Saturday, February 28, 2004


Section II - Breastfeeding Management


Breastfeeding and food additives

These are just a few things that interest me, especially the one on food additives.

We as a family have cut back on a lot of highly processed or enhanced foods. We are not perfect at this and still do have convenience foods, just not as many as we used to. We also have an open fruit bowl policy which means the kids can take fruit if they are hungry. (This works most of the time). If we do have lollies, we try to use natural lollies (readily available in the shops ad they do taste better) or at least restrict the amount we give them. The kids aren't disadvantaged because of this but in fact get the advantage of learning how to cook from scratch.

How Stubborn Am I!

I think the topic says it all. Doesn't the saying go - As stubborn as a mule?

I can be called that at times. I say this as today I reluctantly agreed to let my sister look after the elder two girls. They were anxious to go visit their auntie (who took the two hour public transport trip here to pick them up). I do not know why I was so reluctant, possibly due to the fact that I am majorly overtired.

Note : I think Mercedes is going through a growth night...either that or she doesn't like something I have eaten at night time.

Anyhow, the elder two are gone and it is just me, Erin, Mercedes and the office bound hubby. I think tonight will call for an early night of sorts. Possibly a shower, shave and hair wash (a miracle if it happens, as Cathy said herself).
Salad Sangers & Sweet Potato Dumplings

Sangers - Sandwiches
These aren't really sandwiches but a base of crunchy ryvita, topped with cream cheese and salad (cucumber, sprouts, tomato)

Sweet Potato Dumplings (Sweet Potato Donuts)


sweet potato
self raising flour
1 egg
oil for frying
icing sugar


1. Chop sweet potato into small pieces and place in water. Set to boil on the stove top, until soft.
2. Drain water and mash.
3. Add small amount of butter and mix through.
4. When cooler, add egg and mix thoroughly till evenly combined.
5. Add sufficient flour until mix is combined but a soft dough (not too sticky)
6. Heat oil and once sufficiently heated (test with a small bit of dough) add small amounts of dough. The pieces will puff up a little and should be cooked till golden brown.
7. Drain on paper towels. Once cooking is complete, dust with icing sugar and eat.

Friday, February 27, 2004

Lamb Stew!

Lamb shanks
gravy mix
rosemary/herbs you want
any other veges you want to add

1. Roast lamb shanks in a moderate to slow oven for roughly an hour.
2. Prep veges - coarsely chopped (depending on how you like them really)
3. Add oil to a big heavy based pot and heat
4. Sautee onion and garlic for a minute or two
5. Add roasted lamb shanks to pot, along with capsicum and herbs
6. Add water till food is mostly covered
7. Mix gravy mix with a little water and add. The amount of gravy mix will depend on how thick you want it.
8. Simmer for about an hour then add remaining veges, including potato. This time depends on how tender you want the veges. Potatoes are good to go in at this stage as they will also help to thicken up the stew.
9. Simmer for minimum of another hour.
10. Remind kids not to raid the pantry as dinner is on it's way.

No pic sorry, you will have to use your imagination.


Here they are at last, the roast chook, stuffed spuds and veges.

Thanks Cathy for the write up in regards to the meals I post.

Here is the pic of last night's dinner. We had roast chook, stuffed spuds and veges.

Well I would post it if Adobe was working. I will post it later.

Stuffed Spuds (totally fattening)


1. Cut the potatoes in half and bake for minimum an hour
2. While still hot, scoop out insides, leaving just the skins (with a little flesh)
3. Put a little bit of butter in each skin and grill on low-medium while combining other ingredients
4. Combine spud insides, butter and grated cheese.
5. Fill lightly grilled skins with mix and top with more grated cheese
6. Grill until cheese is melted/golden.

Roast Chook

Buy a pre-seasoned chook and cook according to instructions on the packet.

Will write up the stew recipe, from a couple of nights ago, in the next post

Thursday, February 26, 2004

What The!

butterfly knife pics
nappy training for hubby
woman stomach vacuum pose pics
cartoon pics of volcanoes
leg cold dislocated knee numb
miscellaneous tickling cartoon
twinges in stomach pregnant
perfect mushy peas
patio aquarium problem

These were the results of search queries which I found in one of my stat recorders.

Should I be concerned about how some people are finding my blog?

My Two Cents!

Why don't we have that good ol' copper anymore? It was good and things didn't need to be rounded up nor down. I do not mind things being rounded down, that is pretty good, and I do not mind not carrying lots of shrapnel (er um, small change) around. Well with that said, now it is time to put in 'My Two Cents' worth about Baby Shows.

Today while shopping I noticed, much to my surprise, that a baby show was happening. I am not sure how this slipped past my sleep deprived, child watching, distracted mind. Ok I guess I do know how but I honestly do not recall seeing the sign they usually post at the bottom of the escalator. Well as I was saying, they do have some nice clothes in the shop windows up there, no that's not what I was saying, I was talking about baby shows.

As I past the centre stage area I was greeted by a large array of babies, mothers, fathers, grandparents and, of course, cute little outfits. I have nothing against baby shows and for those who want to show their wee tyke to go right ahead, but it is something I will never enter into. I know my babies are beautiful beyond words and that there would be no competition should we ever enter something like that. (Yes I am biased but isn't every other parent). I have also heard rumours, more then once, that these shows are rigged and it is usually the same bribees, err, babies that win each time. I am sure these rumours are not true anymore and anyhow, if you listen to rumours all the time and believe in them then you sprout little white hairs inside your ears.

Oh, I have been informed that it is old age that does the white hairs and rumours only turn your mind to slush and cause rumour weeds to grow.

Have you seen a rumour weed? They are huge computerized cartooned weeds which grow out of the sewers and talk to you, especially if you are a talking vegetable. Hmmm, on that thought, how could you eat vegetables again, especially after watching cut Larry the cucumber become a super hero to battle, uselessly, the weeds.

Weeds? What weeds? Yes I do have some in my gar....ahh..back to the topic at hand....what was it again? Oh that is right, baby shows.

Well I did look at all the babies as I went past on other chores and they were, well, just babies or small trying to be cute through dressing up toddlers. The table was chockers full of trophies and I am sure every mother was secretly wishing for the biggest one there.

Well I have rambled on a LOT, and not said anything really, so I think I will end it there and go pick up my 2 year old and 5 year old beauties from preschool while holding my 17 day old beauty (after I get out of the car of course). If I ever feel the urge to be told how beautiful my girls are I will either read through this post, try to remember the baby show with diminishing success or go visit a clothing shop run by old women who will cluck and make us all feel special.

