Monday, June 07, 2004


Wish List

Must read! In my opinion - yours may differ.

Do you want to be able to do any of the following and frustrated that Microsoft Windows can't help you?

The ability to log in to all our favorite Web sites with one password.
Spam blocking for our e-mail accounts.
Calendar sharing with colleagues and friends to schedule meetings.
Automatic address book updates for all our contacts.
A virtual hard drive on the Internet for sharing files, photos, and music with our friends and access to these files via the Internet while traveling anywhere in the world.
Synchronization of our Internet bookmarks across all our computers.
Online profiles of personal information that we could choose to share with Web sites and social networks.
Regular backup of files to a storage site on the Internet.
Regular application and system- security updates.
One-step migration of files and programs to a new computer.

Jeff Reifman explains in his article regarding his history with Microsoft (including being an employee) why he has switched to a Mac because they can get all this and more!
I'm that close to switching its not funny - small problem with the investment in PC's though...
Thanks Russ for the link.

What do you reckon? How much time a day do you waste waiting for Windows? Reboots, crashes and hangs, unexpected application faults etc. I am glad this blog is hosted on a Linux server - that has performed faultlessly since built snd commissioned in July 2003. In fact it has only gone down three times since then, once to move house, once because I wrongly thought it had crashed (ADSL router needed resynching) and once because we had a 12 hour power outage - the UPS doesn't last that long! Thanks RDSSA for building and maintaining this system so well! Even system updates - one was done yesterday remotely by Rohan - don't require a reboot and you would have noticed no change to the service offered.

Is Windows finally starting to lose it?
The big question is this.
Will you upgrade from Windows XP to Longhorn?
Please comment with Yes or No (and any other comments you wish)

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