Sunday, May 23, 2004


Soccer Glut

An over load of soccer (football).
Friday I landed at the airport at 7:30 PM. We took the kids to maccas for a play in the playground before going to my indoor soccer game. We won!
Saturday afternoon I went to my outdoor game where we lost.
Saturday night late I went out to watch the FA cup on the big screen. Kickoff was at midnight. Manchester United won 3-0 over Millwall. At times it looked millwall was in a completely different league!. I particularly enjoyed watching Ronaldo's very skillful ball control and body jinking. He is a very dangerous player. He also scored the first goal with a header. van Nistelrooy performed well putting away a penalty and then coming into the back of the box to put away a low cross. Technically he was offside but if its not called its not offside! Besides it made no difference to the result.
Wrap up by AP

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