Note: I found a shop like this today when hunting for some cheap baby clothes. I got both the cheap baby clothes and the comments exclaiming how gorgeous and wonderful my girls were.


Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Baby Note

Mercedes learnt to cry last night. She used her newly learnt skill again today. She is still a quiet little girl when it comes to crying and it is definately a girls cry.
Strawberry Quik & Marshmallows

What has this to do with anything I am about to say? Nothing really, except that the kids like both things.

This is just a daily rambling with nothing really to say but a lot to say.

Today Mercedes received a package in the mail. Her Great Grandmother (my grandmother) sent her a homemade toy dog. She has done that for all the kids when they were first born. It was a lovely grey furred puppy which now adorns her cot along with her few other presents.

Mercedes is a awake more now then she used to be and she is also starting to differentiate nights from days. During the night she sleeps in her cot (inside the portable bassinet thingy) and the day times are spent either in the pram or on the lounge floor. She is currently kicking around on the lounge floor looking at different things, like shadows, light and anything else in her field of vision.
This morning the girls were fighting over who got to hold her first, I let hubby deal with that as he was trying to squeeze in a little hold himself. (He has to fight to get his turn at holding her)

Erin woke up happy this morning, which was a great relief and happily allowed mum to sleep an extra hour this morning. Erin is now up and watching play school while I sit here and blog and take care of Mercedes.

Jadeen is visiting her favourite website, it is educational but made to be fun so she enjoys it. It is Stanley, a Disney Cartoon.

Miranda is taking a break from school as she has completed one test (I am yet to mark) and corrected a few mistakes in her other tests. We will be getting onto her English reading shortly. She does well at schoolwork, especially when she is focused, which is easier when her sisters aren't around. She had a good night at girls brigade last night, making a pillow to go in her treasure chest. Apparently there is a bush dance coming up also, which they get to dress up for. I think I need to talk to her teacher next week to find out more about this.

While Miranda was at girls brigade, the younger three and I headed off the Hungry Jacks to indulge in some chips with mayo, but mostly just playing in their playground to waste some time.

Not much else to say, except...... When can I go back to bed?!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


I got some finally, yay!

I had a nice rest today while Miranda finished her schoolwork. I got up to a friend visiting and inviting my two eldest to a birthday party.

I do not know what to write in here since not a lot has happened. Tonight will be different though. I have girls brigade to get Miranda to while keeping 3 little girls amused in a fast food playground. Before this I have to tidy up the house so hubby can have his meeting.

Well, I have nothing more to say just for now.

Have a great day!

Sunday, February 22, 2004

New Words For The Dictionary!

fundr - thunder
jopking - is that like drop kicking a joke?
splgingin - spelling slang upside down?


Are you confused yet? Well no need to be. Hubby and I are literate. This is just a bit of poking fun at the few mistakes we have made tonight. It is good to laugh, it lightens the situation and is good for you also.

Even fake laughter is good medicine -

7.30 Report - 12/3/2001: Arthritis Foundation finds laughter is the best medicine

The World Today Archive - Laughter in Adelaide Council

English Bites: Laughter Therapy

Well......they didn't survive. We managed to get 4 little frogs before the mosquito larva started to take over the tank. Combined with that and the fact the water needed cleaning, we lost the little frogs. I am not sure there are any tadpoles left. Oh yes there are...I can see 2 swimming around the tank. Now to see what the husband can do about getting rid of the larva (he is the fish man).
Time to get back to dinner

Pizza and left over cake tonight!
Heat Wave!

That is what we are suffering at the moment here in the sunshine state. Queensland is apparently having one of it's worst heat waves in 100 years. There have already been deaths due to the heat and high humidity. Usually it is the elderly as they lock themselves up in their homes and are the most likely to not have air conditioning. Though having air con in some areas wouldn't help as there have already been blackouts due to the overload on the power grids.

The weather is looking to settle down later in the week so I am already seriously considering not even sending the girls to childcare, until this happens. They have just recently installed ceiling fans in the childcare centre (which they didn't have last year or at the beginning of this summer) I have to head down tomorrow to put up a sign for a fundraiser we are doing for them so we shall see what happens when I talk to them then. If the temperatures are to continue and I think it will be too hot I will pull them out for at least the Tuesday and spend it at home in the air con drinking iced water.

Temperature for today - 40 degrees Celsius equals 104 degrees Fahrenheit (plus min 70% humidity)

How do you handle the heat?

Saturday, February 21, 2004

She Wakes!

Here is a photo of Mercedes awake. Now you can all see her with eyes open. She does wake up and look around but if you take a photo with the flash on she manages to shut her eyes before you can catch her with her baby blues open. This is why the picture is a little dark, due to the lack of flash.

Dinner Was Served!

Here are a few snap shots from through the preparing/cooking process. I used gloves with the chilli as I did not want to risk passing any of the heat onto the bubs. I ended up adding pineapple, tomato sauce and garlic to the meal. It still turned out yummy, a sort of sweet and sour dish.

The finished product. This was served with rice but the picture of the dinner didn't turn out that crash hot.

Blackberry butter cake served with a healthy dollop of cream.
12 Days Old & Still Pretty As A Picture

These were taken only a few minutes ago while she is enjoying her morning sleep. I would still be asleep too, if the 2 year old hadn't wanted breakfast!

Friday, February 20, 2004


Well pain seems to be a common sensation in my husbands life recently. I am sure it is not deliberate and only accidents.
I received a phonecall tonight from him asking to be picked up from a different train station (he was at soccer) His reasoning being that he needed to get some steri-strips.
10 minutes later, with all the kids bundled into the car, it was off to pick him up and meet the sight that confronted me. I am not angry at any of this, just tired. He cut his head at soccer, apparently it was due to a collision between his head, his glasses and the ground.
We did find a chemist, as it was closing and purchased some of those steri-strips and headed home to patch him up. I am sure he will put the pictures up on his blog site sometime later.

It is 9.15pm, I am very tired so goodnight.

Note : Doug and Cathy mentioned we needed a live in nurse to deal with our little aches and pains. I am beginning to think they are right. I am fine for now, but hubby almost needs one.

