Friday, November 28, 2003

WOW - today was different!
I got up at 08:30 or so - at 09:00 sitting eating breakfast the power flickered.
Wifey was checking some web sites, and suddenly they wouldnt work. I noticed the adsl router had lost connection. She checked the phone - it was dead. Went outside to ring Telstra on the mobile and gave them a serve - claimed the medical emergency clause - heavily pregnant wife - to get priority assistance and then noticed that the neighbours house acorss the street had the roof damaged.

Long story short, a truck had driven 1/2 km up the street snapping power lines and telephone lines with his crane that wasnt lowered properly. He promptly disappeared and we waited for the techs to arrive. First on the scene was the power boys who fxed the two broken power lines and then bobbed off.
Then came the insurance guys for the house across the roads roof - where the power cable had pulled off tiles when it was yanked.

Finally about 13:30 a telstra dude in a van rocked up - he had come to our priority call - I was feeling real naked without internet access (ARRRRGGGGH!)
He was a bit surprised to see that half of the street had phone lines down everywhere - he promptly called a repair crew and motored off.
15:30 or so the repair crew was busy fixing lines, our house was their priority - that was great. Our street was back online by 16:30 and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Went to soccer tonight - lost by one - bummer.

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