Sunday, November 30, 2003

:::Short Story - Part 2:::
Warm amber eyes blinked from their hiding spot as they watched the strange man. He was like her, similar facial traits, but bigger, at least twice her size. The branch upon which she rested was heavily covered in leaves, hiding her from his sight. Another thing she could not understand was the darkness in his eyes, yet he did not feel like one of those beings which belonged to the dark.
She sat back upon the branch, knees held by her slender arms as green flecked, brown hair fell about her slender high cheek boned features. Lashes closed briefly, brushing her cheek as she remembered finding him at the bottom of her tree, bound and naked. How she approached with caution in case he was someone to be cautious about. The last flickering memory was that of the small bagof supplies she had left for him to find upon his waking. Now her amber eyes opened again to peer upon his stirring form and watch as he, in obvious pain, spy the bag. She smiled to herself, not moving from her hidden position, just observing.
The wind stirred the leaves of the tree, she felt her breath get caught in her chest at the sudden fear of being discovered. The simple tan skin about her hips and breasts moved lightly in the breeze, giving away no noise. She searched for his face again, stopping her gaze upon his as she realised she had indeed been spotted. Body tense, ready to disappear within the tree if needed.
:::To be continued:::