2nd Note : This goes to show you that exercise is bad for his health.
Menu For One Night Soon


Pork fillets stirfried with ginger and shallots
served on a bed of rice
accompanied by freshly steamed broccoli and corn


Blackberry swirl butter cake


Note: This is mainly so I will remember that this was what I wanted to make for tonight's dinner but hubby decided to go and play soccer instead. At least now the pork fillets will have a chance to defrost in the fridge before being cooked and I may even be able to find some chilli or capsicum to go in the stir fry.


2nd Note: Doing a spell check and it comes up with stirfry being inaccurate, majority of suggested replacements associated with the word stripper.

Art & Craft

We did some art & craft today. We made things out of clay. The kids got to use their imagination so I am not quite sure what some of the things are. Next time I think we shall make one specific thing. I joined in the mess and made a female torso (Miranda says it looks like part of a doll), lizard and dog head. Pictures will follow when they are dry and ready for painting. (Or when I get around to it)

Erin had fun playing with the clay, as well as the container of water. It ended up all over the table, floor and part of the walls. Fortunately I got to it before it started to dry. Walls, table and floor are all saved.

Miranda made a horse and 2 volcanoes, though I am yet to see that in them.

Jadeen made, well I am not sure, she made something. I will find out when the time comes to paint them.

Erin just made the mess as previously mentioned.

We have instigated an art program in our house, to try and ease some of the boredom (mostly in Jade and Erin) and give them a creative outlet. We have set aside Wednesday and Friday afternoons to achieve these small feats of creativity. Wednesday just gone we did colouring and cutting, it was supposed to be card making but I was too tired to complete it and needed a rest. I needed a rest today but that wasn't to be, fortunately Mercedes allowed me to sleep for around 5 hrs straight last night. I hope it continue tonight.


Mercedes has been awake a little bit of today and even put herself back to sleep after being awake for a while. She is currently situated in the pram as her cot is in our unair-conditioned room, thus making it too hot to sleep comfortably in. Bedrooms are only good for night time rests, when it is cooler.

Speaking of rest, time to take advantage of afternoon cartoons and catnap.


Note : Next week schooling starts back up.

Thursday, February 19, 2004


That is one way of describing my kids at times.

Remember how the babies used to hide/store things in their nappies?

Well the 2 year old does that, though she only wears a nappy at night time. She likes to wear things which enables her to hide little things, usually items she isn't supposed to have. A lot of the time she goes around naked so hiding things is a little hard, it is at this stage that she will then hide in a corner or down beside the fridge, etc. She is a little rugrat at times, choosing to make adventures of her own, mostly in order to play/keep up with her older sisters. She is funny at times and also trying at times. She is, I guess, a typical 2 year old trying to figure out life. Life has been confusing and busy, to say the least. I guess this is why she has been more trying lately.

Her sisters (Miranda, 7, & Jadeen, 5) are equally obtaining of the title of rugrats. Miranda can be Angelica at times while Jade is a combination of Chuckie & Tommy. Strange combination but it seems to work well for her. She will try new and exciting things yet be shy around people she doesn't know and even, around people she does know, go quiet and not want to try anything new.

Miranda is the talkative, my way or the highway Angelica. I do not think she is as bad as the cartoon character and knows her limitations (though occasionally tries to stretch them). She surprised me today by buying her sister a gum ball from the shop. It was money she was hoping to spend on herself but ended up sharing it with her sister who had the same amount of money but chose to buy what she had saved for (a tiny metal dinosaur). Miracles still happen!

Hubby - Hmm, what to say about him. Yes I could tease him as I know he will be reading this later but I won't. He is a wonderful man who works hard for us and supports us well. We all love him and treasure him. He also has bad timing especially if I am writing something about him or trying to do something nice for him. Fortunately for a computer I can shrink down the screen.


Well it is hot and the temperature doesn't look to be cooling down over the next few days. They say it will get to 41 degrees Celsius on the weekend. (41 degrees Celsius equals 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit )

Try this site for conversions - Conversions - online metric converter - US customary & metric conversions for unit measurements, and fractions to decimals


Well I am tired and hot and sweaty, so time to hit the shower, wake the bubs, feed her and head to bed for a well earned rest.


Miscellaneous Note

My Uncle Peter announced his engagement yesterday to a lovely lady named Martha. We met them today and she seems to be a nice lady. Uncle Peter has lost a heap of weight and regained his health and life. Congrats to them and best wishes for their future together.
Here is an awesome site. The photos that were taken here are amazing. They are of simple content but I think that is what makes it so amazing, that the beauty of simplicity can still be found in today's busy life.
The link to this site can also be found in my side bar - G-Manink

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Bath Time

Mercedes had her first real bath this afternoon, in the bathroom sink. She seemed to enjoy it and I wish I could have taken pictures but I forgot to gear myself with the camera and an extra set of hands. She is now wearing a nice little cotton shirt and enjoying some afternoon tea. She has been a good girl today, enjoying both her waken and sleeping time and I am sure she would have laughed when she decided to poop on me while I was changing her nappy.

note : Jade and Erin helped bathe her while Miranda chose to watch cartoons


Today has been a good but busy one. We started off the morning with pancakes, then it was out to clean out the pool before hubby headed to a client (I needed his help to drain the last water from it). Then it was time for me to do the small amount of work I had to do for a client before appeasing the girls with lunch of peanut butter and nutella sandwiches, accompanied by a little bit of left over pasta and grated cheese. With lunch out of the way I tried to get the girls interested in some colouring in while I rested. This lasted for a little while until the younger two thought it was hilarious to play with daddy's stick deodorant.
I went back to bed but the phone rang. It was mum. She rang to tell me that my uncle peter was engaged to a nice Fijian woman. I have the chance of meeting her tomorrow if I get my timing right.
There was to be no more rest after this so I tidied up the lounge for my hubby who has a business meeting tonight, bathed Mercedes and now am feeding her. After this short break I shall get to afternoon tea for the girls, hanging out the laundry, getting another load started, take out the rubbish bins and then, finally, dinner. Somewhere in there I have phonecalls to make, fruit and vege order to receive and confirm the price for, and some more tiding up long with the dishes to be done. (We have a dishwasher...Yah!)
I shall sleep well tonight, inbetween feeds and shall start tomorrow afresh with little to do apart from shop and drop the girls at childcare.


Tonights Menu

Dunno but something to do with tinned tuna
Day 9 & Very Early In The Morning

Late yesterday Mercedes started snuffling, as I suspected, she has a cold. I am sure she caught it off her 2yr old sister as she is almost over one which she got (started) last Tuesday. Hopefully it won't last long and I will be able to give her adequate anti bodies to help reduce the duration. Only time will tell. On the plus side, she is taking more feeds which should keep the midwife happy.


