Tuesday, May 18, 2004



Jocks - check
Socks - check
Shirts - check
Toiletries - check
Vitamins and tablets - check
Laptop - check
All files transferred (whoops) - reboot laptop and transfer - check
Sleep - zzzz - check
Rudely awaken at 4am - check

Car 40 mins, wait at airport 30 mins, plane 1 hr 50 mins, car 1 hr 30 mins

I really dislike travelling for work.... I like the frequent flyer points though!

Still I get plenty of time to myself at night time. This week (three nights) I have to do website maintenance, write blogs and email newsletters for Jono, do work for another client, manage finances and sometime talk to the family.
At least I will catch up on my to do list!

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