Sunday, May 30, 2004


Emerging Church

Heres some more reading on the Emerging Church - or Emerging Missional Church.
Hamo and Stephen both make good points.

Here are my comments.
Hamo first.
We also use the Borden - Carver board and directors structure. It has been developed over the last 5 years and is seeming to go well.
I say seeming, because although we are growing (net growth) and enjoying a more attractional approach, I have two serious reservations about the ability of this model to work.
First we have a large amount of churn, and there doesn't seem to be any strategic methods to counter this other than asking exit questions if possible.
Second and inline with your question, the attractional model does nothing to bring people who have no intention ever of going to a church in to the fold. I have many friends who of this persuasion. Although wiling to debate and talk spiritiual things at times they all without any hesitation state clearly that they will never go to a church. So far in the last 10 years, only one has relented, they came 3 or 4 times, made a decision to follow Christ??? and then haven't come back and seem reluctant to now talk about it at all.
I have worked in drug arm in New Zealand and feel that this type of missional work (which is largely ignored by mainstream churches) is exactly what Christ would have done. Right now one of my ministries is in computer gaming, reaching a community of people who have no interest in church. So far we have 2 regular attenders from this so I'm positive that this is the right sort of thing to do. However that is only one subculture. What about people who are martial artists, pigeon racers, radio control model car enthusiasts, nudists and other groups of people who the church doesn't usually interact with? We are called to these as much as any other group.
My concern with the USA southern baptist models being transplanted here to Oz reflect yours, they don't fit the culture. I believe that over 50% of Texas attends church on any given sunday. Less than 10% here in OZ. That's a major difference.

Now Stephen
I agree wholeheartedly with your definition.
How to reach the "unattracted" is our mission. How to make a more comfortable club for fringe (read lukewarm) Christians does nothing for me (nor for Christ if you read the letters to the churches in Revelation literally)
Interstingly as we rock through the 40 days of purpose - first purpose is worship - I have finally clarified what I knew all along that worship is an attitude not an activity and especially not a form of music.
This last week I have enjoyed recognising my worship reflected in my activities by my attitude.

Obviously it would have helped if you read the posts by these guys before reading these comments!

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