Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Genuine Monday Meander

I know its Tuesday but I read the post from Monday today and decided to take a monday meander on Tuesday) like Genuine said to.

So first I popped on over to Amberbamberboo where I found this hilarious joke about a black man in a desert - read the whole post. She has a real great dialogue with her daughter.

From there I hyperlinked on over to Nothing To Declare to read all about the food this lady makes. Made my mouth water and I already live with a fantastic cook!

Next I trotted along to LJC to discover she just got married. Nice.

On to a 4th blog. Waking Dreams where he relays a story about an ebay ripoff - almost. Good detective work to avoid a scam Matt.

Finally I checked out One A Day to see how good her husband is at woodwork. He's good!

So go on - have a go - take a Monday (or someother day) Meander and wander off to 5 new blogs and then tell everybody what you found.

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