Today's Menu

Rest & Relaxation
Possibly pancakes with butter and golden syrup

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Day 8

Aren't babies amazing!

Mercedes is now 8 days old and such a cutie. She lost her umbilical stump yesterday and since today has been more awake then normal. She spent most of the morning awake and looking around. The girls were so excited about this. She is currently squirming around on the floor behind me (on her rug of course). I think she is trying to get back to sleep after mummy rudely unwrapped her and left her to wake up so she would feed. Her eyes are now open and she has calmly decided to look around at her surroundings and take an interest in things. This keeping her awake or making her wake up is all in my plan of helping her to distinguish night from day (time to sleep from time to be awake).

The visitors we had from NZ left today. They were great company and amazing house guests. It is sad in a way that they had to leave earlier then expected but it also means we get to settle into our new normal routine now. The new routine consisting of baby health visits.


Lunch Menu

Individual salads, potato pasta, ryvita (grainy crisp breads), banana cake & water

Note: This was a take, eat and throw type of lunch as the hubby, kids & guests were going out doing the tourist thing before the guests had to leave to get to their next destination. I didn't go as it became obvious, to me, that I would be needing the time to rest as hubby has a full plate for the next few days and that means I shall be single mumming it to 4 kids. I am glad I didn't decide to start school back this week, I do not think I would have coped with it too well.


Thursday I take Mercedes to preschool so she can be show and tell for my 5 year old. The teachers and kids will all enjoy that.


What to do now? Hmmmmm. It is 5pm and no one will be home for at least another hour. I could go and shower and wash my hair but I do not feel like changing into my pjs just yet, nor showering. I could go watch TV but I do not think there is anything on at this time of day, not that I have watched TV at this time of day for a long time. I could sit here and blog while watching the squirma worm (baby) behind me.


Well, on a closing note, I hope Lydia and her kids are better now and that she has caught up on all the necessary rest she needs with a new born in her house.


Goodnight one and all!
I just gave you comments by Haloscan
Happy commenting


Monday, February 16, 2004


Aren't geckos amazing!
Last night my hubby and I watched two on our bathroom window. We had a brown one and a white one. They were stalking insects which had been attracted by the light. Later that evening we also had one in our bedroom, it was a brown one and it's skin was rather rough looking. It could jump between walls as if it was jumping across the flat ground. It's step never missed a beat and it's feet were ever reliable in keeping it attached to the vertical walls. I am not sure where it went but it disappeared soon after I turned the light on to look at it.



At the moment we have some friends from New Zealand staying with us. They have a 10 month old baby who is absolutely gorgeous. He is crawling everywhere and has lovely rosy cheeks with a shock of dusty hair upon the very top of his head.
Mercedes is doing well also and we are now just waiting for the midwife to give her a second check up visit.

I think I shall go to bed this afternoon when hubby gets home from his meeting.


Miscellaneous Ramblings

Rugrats - The kids love watching rugrats on TV and are currently watching the movie - Rugrats Go Wild. There are parts I haven't seen before despite seeing it multiple times already.
I think this is the same for most movies I have seen since I started having kids. Apart from watching kids movies (which I do enjoy) I do not think I have seen, or if I have, not remembered, seeing any movie fully through. Last night I was trying to watch 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter and the kids were constantly wanting my attention so therefore I did not get to see it all, part of that being a phonecall from my sister. Even trying to spend time on the computer is interrupted, but I will continue to allow this as they are my girls and they come before this stuff. (It is nice to have time free to concentrate on things though and I do occasionally get uninterrupted breaks)

On a side note - Strawberry quik is rather delicious and smooth, easy to drink. Yum!
Here is a colouring book with the Nesquik Bunny.


Some yummy recipes, get the tastebuds drooling.


Today's menu

Lunch - ???
Dinner - Salmon burgers with veges
Dessert - Pancakes with ice-cream and passionfruit sauce

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Isn't she gorgeous!

The photos below don't do justice to our little doll. They make her look bigger then she is and not the small delicate bundle that I am feeding now.
With everyone asleep and darkness surrounding me it is quite relaxing, the only frustrating part being the fact that I keep hitting the wrong keys and keep having to go back and fix up spelling mistakes. It could just be the one handed typing thing also.
My other girls are just as cute, though all chalk & cheese.

This is just a 2am rambling while I contemplate sleep and soft pillows.

I think I may just surf for a little bit until it is bedtime for me once more.

Have a great night!

Saturday, February 14, 2004


Mercedes at 4 days old

Pain & Chicken

The only thing that those two words have in common is that we had chicken for lunch because we both had to go to the doctors for pain relief. Hubby's pain relief being written up on his page. My pain written there also. It was what I suffered for a while through this last pregnancy and was wrongly misdiagnosed by a doctor in a medical centre which is mostly used for emergency but not serious treatment. Hubby and I have decided that we will always seek a second opinion with our regular doctor despite the fact that they are a 20-25 min drive away. The second opinion would only come from them if we can't get there in the first place. It is so hard to find a good doctor we can rely upon so we will not be changing for one closer unless necessary.

That was our little bit of excitement.

Mercedes had her home visit from the midwife today and passed with flying colours but the midwife will be coming back on Monday to make sure she has put on more weight. She hadn't regained enough weight to bring her back up to her birth weight. Apart from that she is perfect and sweet, making cute little sounds in her sleep and when awake. She has only yelled her disapproval once, and I think that was when she was being left alone and wanted company.

Tonight shall be a good night, one full of sleep and rest. Tomorrow we shall get ready for our international guests.


Dinner Menu

Mini ham and cheese quiches accompanied by salad

Friday, February 13, 2004

Day 4

Scary News

I got a bit of a scare today when erin hit Mercedes. I didn't see it but the girls told me she hit/pushed her hard in the stomach. Everything seems to be fine though once she (baby) calmed down. The kids have been talked to about the can and cannots to do with their baby sister. Erin can be a handful at the end of the day when no rest has been had by either her or myself. We survive though.

The cleaner worked out well today and did a good job at the house for the limited time that she was here. Fortunately she understands about the 2 year old running around naked, as her 3yr old does the same thing. The cleaner even rang up to double check that things were ok with the job she had done. I hadn't even checked to be honest.

