Friday, June 25, 2004


Museum Rant

Monday I took the eldest two to the Museum. Specifically to see the Chinese Dinosaur Display. The girls were very excited to be going to see the dinosuars. We worked out prior to going that viewing this display was going to cost $28. So off we went. When we got there the display was on the second level so we worked through the first level first.
There were turtles and vehicles and quite a few dinosaurs here and this was all free. When we finally went up to the second level the first part was this display, and at the entrance you had to pay your money. After a bit of negotiation we got in for only $20 which I thought was a good saving. However once in there we were confronted with 12 massive reconstructed dinosaur skeletons with stark metal halide lighting and the odd red banner hanging down (presumably the 'chinese' connection) I dutifully photographed as much as possible and long before I had finishing photogrpahing the first 6 both girls were bored and wanted to leave this exhibit through the turnstile. I made them wait while I got my moneys worth of photo's and then had to finish early anyway for a toilet break. Total time in display about 10 minutes or $2 a minute.
The rest of the museum kept the girls entranced as they explored drawers of bones and fossils and birds eggs and stuffed animals. They had a ball exploring the interactive dsplays of australian animals and other displays.

Next time I won't bother paying for the special exhibit and just spend the time in the free part.

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