boot. He disconnected it and it booted - and has been working fine since!

Monday, December 22, 2003

A tumultuous and exciting few days!

Thursday we went to coochiemudlo island for a day trip
Check out the log at Extended Millers for Thursday 18 December for the whole story.

Friday my laptop decided to die - again. This is the third time in 12 months!
That was a stressful day trying to get weekly invoices done and so on and so forth without access to the laptop. As the hard drive isn't dead I didn't want to use the backup from the night before but wait until its fixed - hopefully tomorrow as I have a next business day onsite warranty with Compaq.

Saturday we played at home and had a fun relaxing day without me working on the PC!

Sunday we went to church. In the afternoon I went for my cycle and at the furthest point from home in my out and back track I punctured a tube and I didnt have a spare on me. So I jogged / walked (scout walk) pushing the bike about 5 kms in 34 degrees and 75% humidity! Man was I hot when I got home. Later we went to carols in the park with the kids.

Today we all played Microsoft Zoo Tycoon Free demo.

The last three days Jude and I have watched consecutively the Children of Dune series. What an awesome movie - and very well captures the essence of the novels by Frank Herbert. Cant wait 'til the next series comes out. Now I'm going to watch number 3 while I plait Jude's hair for her.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

check out this spiderman2 website - this link will give you blog templates based on spiderman2 the movie


Monday, December 15, 2003

Man did I have a fun ride on the bike tonight. I went into the city for a meeting with James on the back - the extra 76 kg he weighs set the rear suspension of the bike up real nice. Maybe I will have to change it a bit for solo riding to harder rebound or something...
I was actually scraping the pegs for the first time on this bike at 100 odd ks around roundabouts! AWESOME
Also pulled several wheelies with him on the back and gave him a ride to remember!

It was hot and sticky today - still 26degrees and 83% humidity as I write this.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Today was great - church was excellent followed by lunch with friends at Hungry Jacks (where the burgers are better) and the mayo is excellent
Then I went for a bike ride in the rain - that was some good anaerobic exercise!
Then I played with the kids - made a puzzle and played blocks on the floor - I can get 10 blocks on top of each other before they fall over!
Jude and I watched Anger Management with Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler - that was funny! I failed the test in the special features section of the DVD!
More news tomorrow - thats all for now folks...

try this - its funny

Here are a few googlisms: ;-D

#1 Type in "failure" at the google search bar and hit "I'm feeling lucky!"
Laugh at what shows up in your window ;-D

Today was most unusual - We spent almost the entire day at home - leaving only once for 15 minutes to drop off some dvds at the video store.

We played with the kids and watched movies with popcorn! YUM
Miranda beat me in a game of monopoly - she is crowing about that!

Jude shaved and shampooed the dog who then promptly rolled in as much dirt as she could find in the yard!

It was hot (29 deg C) and humid (89%) for most of the day. Iceblocks and cool drinks were a must as was the obligatory cooling off by playing in the sprinkler.
As I write this at 12:25am it is still 22 deg and 88% humidity - yuck!

At least the house is airconditioned - we keep it a comfortable 24 deg and the humidity is reduced massively.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Friday's Post
Had a lot of fun riding my bike this morning - freeway riding is awesome as you zig and zag through the traffic. You can get into a rhythm with the flow of the traffic and its real fun sometimes. Went down the gold coast with the kids and played at timezone on the dodgem cars and ten pin bowling etc - they had soooo much fun. We took the car and the bike halfway and parked the bike and then drove the car to the coast. On the way home I left the rest of the family to go home while I went to a client, followed by an xmas function and then to soccer where I scored a goal. I'm starting to consistently hit goals from the angle out wide into the nearside corner - the most embarrasing goal for a keeper!. Tonight as I had the ball out wide the keeper took a step forward - probably anticipating my cross pass. I simply buried it in the near side in a gap of about 1 foot as he was wrong footed and couldn't get to it. I guess its cos I do so much goal keeping I know what a keeper hates and I also know when a keeper is out of position.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Two huge days in a row!

The most fun thing has to have been spending two $100 Myers vouchers today. We bought clothes for the kids and some extra Christmas pressies.

Chilling to some serious hardcore trippin music from germany right now as I knuckle down to some work for the night.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Wow what a fun day today - I rode the bike off this morning at 7:30 AM and got home at 10PM
I went to two clients, then to the hairdresser, then to a meeting with a prospective business partner, then to a friends place for an hour of gaming (played NeverWinter Nights) and then off to my specialist for a checkup on my thyroid and then home via collecting a debt!
I am getting way better at wheelstands. Pulled a power lift across an intersection in traffic while behind a ute - should have seen the guys face! Also there was a guy in the middle of the road got an eyeful of front wheel and underside of the bike!

Monday, December 08, 2003

Saturday it RAINED
went to a fantastic winery for a winery tour and tasting. ALthough I did no tasting had fun and learnt stuff about winemaking I had no idea about.

Sunday we had a great day at church - and took a PC to advertise the KROSTech LAN Parties

Took the kids on a bike ride - they learnt about MUD!

Worked at home today

Friday, December 05, 2003

It rained all day - fantastic for the garden
Had the yummiest of lunches today
Wifey cooked barramundi fillets while I cooked mashed spud and made coleslaw and a cheese sauce

I didnt get to do a post for thursday - just got too busy having fun I guess - It rained again - all day - weather forecast is for rain the the next few days :( still its good for the garden!

We went Christmas shopping yesterday and we finished it all! yeehah
Christmas will be at home this year so we concentrated on fun stuff to do at home

Getting ready for house inspection today. Now I got some work to do so I will have to knuckle down and get it done.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Well it rained for about 5 minutes this morning and I went for my bike ride straight after it stopped. I am NEVER doing that particular track again after its been raining!
The dirt is actually clay and it clogged up the wheels of the bike so bad they wouldnt go round. I tried dragging it and that was so hard I had to carry it. My feet were about twice the normal size with the mud caked on the bottom!
I thought when I got to the quarry that would be better cos it was gravel - unfortunately the rocks were made of white clay! - Just as bad. Still I had a good workout. This Energy 4 Life program I am on is awesome!
Yesterday I finally got back to 100Kgs. Today was 100.5. I am aiming for 95 which will be 12 kgs less than when I started.
Also spent about 4 hours last night playing BF1942 and Stronghold with a friend who came over.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Another exciting day - I had an awesome ride on my mountain bike this morning - starting to get back into it again after a couple of years of not riding
I've made a great track through a local quarry and housing estate - there's jumps, hill climbs steep drop offs, a tunnel under the road and a creek crossing. Each time I ride it I'm getting quicker and its more enjoyable.

Today was another warm day! 27 degrees and 58% humidity. Summer is really here! At least that is bearable - In January and Feb that will get up to mid 30's at least.

Mondays Log

HEHE - I did it! - I reformatted my Hard Drive!
I'm almost finished re-installing everything :(
The mysterious crashes have gone, the mysterious internet traffic has disappeared - proof will be in the log tomorrow and the next few days - I think I had a MBR Virus or a trojan or both - Funny neither Norton or Trend Micro could pick them up - oh well now we will never know - low level HDD formats are good at that!
Anyway - now I am just chilling to some creed and installing software and drivers
Other than falling asleep at 1pm for about 2 hours I had a pretty uneventful day - except - I am looking at importing this fantastic energy drink from the states - It will be a BIG seller if the US story is anything to go buy!
Also popped some nice wheelies and a couple of power slides on the bike! . I'm starting to get the hang of wheelies now.

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