Mercedes is a good feeder but doesn't stick to conventional patterns of feeding regularly. I am happy to let her set her own pattern for now, provided she learns that night times are sleep times (eg. feed and straight to sleep) and day time is the waking time. She was more awake today, looking at things. She is a real cutie.

Erin was over tired today, as mentioned earlier, briefly. She acted up for a good part of the day but we still managed to have fun despite arguments of me carrying (or not carrying) her. She did some painting today which came out pretty good and managed to stay on the paper/brush/palette.

Jadeen did some good artwork today also. She painted actual pictures and then proceeded to paint some plain white paper stickers and pretend the were jewelry for me. They hurt when pulled off my arms! Jadeen was good with Mercedes and wanted to hold her, finally. I think it was the fact that she was awake and looking around that sparked her interest. She was also singing lullabys to her sister at one stage.

Miranda tried her hardest to get out of her chores today but it just did not work. She wanted to do art, but only asked to join in a hour or so after I cleaned up the art stuff. I told her she would have to wait till next time we do art. I think she has learnt her lesson from that one. She is wrapped in her new sister and likes to look after her.

Grace came around today to help me out. She didn't do a lot but she did distract the kids and that did help me. She was also able to look after Mercedes at one stage when I was busy. She gave me a present which my mother sent over with her - a small silver heart pendant on a necklace. It is gorgeous. BTW Grace is my 14yr old sister.

Tex and his wife also visited today. He is the handyman for the real estate and was here to fix some shower railings that were loose in the walls.

Talked to the real estate re the fixing visit and also confirmed a home midwifery visit for tomorrow. I had a busy day! I am ready for bed and it is only 7pm. Now I think someone just turned up in our driveway and hubby is also just getting home. Maybe I will get an early bed afterall now he is home, unless he hurt himself at soccer. YAH! He didn't hurt himself and he won his game. Goodo!

tonight's Menu

Chicken nuggets al la oven style!

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Day 3

With Mercedes now 3 days old, almost, the tiredness is starting to set in, but that could also have to do with the fact that I probably over did it this morning. The next few days will be rest days with only a few necessary tasks to be done. We have a cleaner coming tomorrow as well as my sister, to help around the house. We also have friends arriving both Saturday and Sunday. I have made it clear that I am not going to be doing anything just yet and they will have to be self sufficient, sortof. There will be no extravagant meals or anything that requires a lot of involvement (more then 4 steps) unless someone else is doing it. I will however still be a mum and get little rest during the day but go to bed at the same time as the younger ones. This way I shall ensure that adequate rest is had. (I shall attempt to rest in front of the TV with them at certain times of the day)

Little Mercedes is asleep on the lounge floor behind me, resting after her big morning out (which she mostly slept through anyhow)


Here is the birth story, unembellished.

Sunday 8th February 2004, 5pm

Roughly about this time I started experiencing slight cramps but put it down to nothing. Later that night I had a little bit of a show but disregarded it, deciding to keep an eye on it.

Monday 9th February 2004 (The Big Day)

I do not know what times that things happened at but here is a rough account of the day.

The show was still present but very light the next morning so I rang the hospital, they weren't concerned and said to ring back if things got worse. The day progressed slowly with a couple of banana cakes being made, ironing done, among other things. The cramps were there but did not concern me as they weren't painful and nor were they close together. Since I had never experienced labor like this before I had no idea what was going on.
Come that evening/late afternoon, things were starting to pick up and starting to get in the way of things. Hubby was meant to go out to a meeting that night and I told him it was ok to go but he felt that he should stay at home. Good decision on his part.
While dinner cooked (just meat pies and mash) hubby and the girls headed over to the next door neighbours place to ask her something. She ended up coming back and bringing her PC for hubby to help fix. We chatted for a little bit while the kids ate and she offered to babysit when I went into the hospital. After she left the cramps started getting annoying and were about 1.5mins apart. Another call to the hospital and we were asked to come in to see what was happening. A quick dash next door for hubby, I completed my bag packing and we were off to the hospital.
At the hospital it wasn't all that exciting until the midwife started prodding my tummy in order to find out where the bubs was and what was happening. With an aching back and a lot of pressure I could have, and did, tell them which position she was in. She was head down, engaged and posterior. If she wasn't posterior the pain would have been a lot more bearable. After prodding around for a while, which stimulated the contractions, I was allowed up to walk around for a bit until they came back with the equipment to monitor what was happening.
During the monitoring (lasted about 5 mins) I let them know I wanted an internal to find out how dilated I was. Upon the internal it was discovered, with the waters still intact, she was about halfway down. With waters burst (by the midwife) it was all action and a lot of pain. At this stage I shall mention that hot packs are wonderful inventions for aching backs. I really do not like it when midwives tell you to slow down so the head comes out slowly. This was a stinging, burning pain which is hard to describe but I do think my description in yesterdays blog was a good one. After the head was out, it was time then for me to stop, which is a hard thing at this stage, and check that the cord was not around the neck before continuing. A few sharp pushes and she came slipping out. This was the only one I really remember what it felt like and it just felt strange
Next I knew she was up on my belly and starting to squeak. She then cried on command when told to do so. Then it was that we remembered to ring mum to tell her to come down. She was meant to be present at the birth.
She had good apgar scores so all was fine (Mercedes that is)

That's it in a nut shell really and I really do need to lay down with my feet up but that is nearly impossible when two little girls want to play with their new sister.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Well I Am Home.

I forgot how demanding having a family was. It was so relaxing in the hospital, the midwives so helpful also.
As you can all see, hubby has blogged for me so you all know about it. Perhaps when I get the initiative I shall write up the birth story in my words. I still remember it all clearly, and differently from hubby, but then I was seeing/feeling it from a different perspective.


How to explain to a guy what it feels like when the head is crowning - try to pee a golfball!


Dinner Menu
frozen pre-made lasagne and bolognaise with simple salad

Menu Plan For Following Days
Frozen pre-made meals or simple no fuss dinners (i.e. Put it on a tray, bung it in the oven and let it do it's job)


Mercedes Update

Sleeping on the lounge floor in her port-a-crib.

