Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Well it rained for about 5 minutes this morning and I went for my bike ride straight after it stopped. I am NEVER doing that particular track again after its been raining!
The dirt is actually clay and it clogged up the wheels of the bike so bad they wouldnt go round. I tried dragging it and that was so hard I had to carry it. My feet were about twice the normal size with the mud caked on the bottom!
I thought when I got to the quarry that would be better cos it was gravel - unfortunately the rocks were made of white clay! - Just as bad. Still I had a good workout. This Energy 4 Life program I am on is awesome!
Yesterday I finally got back to 100Kgs. Today was 100.5. I am aiming for 95 which will be 12 kgs less than when I started.
Also spent about 4 hours last night playing BF1942 and Stronghold with a friend who came over.

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