6lb 5.5oz (for those who do not know kgs and grams)

Current Nicknames - Miss Mercy, Sadie, Merc

Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Here are the pictures of Mercedes Jean

Monday, February 09, 2004

Bub News
Today was the day!
9th February 2004 at 21:40 Mercedes Jean came into the world. (Pronounced mursaydeez gene)

Heres the story starting at 7PM
7:00 I was next door helping with their new computer that I decided to rebuild it so brought it home. Got home and Jude said the cramps (contractions) had strengthened.
7:30 had dinner
8:00 Jude rang hospital and they said to come in - contractions 1.5 minutes apart
8:15 We were screaming up the highway. How come there are no cops wanting to stop you when you have a legitimate reason to speed?
8:30 Into birthing suite
8:45 - 9:00 Inspections and scans. Contractions very regular and painful
9:05 we were told to relax and wait. She would probably be put on a monitor so take advantage of being able to move while she can
9:10 I started writing this
9:11 Jude is having a contraction
9:13 another one
9:14 another one
Every minute or closer now
9:19 monitor is wheeled in and hooked up
9:35 contractions seriously happening since - Judith moved to bed - Internal exam shows head crowning - Waters not broken so midwife broke - Jude pushed and yelled
9:37 head crowned
9:39 head out
9:40 baby out - it's a girl
9:43 placenta delivered
10:05 all phone calls made, baby wiped off and checked out. Judith all ok.
Listen to her crying here on Tim's blog and photos to come soon.
She weighed 2.88Kg.

I found it!

I found the website to the schooling that our eldest currently does.

It needs a bit of updating as it is a few months old but it is still relevant

Australian Christian Academy
Miscellaneous Ramblings!

The words tumbled from her lips but they were incomprehensible. She muttered the same words over and over again as her eyes lay gently closed. Those around her looked up occasionally to see if she was fine, then they turned their eyes back to their work again. They wore white, starched uniforms and bent over desks piled high with files, a computer nearly hidden from sight in one corner.

Her hands went to her rotund belly, rubbing it in small circles. She held her breath for a moment before loudly exhaling and standing up straight. The pain had passed for the time being and she slowly made her way towards the waiting cubicle.


So how has your day been? Mine is nothing like the one described above, fortunately. My day is just beginning and I hope to do a lot in it yet. On today's menu is banana cake. Unfortunately I have no vanilla but it should be feasible to make it without this, or perhaps I can take a short trip across to the shops to purchase some of the missing ingredient. Tonight's dinner will consist of something apart from PIZZA! Lunch shall consist of, well food. I do not think I would get away with serving the girls air with a side of.......more air. It will probably just end up as sandwiches in the air conditioning.

While Miranda works hard (I hope) at her school work, I sit here, trying to rest a little while the other two have a break time in front of the TV watching a few little kids cartoons. Well watching is what they are supposed to do but that doesn't always happen with Jade & Erin as they are too active to sit still for very long. (10 mins later) I have just had visits from both of the girls and Miranda (I had to mark her work and go through what was to happen next).

Home schooling is working well though sometimes concentration wanes a bit due to her sisters being around her and the fact I am not sitting over her like a hawk. She is doing alright today. She does well most days, provided she has had breakfast, no cartoons and some type of activity (to settle her energy levels). So far so good.


Bubs News - It's still there


Time to check the laundry and make cake!

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Hi Hi Hi!

Our menu over the past couple of days has been nothing special, especially since I have not felt up to cooking while the hubby was out at his LAN games. He regularly does these as a way of encouraging different people into the church. Computers being what he specializes in and it being his way of giving to the church.

My weekend consisted of trying to amuse the kids while trying to get rest. These things don't combine well and nor does an early bedtime when mummy is tired and grumpy. I did however start on making the hubby's valentine's present and manage to read a 10 page letter from a pen pal. She sure has a hard life compared to mine. I am very fortunate with how things are here. I won't talk anymore about her as she hasn't given me permission to share with anyone else and I would not want to ruin her trust.

Had a good lunch at mum's today. First time in a long time that we have sat down and had lunch together. The kids annoyed their auntie (14yrs old) who didn't want to play with them but still got made to do things with them.

I am just rambling today as I am not really sure what to write or say in here.

Bubs seems to have changed position today, being more head down then before, or at least getting to the right spot, but I can't see anything happening for a while, despite the fact I have my bag packed and did most of the ironing yesterday. Also cleaned the windows on Friday, something that I have been meaning to do for a while. I seem to be getting the fiddly cleaning jobs done, just one of those strange things I guess.

Gotta go, discussing birthday plans with sis.

Friday, February 06, 2004

School Is Finished For The Day!

Lunch Menu

Sandwiches filled with a creamy mayonaise and egg mix, topped with lettuce, on grain bread.
Fruit salad - pineapple, banana, apple, kiwi fruit, green grapes, passionfruit & orange juice.
Ta Da! School Is Almost Finished!

Well today was just another day, but I actually woke up feeling alright and not just wanting to go straight to bed. I didn't even sleep that well since it was the first time in a month that hubby had slept in the same bed as me. His excuse being his broken collar bone and that it doesn't go well with a water bed. He is excused, and most nights, since his sleeping on the futon, I have had little visitors anyhows. They must think I need company in bed, but then we have had a lot of storms which only seem to be active at night times, not to forget the black outs.

I can't quite remember how the morning started off, but I do remember feeling alright still. Apart from that, we had the gardens trimmed back, Miranda continued on through her schoolwork with the odd break now and then, Jadeen helped me make fruit salad, as did Erin. Hubby did some stuff on his PC and is now asleep on the couch behind me. Erin also tried to teach herself (more like tried to reach the pedals) on the trike, this was good to watch and she kept at it until she managed to tip the trike over.
The kid inside did some sudden and hard movements as if it was trying to make more room for itself, though I do not know why as the midwife said there was plenty of liquid in there still.
Jade is now playing her favourite PC game while Miranda finishes the last few sums of her maths work for the day.

We looked at butterflies and African animals today also.

Here is a journal with some great art on it.

And this arvo, if my urge to do something productive continues, I shall attempt to make some dress up clothes for the children at my kids child care centre. It may not as I do have to start working out dinner soon and am starting to get weary.

Good News!

We found a replacement cleaner!
Sad News!

Our house cleaner isn't able to continue due to her new job taking up too much of her time. Let us see how we go without one, and if the kids can learn to tidy their own rooms successfully!
This shall be a learning curve for the kids.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Got Dinner Plans, Will Not Travel!

Ok, just so you know, the topic has nothing really to do with this piece i am about to write, apart from the fact that my day did include travel and dinner has been planned.

With the younger two at childcare, Miranda did well at her schoolwork, I managed to get a rest and I organized what I was planning on doing this afternoon.

I was supposed to have a cooking date with my 5yr old, Jade, but she turned that down to watch cartoons. Miranda also turned down the chance to help cook in order to watch cartoons also. I can't complain as things probably went twice as fast as if they helped. Perhaps they will want to help next time I decide to offer them a cooking lesson.

Today's kitchen culinary experiments were - preserving fruit. As per normal, each week we receive a F&V box, this week i requested a special change to ours and made it majority of fruit. With the wonderful array of fruit we were able to fill a few bottles (still leaving some to be eaten normally) and preserve them.

The concoctions I produced were -
Apple & Passionfruit
Banana & Passionfruit (cooked together to reduce browning)
Pear, Kiwi Fruit & Orange
Black Grapes
Green Grapes

Later I hope to get together a few tomatoes, chillis, capsicum, onion, garlic and herbs to make a sauce which the hubby shall enjoy.

Tonight's menu

Roast Pork (using a different recipe from the one I tried to cook crackling with the other day)
Mashed Spuds
& Whatever Veges Are In The Fridge/Pantry

Dunno Yet!

Bubs News - None but it is due 3 weeks today!

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Miscellaneous Note

My sister got invited to watch a ceaser happen today and she did. She works in the state dental system and was in the theatre next door, and is friends with a guy who was working in the next theatre. Pretty cool. She wasn't grossed out at all. Completely different from me, I wouldn't even watch my own ceaser.
Pork Crackling!

As smoke billowed through the house I realised that this was not the best way to cook pork crackling. The recipe I had used was not accurate unless there was some hidden instruction which I just could not see. It did not puff up and become crunchy, but it did change colour and the girls did enjoy it still. Fortunately I had only tried this with a small quantity first.
Not all methods are successful so i decided to go for the tried and true method (my tried and true method) of grilling on high until they started popping.
There was little or no smoke from this method, just a fatty mess to clean up later when it is cool, and they cooked in record time, puffing up and 'popping' till they were nice and crunchy. Salting them before cooking helped increase the puffing rate. These were more enjoyable then the previously deep fried batch and were that nice crunchy piece of skin.
I think we will have the roast tomorrow night.

Miranda did well in her school work today, especially with daddy's encouragement (he did most of it) as I was tired (still am) and could not concentrate on anything much this morning. He is learning what it is like to look after 3 girls, teach them and still have to work.

I have just finished work for the day!

Jadeen also did well in the little bit of school work we gave her, mostly colouring in.

Erin was just Erin, gave cute smiles and got into things (my maternity bag). She also deserted mum for the cleaner.

These kids love the cleaner, they think she is great and are always telling her things or following her around trying to help.

Hubby worked from home today, which was great as it meant i got the chance to get the prementioned rest.

Bubs is still in there,with just over 3 weeks to go and still active and laying on a crooked angle. It hasn't dropped or engaged just lying on a strange angle and is only small. The small size is a blessing but I hope it doesn't mean an unexpected home birth. I guess we shall see what happens when the time comes.

Tonight's menu consists of :

roast chicken
roast veges
and whatever I can scrounge up and make for dessert, maybe a pudding for those pudding lovers here.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Ta Da!

The midwife's appointment was good today and we guessed the rough size of the bubs was about 6lb. So a nice small one hopefully.

Here are some pics of the girls, some too cute to miss an opportunity to post up. There is a couple with the girls showing off their nice neat hair (something which isn't a big event in this household) and one of Miranda ready to restart girls brigade for the year, the sweet present and the computer literate 5 yr old.

Erin doing her best to be cute, and succeeding!

Miranda, Erin and Jade, all with nice neat hair (it lasted an hour or two)

Girl's Brigade and the sweet present I received (Miranda & Erin)

Another sweet parcel but she was already unwrapped and playing her favourite game - Zoo Tycoon
After doing a little bit of work (I only had a little bit to do so i did it all), I decided it was time to sit down and add this mornings memories.

Miranda asked me a creepy question this morning "Does the baby stay in your tummy if it dies?" Up until then, well a few minutes ago actually, I had not felt it move all morning, and it is usually pretty active in the morning when i first wake up. I have my hospital appointment today so we shall see how things are going, which I am sure they are alright.

I dropped my younger two at childcare with no tears (theirs) and they were pretty happy to go. They seem to like it there and always have fun. This is one reason why I haven't bothered to try and place them somewhere closer. The childcare they go to provides meals, TLC, and lots of stimulating activities. They also encourage the parents to get involved in the activities happening around the place. They do not mind if siblings do not want to be separated at first and will keep them together. Their rooms aren't over crowded and their prices are reasonable. You can chat with the teachers/staff about any concerns or even just chat generally. They get to know you and your child, not swapping teachers around constantly.
I found them by chance, when i was looking for childcare about 3 years ago (i think it was longer then that). My mother mentioned them as they are situated just around the corner from her place.

Well I must split for now, need to give Miranda some help in her studies and try to get some kind of rest today.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Nope she didn't need cleaning up, she did a good job by herself on daddy's bed.

Dance Class

Jade had her trial dance class today. She was tentative at first and wouldn't continue the class without mum or big sis. She did enjoy herself though I do not think she has the confidence or courage to do it herself. I think we shall wait a little longer, though I hate having to do that. She is like her mum was at that age, and loves to be around people she knows but not about new people. Miranda and Erin joined in the class as well and both had a ball with what they were allowed to do. Perhaps Jade will be ready to do what she enjoys, in a group situation, later on in the year.


While at the bank today, or more so on the way out, the kids were being little rascals. Erin tried to steal off with the pen/pencil box while Jade locked the front doors to the bank. No one was upset by this fortunately and we did manage to get all the pens back onto the table. I think Jade had locked the door in order to stop her sister running off from mum. They were good kids while there and on the way to, and from, the car they played statues upon the rocks in the garden. What I mean by statues is that they stand in different poses upon the rocks until i have had a chance to look at them and have passed by. I do not discourage this as it harms no one and the rocks are only a few inches high.

Note: Snores are coming out loud now!

Labour Short Stories
She was the first to be born just over 7.5 yrs ago.
My waters broke in the early hours of the morning, about 4am, and after having rung the hospital we were instructed to come straight in. Still nothing happened, not even a niggle, well maybe a niggle but no pain associated with it. For her birth we had chosen to go into the major city to have her, the hospital was old and the next year would be upgraded/rebuilt.
Anyhow, up to the labour ward we went, and after a routine consultation it was discovered she was breech but nothing was happening yet. The nurses left me alone with a hot pack for my back and hubby went home for some rest, as nothing was happening and first births are expected to be long ones.
At about 7.30am things started to happen with the worst contractions I have felt as they were mostly contained in my back (due to her posterior position). Another examination and i was told to be fully dilated (in the space of half hour). It was then up onto the bed and into the stirrups, not the most comfortable position. I was fortunate with this birth in that they didn't have to use forceps or the vacuum method, I only received an episiotomy which was done without pain relief, and it did hurt.
When she was emerging from her nice warm cocoon it was discovered she was also a footling breech, meaning that they come out feet first. She though, had one foot out first, with the other wrapped about her head. That was a painful, back wrenching experience. So after 1.5hrs of labour she was born, long and skinny at a size of 5lb 15oz. (i think)

Now this was simple, the easiest and most pleasing of all the births, as far as actually giving birth is concerned.
She started the same, a few hours before labour, the waters broke and we headed off to hospital. Note: This was the first time in ages we had also gotten all of our friends together in the same place at the same time and I missed most of it.
Upon getting to hospital it was straight into the examination room (as most other labour rooms were full up) to work out what was happening. She was short and sweet to deliver. After 9 contractions (in an half hour period) she was out and on my belly with only 1 (might have been 2) midwives in attendance. She was born at 6l 1 oz.

She was different again.
My waters broke about 7am and so we headed off to hospital thinking this would be a quick thing. Surprise Surprise! Nothing happened except the real uncomfortable feeling of having the midwife tickling her feet (she was breech). With nothing happening after 5 hrs an emergency caesarian happened and while i rested in intensive care she was off in my room to be held by her grandma. Weighing in at 7lb.
There isn't really anything more to say about these, I promised short and sweet. I am not too sure about the sweet part but they were short.

That's it for now. Time to get the snoring man behind me into bed, after i remove the wardrobes contents from it's surface, and then get the girls into bed. i think I shall have an early night tonight, if it is permitted.

Nighty Night, Sleep Tight & Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!
I didn't get my rest as the carpet guy turned up and we ended up having to go straight out to do the miscellaneous tasks.

Erin just came in to me, covered in cocoa butter cream (it is a cream for stretch marks). Fortunately it was just a sample so there was no real loss. At least her 2 year old skin will be supple and free of stretch marks now!

Hubby is asleep on the couch behind me. We were listening to a CD together but he fell asleep and when he woke up he asked that i rewind it to where he last heard it. He has since fallen asleep again, I think the snores shall be sounding very shortly. Yup here they are.

Well I guess I have to go clean up the bubs, since no one else will.

Power to the pregnant people, slow power though!
An Interesting Site!

My Model
It's 11.42am and the carpet in our W.I.R. is getting replaced. The shower had an accident some time ago and decided to start leaking through the wall and into our cupboard. We have had the cupboard replaced, the walls painted and now the final step, the carpet replaced. Oh yes, we also had the shower resealed and now there is no more problems of it leaking.

Today the bubs had hiccups,and was kicking, and Erin, along with the rest of the family, put their hands on to feel it move around. Erin is warming to the idea of a baby in there I think. This is a good sign!

We started school today, well for this week that is. Miranda did the first set of pages in both science and english, up to the checkups, and Jade even wanted to do some learning so between hubby and I we took her through the first section of her ABC's. We are learning phonics so we take one sound at a time for now (especially since it isn't formal schooling yet). If there was a link on the web (and i could find it) I would add it, but there doesn't seem to be one for their school. Jade learnt A for Ape today, skipping over the unnecessary parts. When she is older, we will restart this and do it through properly.

This arvo proves to be big and I only hope i can make it through alright, especially as hubby goes out tonight and i will be putting the girls to bed. Let's see how much rest I can get now.

Sleep well, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!
Have a great day!
Miscellaneous Fact #1
Close to 100,000 homes lost power due to severe storms that hit Brisbane last Wednesday (28/01/2004)

Miscellaneous Fact #2
Out of those 100,000 homes there were some which were hit again and lost roofs and/or electricity last Friday (30/01/2004)

Miscellaneous But Related Fact #3
5000 of these homes are still without power but are hoping to have it reconnected today (02/02/2004)

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Sunday, A Day Of Rest!

Today was good, and even restful. I managed to grab a quick , well 1.5hr, sleep. The kids watched a movie while the hubby watched sport and read blogs (he is addicted).

This morning in church, the bubs had the hiccups and hubby thought it was funny as he rested his hand on the protruding piece of flesh (belly) and felt it bump (can't think of a better word to use) regularly. Next Erin had a turn and hers was the funniest of all. The look on her face was as if she was thinking ' So there is really something in there'. She retracted her hand quickly and watched my stomach for a little bit then decided she had had enough.

Yesterday, on the way to Redcliffe Lagoon, Jadeen made a funny comment when we passed the hospital which took care of her when her plaster cast had to come off (she was 30months at the time - she is 5 yrs now). She said " That is where they cut off my leg" When asked about if it was the leg or cast, she was adamant that it was her leg!

After church it was home to consume some freshly baked (not by my hand) cheese & bacon buns. These are a family favourite and we have them most Sundays with the odd change now and then. Lunch was yummy, especially since they were so fresh that they tasted good with butter (and I think I ate too many). Then the rest followed, and while the rest of the family was consumed in their pcs i took the time to play a little with Erin, do some laundry and suggest that we head out for a leisurely walk since i can;t do much more speed then a leisurely speed. We headed out and across to the shops, grabbed some milk and a lollipop each for the girls (including me) then we headed home. Upon reaching home ( a couple of minutes after the others but still with my support group - the younger two) we headed straight out and down to a nearby pond/lake. An estate is being built near this lake and also the lake was man made and looks pretty good. While there we went tadpole fishing, and came home with about 8 little black tadpoles. They are being kept in one of our spare tanks and I shall keep you updated with how they are going.

Right now dinner cooks, just another simple meal, just chipolata sausages with salad and left over buns. Nothing too special or hard lately as it is too hot to spend too much time over the stove top, unless of course I feel up to it.

Bubs News - nothing really, possibly and I mean possibly as i am a little unsure it even happened, I may have had a contraction, most likely braxton hicks. Bubs is still down but active. Hopefully on Tuesday we shall get an approximate size of the bundle.

If I feel up to it later I may even write down my previous labours so you can see how they went (nothing too long and too boring though)

Miscellaneous Fact : Out of interest, when chipolata went through the spell check on here, it came up with the word 'copulate' to replace it with.